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Month: October 2009

Monday Roundup: The Ecletic Edition

Monday Roundup: The Ecletic Edition

IMGP6679At first, I thought of doing an autumnal theme for today’s roundup since we’re now in the thick of fall. And of course, when I think of fall, I think of the kiddies going back to school. And when I think of school, I think of learning stuff. So, in a weird stream-of-consciousness way, I arrived at today’s theme: “Stuff you may not have known before, and oh, some posts about autumn too.”

I mean, did you know that the UK has a National Apple Day? Or that Medieval Times will do a vegan option? Or what a kurtos is? Or that the morel is the Minnesota state mushroom?

Did you know that Sweet & Sara has two new flavors of vegan marshmallows? Or that cauliflower comes in an an orange variety? Or that it’s possible to make vegan baked goods from some store-bought mixes? Or that Vegan Essentials sells an accidentally vegan flavor of Doritos?

Do you know what vegan-friendly candies you can give away this Halloween? Or how to grow your own sprouts? Or how to tell the edible sweet variety of chestnut from the toxic horse chestnut? Also, special bonus knowledge for Americans: Yorkshire pudding, not a dessert; and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day.

I almost forgot the autumnal bits: Tahinitoo and the Gluttonous Vegan (from whence was swiped the cute pumpkin picture above) have both been doing awesome pretty stuff with pumpkins. Mmm, pumpkins…

– H-Dog

To succeed in life you need two things:ignorance and confidence

To succeed in life you need two things:ignorance and confidence

Mark Twain said that.

But it’s not true ‘cos you need inspiration too!

And one thing this years Vegan MoFo is not short of is inspiration. Ideas are just zapping through the blogosphere and oozing out the monitor at me. Sunday’s picks that caught my eye shall ensue and I dare you not to drool a little bit when you feast your eyes on these creations.

Check out this amazing looking club sandwich from Lisa


This pot roast from meatsbegone had me sniffing the monitor, there’s bonus cute puppy pictures too.


How fancy does this Delicata Squash and Hazelnut Lasagna look from Rose. It sounds amazing and I love the combination of her ingredients.

lasagna 025

I just LOVE these Caramel Apples from Andrea. They made me ask myself the question “Why have I not made these before??”


Now you’ll either think I’m mad or you’ll feel sorry for me; but I’ve never had sushi before. Zoa over at The Airy Way has delighted me with her sushi creations all weekend and I am definitely inspired to make my own.  These inari-zushi excite me.



And it’s not just MoFo’ers who are inspiring me – it’s their Grandmas too! Check out this awesome looking Pineapple Pie that Bianca’s Granny made her.

Pineapple Pie

How awesome is that!

If anyone’s a bit stumped over what to MoFo about, how about taking some inspiration from the most awesome bloggers in the world – the MoFo’ers!


Have a FAB week.


putting your mofo where your apple is. or, uh…

putting your mofo where your apple is. or, uh…

We are more than halfway through VeganMoFo (can I hear a WOO?) and I would be remiss, as a Central New York food blogger, if I didn’t do an apple round-up. Here in the arctic tundra (aka Syracuse) apple-picking is an annual ritual, and apples are among the only fresh fruit that we can source locally through the long, dark, cold winter. Plus, you know, apples are awesome. As evidenced by these mofo-ers:

A-K, from Swell Vegan, gives us this raw apple crisp:

Over at MeanSoyBean, we’ve got these autumn apple pancakes going:

A Bear’s Fare gives us farmers market apple fritters (yes, please!)

Lindsay, over at Cooking for a Vegan Lover gives us this apple pie that is just begging us to eat it:

Or, if you want to keep it even simpler, go on to Wannabe A Vegan and check out this baked apple recipe… YUMZ.

Eat some apples, people. I’m serious.


When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big…Bowl of Pasta? Roundup 10/15, Part II

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big…Bowl of Pasta? Roundup 10/15, Part II

I don’t know what the weather is like in the rest of the country, but here in Maryland, it is rainy and cold, with no sign of sunshine, or warmer weather, for days. With autumn upon us, and especially after a long day and commute, I want a quick, satisfying meal, and pasta delivers every time.

Columbus Vegan reminds us that pasta doesn’t always have to be made from a grain, and serves up tasty tofu with spaghetti squash in a cream sauce. I really enjoy spaghetti squash, and really should use it more often!


Lots of MoFoers are serving up cream sauces with their pasta today, something I have yet to make as a vegan. It isn’t necessarily diet food, but with no cholesterol, it certainly doesn’t qualify as a heart attack on a plate! Bonnie, over at Eating With the Rabbits serves up a beautiful plate of the sauce from Yellow Rose Recipes over tagliatelle. Catherine at the In-a-Gadda-Da Vegan sings along with The Beets as she prepares a killer tofu alfredo, with peas, and over at Beats, Rhymes, and Cookies, there’s a yummy sounding pasta with an invisible cream sauce, peas, and veg ham.

Meanwhile, over at Vegan Crunk, Bianca serves up a delicious looking casserole made with coconut milk and butternut squash that would be perfect on any fall table.

Butternut Squash Mac

Jen McCleary bakes up a cheesy and flavorful manicotti sure to stick to your ribs during these long, cold, nights, and the Green Goddess simplifies lasagna by baking up some luscious sounding lasagna rolls.

Finally, we have Stella, who creates a deliciously different pesto from pecans and cashews. Easy, tasty, affordable, and quick, things that I definitely look for in a recipe!


So, put a pot of water on to boil, and let me know when dinner’s ready! See you MoFos at the dinner table!

Posted by Luciana

Put Your Mind to It, Go For It Roundup 10/15

Put Your Mind to It, Go For It Roundup 10/15

What the what do Hot Sundae lyrics have to do with this roundup?  Well, we are half way through the month and I just wanted to offer a little encouragement!  Go TEAM!  Plus, the tight-fitting 80s spandex was reminding me that I really like all the healthy eating going on right now.  And, no, I’m not talking about chomping on caffeine pills.  It’s fall and I usually gravitate towards warm comfort food, but my body also longs for healthy things.

We all need a little something to balance out the yummy baked goods, and I figure what better way than with more baked goods.  Check out these wonderfully healthy apple spice muffins over at the Whole Food Vegan.  Nothing is better than a muffin this time of year.  Except maybe washing it down with a spicy, zingy, and oh-so-soothing sip of lemon ginger tea, courtesy of the Messy Vegetarian Cook.

Ginger & Lemon Tea

Look at it.  Doesn’t it just make you wish you were in your jammies all snuggled up with a book…or laptop?

Maybe you’re more of an on-the-go type.  There are plenty of super simple and healthy options.  Matt’s confetti pasta salad had me drooling.  How could so much greatness be in one salad?!

confetti pasta salad

If pasta is a little too “cooked” for your liking, please check out Whitney’s scary raw burrito.  Don’t worry.  It’s not going to bite your face off or anything…unless you want it to.

scary burrito rawr

Of course, it wouldn’t be a healthy roundup without a little soup and salad lovin’.  Nothing reminds me of my youth more than a good tomato soup.  Mmm mmm great.  Tess delivers a recipe for a simple and soothing nod to a childhood favorite.  For those of you looking for more of an Asian flare, why not try Zoa’s miso soup with vegetables and yuba.

miso soup

I hope you’re not hungry yet, because it doesn’t stop there.  Check out Amanda using kohlrabi for the first time in this amazing salad!  She did her thug thizzle, as the youth like to say.


Of course, we can’t think about health without addressing our eating habits.  Val talks about intuitive eating and lists her new dietary goals.  Great tips for everybody, really.  Over at Vegan Epicurean they’ve got some nutrition tidbits going on.  I have only one question for you: have you eaten your leafy greens today?  Get to it then!

05_09 lettuce - close - reduced

I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so excited that we are half way through the month and I continue to get inspired.  Keep it up, MoFos!


No Gluten this Wednesday.

No Gluten this Wednesday.

Combing through The MoFo for this roundup, really gave me a butt-shot of the vegan-gluten-free fuzzies.  Since seitan is popular with so many vegans, it can be lonely to do without, but it seems there are many people eating this way nowadays, with attics stuffed full of granny’s own delicious recipes.  There’s no loneliness hangin’ with   The Gluten-Free Vegan Family. Sorghum flour’s never sounded so good!  And look what their four year old created…

Black bean and pumpkin taquitos!  Do I spy pomegranate jewels mixed into that guacamole?

Cupcake Punk has rocked out a XgfX pie crust, just in time for those winter gatherings with the family.  Hi Uncle Jack, I love you, want some pie?

I’m into the rustic-ness of this tart, I may just try it with the mound of Asian pears sitting on my counter.

Apparently, baked beans have been hitting the no-gluten-o-meter, both Mitten Machen and Happy Vegan Face are rockin’ ’em today.  So good!  Where the hell is my crock pot?

With collards and sweet potatoes!   I like the way this plate is swinging.

The Fairest Feed was inspired to make some pantry-stash killin’ muesli bars.

Just look at those colors, and why yes those are pistachio nuts.  Thanks for askin’.

Ash recently inspired me with her mosaic of XgfX deliciousness.

I’d be happy with any of this!  And speaking of the happy fuzzies, do you know what good friends Soy Curls can be?  I find that they can be used in lots of places where I used to put seitan. The Elizavegan Page shows how to adapt them to Thai cuisine.  Not only are they tasty, but paired with coconut and spices, they can help fix you up.

xo kittee

Less Loopy Tuesday

Less Loopy Tuesday

Please excuse the lateness of this post; I was out seeing the Pogues and forgot to put it up!

Tuesday continues to be a great day for MoFoers everywhere. Kicking it off, we’ve got Naomi from The Gluttonous Vegan hitting us with some christmas fever! Candy canes are my jam, so I was really excited to see this recipe for vegan candy cane cupcakes! IMGP6508

Keeping with the baking theme, Mihl over at Seitan Is My Motor (whose blog I also rounded up last week, but what can I say? I love it!) made rosinenstuten, a kind of german raisin bread that looks pretty freaking awesome. Jenny over at Herbivore Dinosaur is apparently reading my mind and came up with a recipe for nutmeg cake that will be in my oven within the day because hot damn does it look good. netmegcakewhole

On the savory side of things, we’ve got Raelene from the (really adorable) Coburn Family Website talking about her favorite Bahn Mi recipe. It made my stomach growl looking at the photo, and I realized I haven’t had a Vietnamese sub in a good long while, so… um, thanks, Raelene! I’ll be right over! Amanda/Andy Dufresne from In My Vegan Life talks pinto beans, chili, and gluten-free sweet potato rolls, which I suspect will make a lot of xGFx people really happy.


In non-food-porn-related posts, Brandon from Vegan Awesome posted a nice little entry about his favorite vegan milks. E and K from A Tale Of Two Vegans tag teamed one of the MoFo surveys that’s been going around lately (with cute, fun-to-read results). Finally, one of my favorite vegan teenage bloggers, Louzilla from Loony Louzilla Lovegood Letters gives us a vegan’s-eye view of the National Equality March in Washington DC this past weekend.

Great work, everyone! Keep it up!

Vegan Mofo International Edition

Vegan Mofo International Edition

Even though ideological cousins of veganism have sprung up at various points in history and throughout the world, the contemporary vegan movement really got its start in the UK and spread most quickly from there to the anglophone bits of North America and Oceania. All of which makes it that much more exciting to see the geographic diversity of the participants in this year’s Vegan Month of Food. Ready for a whirlwind tour of international MoFo blog posts from the the last weekend or so? Here goes…

•Over in South Korea, Mipa of the blog Alien’s Day Out, posted about the various faux meats she discovered in her local grocery store.
•Bonnie, over on Eating with the Rabbits, reviewed the vegan gyros she found in the Netherlands.
Beats, Rhymes, and Cookies, out of Italy, made a first attempt at vegan cinnamon rolls.3990291572_18f710ff98
•Andrea in Mexico City whipped up rajas con crema, and Vegan en Mexico shared a recipe for pasta with balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard.
•Melanie in Austria posted an interview with Melisser of San Francisco’s Sugar Beat Sweets and The Urban Housewife blog.
•The Vegan Animal blog out of South Africa shared a recipe for tomato and green bean curry.
•Over in Germany, Mihl of Seitan is my Motor has started testing Caribbean yumminess for the author of the Vegan in the Sun blog.

Of course, there are a whole lot of other participants from around the world, but it’s not easy keeping up with all you MoFoers. And speaking of not keeping up, I don’t know how I missed this one from last week: Marie, over in the Philippines, posted last Wednesday on her blog How to Become a Vegan Domestic Goddess about a vegan version of a childhood favorite, mais con hielo, pictured above. Yes, polyglots, that’s corn with ice. And it sounds kinda fascinatingly awesome. If it weren’t so chilly here right now, I’d have to give it a try.

– H-Dog

Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

When you’ve just got to eat and you’ve got to eat NOW our MoFo’ers come up with some amazing quick and tasty meals.

Mihl’s sloppy snobby joes look hearty and satisfying for when you want a quick lunch that is packed with protein, fibre and iron amongst other delicious things.


You don’t get much quicker than a toasted sandwich and Susan over at Kitten’s Gone Lentil has had the tough job of trying out lots of different combinations. The sacrifices we make in the name of MoFo!


This Au Gratin that Megan got together in 15 mins positively had me drooling. Fork tender brussels sprouts combined with fresh mushrooms in a casserole dish, smothered in a basil-y red curry coconut sauce and baked.



And for when we do have a bit more time for cooking at the weekends these two dishes totally caught my eye

Channa Dhal Cutlets

Chana Dal Cutlets from The Messy Vegetarian Cook

and this Dhal Soup with Dhal-Chili Cake looks a proper winter warmer from Vegan Lovlie


 Sunday is a perfect day to indulge in some awesome brunching and Bonnie from Eating with the Rabbits did just that.


Curried Cauliflower Frittata


Samosa Mashed Potato Pancakes


And Bakery-Style Berry Muffins! What an awesome brunch!

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend.