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Upton’s t-shirt giveaway!

Upton’s t-shirt giveaway!

And our soon to be much more stylish winners are:

Benjamin, “This southern boy misses his biscuits and gravy, so the Italian style sounds perfect to me!”
Ricky Blue, “I live in Chicago so I get the wraps for lunch at one of the Lakeview Whole Foods locations at least once a week. I love those wraps. I wish they had them everywhere.”
Candace, with this epic tale, “::Setting the scene:: I was broke, I was young and a new vegetarian. What a set up for disaster. I wasn’t eating properly and didn’t know how to get a balanced meal with the foods I was supplied with. I started trying every meat substitute known to man in order to try and curve my cravings for something substantial…morningstar this.. gardein that… With many successes and failures I started getting staple ingredients to begin creating a normal eating routine and getting the adequate nutritions a vegetarian needs. I was out shopping getting my normal fresh produce, already being stocked up on frozen meat substitutes, when this little 1920’s man with a lovely mustache was staring at me. “No Candace, you don’t need anymore food,” I told myself. “But..look at that it recycled material?” My can’t-stop-won’t-stop-$11.71-account-balance self counteracted. The yellow label of the ground-beef style seitan accenting the delicious contents inside were inviting. As I stood in the aisle handling the package reading all the labels, all the ingredients, I saw my hand slowly lowering into my tiny basket filled with greens. The rest is history…”

I will email you all right now!

Upton’s Naturals has two things that make it a unique and awesome vegan company:

1. They have the coolest packaging/gimmick. Who doesn’t love mustaches?

2. They make pre-packaged seitan that is DELICIOUS.

The first time my husband spotted Upton’s in the health food store, he stopped and got really excited about seitan chorizo (and mustache packaging). Now, if you’ve tried pre-packaged seitan before you can understand why my response was, “Ugh, I can MAKE that.” Brian’s reply was narrow eyes and package clutching until I agreed that he could try it. It was love at first bite! Not only is the chorizo really good, but I quickly realized that we had finally found a replacement for Morningstar crumbles (no longer vegan) for taco nights. Now, if we don’t have some kind of Upton’s in the fridge, Brian gets cranky. We also really like the italian style for biscuits and gravy.

Not only is Upton’s tasty, but they don’t use a ton of weird ingredients, it’s just straight up seitan with spices, like you would make at home. But conveniently flavored and ground for you!

Upton’s doesn’t have free product coupons yet, so they offered to clothe three vegans with their awesome t-shirts, featuring the Upton’s logo! They are unisex Gildan shirts, sizing chart here. You pick the size so don’t worry about getting stuck with a shirt that is 18 sizes too big or small!

To enter to win, comment here and tell us which Upton’s product you like to use and for what, if you haven’t tried their products tell us what you would if you could. US only, I will pick three random winners on Friday morning.

The Wednesday Daily Good Time Fun Round Up

The Wednesday Daily Good Time Fun Round Up

It’s time again for me to seek out exciting food posts to share for my final Mofo round up. I wanted to check out some blogs I don’t have in my reader for today’s post. I am quite bad at keeping up with adding new blogs to my regular feed, which is one of the reasons I love Vegan Mofo so much. There is sure to be a tonne of new and exciting bloggers for me to discover along with people I know and love but for whatever reason aren’t in my regular rotation. Without further ado:

Bryanna Clark Grogan has a Vegan Diner review up with this plate of smoky soy curls with dill and garlic potato salad. I haven’t made these two recipes yet but clearly must so that I can have that plate of food. With beets, too? Oh yes. She’s also giving away a copy of Vegan Diner, so check out her blog to enter.

Biking and Baking has a recipe up for sunbutter chocolate pie. Covered with soyatoo and sprinkled with colorful decorations. It is the season of the pie and I am fully prepared to be engulfed with the madness.

Retro Vegan is frying up some homemade seitan bacon. Shown here on bread and butter with a mug of tea. The British know from breakfast.It is entirely possible that I would add some Marmite to this breakfast sandwich.

Garlic bread! Hello friend. Vegtastic Voyage serves it up with some parsley and nooch. You can’t go wrong with that. A delectable fall comfort food.

The Tofu Princess hits the autumnal spot with an Autumn Root Vegetable Dumpling Stew. I like all thing root vegetable and dumpling, so this is a whole bowl full of seasonal delight for me. You can win friends with dumplings.


Beans Giveaway From PNW Co-op Specialty Foods!

Beans Giveaway From PNW Co-op Specialty Foods!

We have our winners! Kayla who said “”I’d make split pea soup! Its the only thing I’m sure my little brother will eat.” And Bianca who said “It’s been far too long since I’ve made split pea soup, so I’d go with their green split peas and cook ‘em up with some vegan bacon, barley, and lots of sriracha!” Looks like the winners were split peas, huh? Thanks for playing everyone!


From cutlets to stews to meatballs to baked, us vegans love our beans! I don’t know that a more versatile, affordable and tasty form of protein exists. And judging from some of our VeganMofo blog titles, you all agree. We’ve got The Snarky Chickpea, The Vegan Chickpea, Body By Chickpeas and Hot Vegan Chick…peas. And of course there’s love for the quick cooking legume from Kittens Gone Lentil and Pea Soup Eats.

Moroccon Chickpea & Quinoa Salad from The Vegan Chickpea

Now take all that love, times it by a million and add to it a company committed to non-GMO beans grown on family farms in the United States’ Pacific Northwest. Your chickpea can be traced right back to the field where it was grown! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great roadtrip idea.


I was able to try a few of PNW Co-op Specialty Foods‘ varieties over the past few months and it was fun to have brand new textures and colors in such a familiar ingredient! I used their garbanzos in both Gumbo and Chana Masala and the results were fantastic.

Today’s giveaway is for enough beans to get you through winter – or if you’re like me and eat beans like they’re going out of style, at least a month or two of it. Two lucky winners will receive a 2lb bag each of Pedrosillano chickpeas, Spanish Pardina Brown Lentils & Green Split Peas. The beans come in a nifty reusable linen bag and they are all verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Spanish Pardina Brown Lentils

To enter this contest, just pick one of their bean varieties and tell us what you’d cook with it! You’ll need a US mailing address and make sure to leave a valid email address so that we can contact you if you win. Contest closes this evening at 9pm Central time, good luck everyone!

These are a few of my favorite themes

These are a few of my favorite themes

I think my favorite part of this year’s VeganMoFo has been following people’s themes through the month, congratulations to everyone who has stuck with it!

One of the most informative and hunger inducing blogs you will probably read this month is Meet the Wikos. Erinwiko has been doing an amazingly thorough job of chronicling her adventures in cooking up vegan international street food. I have learned a lot and started to really crave Okonomiyaki even though I have never tried it!Even though I mentioned Oh, LadyCakes in another round-up I have to bring up her fabulous blog again because I am so impressed that she has stuck with her pumpkin theme for this entire month! From Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie bars to Spicy pumpkin chili to today’s Pumpkin stuffed crêpes everything she has covered pumpkin from every angle and made it all look amazing! Just try and act like you don’t want this Pumpkin Cream Cheese has been at it again with a cookbook challenge where she picks out book titles out of a hat although yesterday instead of the random number generator to pick which recipe she used her official husband generator and he chose the Veganomicon’s Banana Nut Waffles. They look so good that I want to cry about how I don’t have a waffle iron.Craft Aftermath has been doing a cookbook challenge too and I have been enjoying it because she has a lot of cookbooks that I don’t! Check out her posts Spicy Noodles and Leek Miso Soup from Kansha, Taco Night from Rick Bayless’ Mexican Everyday and or It begins with bread Parisian Daily Bread from Daniel Leader’s Local Breads if you are looking for some new books to add to your collection. And if you have never made your own chai, check out her directions for the real deal.

Cold and Sleepy Cooks has been following the letters of the alphabet everyday and I am loving the selections.J is for Jaggery, P is for Port, and of course O is for Olive. My love of olives is boundless so I can’t wait to make her olive and walnut spread which looked beautiful to me!That Pain in the Ass Vegan has one of the most inspiring and hilarious themes out there because she is basing ever recipe of the show “True Blood”. Since the show takes place in the Louisiana all the food is southern comfort but then also inspired by the characters and episodes so she has dishes like Terry’s Red Eye Gravy n’ Grits, Sam’s Shapeshifter Ham, and Jesus Saves Chili. Right now I really want to sink my teeth into Sheriff Bellefleur’s Beignets.Stick a fork in me, I’m done!

Earth Balance Giveaway

Earth Balance Giveaway

Our winner is Megan, who says, “A dab does the job on my Ezekiel bread!”

When I first made the transition from vegetarian to vegan, I did so with enthusiasm and excitement. I was already eating soy yogurt and drinking non-dairy milk, I had learned about vegan baking…and then I tried an not-to-be-named margarine that happened to be vegan, and I kind of halted, because it was not good. Now, i’m no Paula Deen with a stick of butter in every dish, but I like a little pat of it on my toast, in my oatmeal, with potatoes…it is definitely my fat of choice. For the first time, I was concerned that I was really giving something up.

Thankfully, I quickly learned about Earth Balance margarine! I believe my initial reaction to trying it was something like, ‘ohthankgod’. I had a delicious, buttery spread to carry me forward into my new lifestyle. And their line is always expanding! Not only do they have the buttery spreads and sticks, but they now have vegan mayo, soymilk, and nut butters. And of course, everyone has at least seen the pictures of everyone enjoying the new coconut spread at Vida Vegan Con, which is delicious on anything you would normally put butter on (try it on cornbread).

Today, Earth Balance is offering one lucky winner a bamboo cutting board and a year’s supply of Earth Balance (12 free product coupons)! Just comment here, telling me your favorite food/recipe to use Earth Balance with, be it a baked good or just on bread. This one is open to US and Canada, a winner will be randomly chosen tonight at 11 pm CST.

Monday Night Round-Up Time

Monday Night Round-Up Time

Good evening, MoFoland! Time to round up some pretties from the blogroll…

First up, the glorious Spinach Hummus Pancake Sandwich from Spabettie:

Pure gourmet from Vegan Homemade with Fines Herbes & Dijon Crusted Tofu with Braised Leeks & Pea Puree:

The new Notzarella vegan cheese from Australia is featured on In The Mood for Noodles and gets high marks – very intriguing!

Vegan for the Win has a scrumptious first Soy Curl experience with Smokey Soy Curl sammie:

The Vegan Chickpea shows off some pretty Strawberry & Cashew Cream filled gluten-free crepes for French week:

The PPK Pear Frangipane Tart, all picture perfect on Northern Veg:

I leave you with “Prawn” Pad Thai from Munchin’ Mochi, because, whoa. I think I want to try this…

MoFo Giveaway—PPK Gift Packages

MoFo Giveaway—PPK Gift Packages


Jake, “Well, it’s gotta be Isa’s Seitan & Broccoli With Pantry BBQ Sauce – that combo has scored me some major, major points. If I get lucky and win, I’ll tell ya what they were.” So tell us!
Crystal, “Maple PECAN PIE for this vegan Canadian Mofo. I live in maple syrup Capital and I would eat this any time of day. Possibly for my birthday which is just around the corner. VEGAN MOFO and Isa forever!”

Check your emails soon!

Isa Chandra Moskowitz has pretty hair and she likes cats. She’s also part of the original enigmatic creative force behind this whole Vegan MoFo entity, and though she couldn’t do it without all of you—bloggers, readers and Post Punk Kitchen disciples—there’s a reason people such as myself identify as PPKult members (okay, not really—but some of my best friends with pretty hair hang out on the PPK forums and duh, Isa and Terry books are the best vegan cookbooks).

Today’s giveaway is courtesy of the mighty PPK, and it’s a damn good one. Two winners will receive a package of goodies that includes the brand spanking new Vegan Pie In The Sky by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero (lovingly dubbed VPITS), a PPK t-shirt, and a PPK apron to shield you from errant hunks of icing sugar, frozen berries, flour, and other inevitable suspects as you embark on some serious pie-baking.

I recipe-tested for Vegan Pie In The Sky, so I ate a lot of pie. I have always fancied myself more of a cook than a baker, but after making so many insanely delicious pies, and really never having many problems doing so (icing cupcakes is a different beast), I’m proud to say that VPITS has armed me with tons of circular desserts to impress everyone from my 94-year-old British grandma to my beer-guzzling hockey game-watching buddies to my mum’s home bible study group. Think Boston Creme Cake Pie, Pear Frangipane Tart, and my personal favourite: Pucker Up Raspberry Pie. There’s also a crazy Curried Macaroon Pie that is up there in my favourites. Pie is just special, you know? As the PPK write-up says, “Can you picture Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks waxing over a piece of angle food cake? No way. His black coffee must come saddled with a slice of honest cherry pie.”

With this PPK apron, you weirdos can pretend to be Isa’s boyfriend!

Want PPKers to recognize you on the streets? Of course you do. You’ll, of course, be able to choose your preferred size.

I twisted Isa’s arm (not really! She loves everyone!) to insist that this giveaway be open to both the US and Canada, so Canadians—you owe me one, and make me proud. To be eligible to win one of the two packages, all you have to do is comment on this post telling me your favourite recipe from the PPK blog. Even though I’m un-eligible to win, I’ll start. I am nuts for Isa’s White Wine Garlic Chanterelles. I will pick a winner at random around 9 AM PST tomorrow. Good luck!

Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

Greetings, MoFos. Sundays are lovely. I’ve made waffles and raked leaves, and we drove out to one of the last island farmers’ markets of the year. There is a big sheepdog to my right and a nerdy boyfriend organizing his Magic The Gathering cards to my left. We are considering going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. Basically, I’m all cozy and I hope you are too, because we are so close to finishing and conquering the wonderful Vegan Month of Food. Let’s take a look at what stood out today.

If you’ve been vegan for any length of time, you’ve probably already experienced the phenomenon that is cheese-less pizza appreciation. Suddenly, even the idea of putting Daiya on your pizza is kind of weird, considering how much it takes over the other ingredients’ flavours. I would happily eat up this caramelized onion and squash pizza from I Eat Grains any day.

What’s in Robin Robertson’s slow-cooker? should be a regular feature in the soon-to-be-a-reality vegan tabloids. Today, it’s seitan posole.

I am absolutely loving think. care. act.’s tour of veganized regional Germany. Today? Northern Germany’s intriguing Pears, Beans, and “Bacon”.

Gimme this breakfast.

WHAT! Dandies bars from Three and a Half Vegans. Homemade vegan chocolate bars in your pie hole.

I just started testing for Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming world vegan food cookbook, and it is absolutely amazing, since Viva Vegan is one of my favourite cookbooks of all time. Proving its awesomeness are these beautiful arepas sandwiching yellow chili grilled mushrooms and fruit slaw from Cupcake Kitteh.

No plans for this (or next) Sunday night? Take a cue from Amy Zucchini and throw yourself a sushi rollin’ party.

Have a marvellous week!

Iron Chef #3 Roundup: Coconut

Iron Chef #3 Roundup: Coconut

Here’s your Iron Chef Roundup! Thanks to everyone who participated, all of the recipes look truly amazing, and many people mentioned how much they love coconut. And don’t forget to check back Friday, when the last challenge of MoFo will be posted!

Are all of the chocolate giveaways this weekend making you drool? Go over to Don’t Fear The Vegan and try out these Coconut White Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles.

To change up your breakfast a bit, but without a lot of effort, try Tiffany’s Coconut Hashbrowns.

JL used the new So Delicious Coconut Nog to make Eggnog Bread! This recipe will come in handy when i’ve bought three cartons of nog on sale and can only drink the first two.

Mandy made a dessert called Coconut Slice, I had to look up what a slice is because i’ve never heard the term before. Learning is delicious!

Zuckerbaby made Monte Carlo Ice Cream, inspired by a famous Australian biscuit. Note to self, go to Australia.

For something a little lighter and to get Jimmy Buffet stuck in your head, try Easy Vegan’s “Put the Lime in the Coconut” Salad Dressing…or try her second entry, Chocolate Chip Brownies with Coconut Buttercream Frosting.

There aren’t any non-dairy replacements for alcoholic beverages on the market (and now i’m wondering why not), but you can make your own Cheatin’ Baileys at home in minutes, via Tea and Sympatico.

Vegtastic updated a classic kids treat by making Coconut Chai Rice Krispy Treats.

Poobee took some failed fritters and turned them into quesadilla filling, to dip into their Chocolate Coconut Sauce.

Lisa made Red Coconut Curry Spring Rolls with Peanut-Coconut Dipping Sauce, she says she’ll post the recipe later and we are going to hold her to that!

Individual Sweet Potato Casserole, where all you need is a microwave and a spoon? Yes and thank you, Rachael!

Ashley kicks a basic recipe up a notch with Coconut and Cranberry Johnny Cakes.

In addition to a recipe for Coconut Almond Rum Balls, you can learn about a great dog rescue at Hobby and More.

Go over to The Flaming Apron for an Almond Joyeux Latte and a reminder why cow’s milk is scary.

Cara brings us a very tropical recipe from Germany with this Banana Mango Cake with Mango Coconut Cream.

Justbloggs made their very first homemade Green Curry without even referencing a recipe, even making the paste from scratch!

Katie made some seriously amazing looking Raw Chocolate Coconut Truffles, clearly not for the faint of heart.

And the made-up award for ‘recipe I most wish came with a demonstrative video goes to Bad Little Spice for her Monkey See, Monkey Do Coco-Choco-Loco-Nana Ice Cream.

Clare made Courgette Curry in Coconut Sauce (courgette = zucchini), this looks just like a curry I had for lunch last week!

If you are lucky enough to find vegan shrimp in your area, try Kathy’s Vegan Coconut Shrimp! I love it when people put in a recipe, “I try X but it didn’t work” because it’s helpful to know if what seems like an easier way won’t even work.

Steph and Jennifer made a Coconut Spiced Kugel.

Kelly tried to make coconut brittle and it didn’t turn out (I would love to see it anyway!), but she promises to post a coconut cream pie before the day is out, so check back on that entry later.

Do you miss white chocolate, and can’t get vegan white chocolate chips in your area? Then go over to Allysia’s for White Hot Chocolate (and bring me back a mug).

If you’re bookmarking US Thanksgiving recipes, you will definitely want to see Lisa’s no-bake, easy-peasy Coconut Cranberry Tart.

Sjaak’s Eli’s Earth Bar Giveaway

Sjaak’s Eli’s Earth Bar Giveaway

The winners are:
79 Valerie
55 Sachiko Armour
95 Laura
45 Jenny

We’ll be in touch to get your info! Congratulations!

Sjaak’s was one of the first companies from which I purchased vegan chocolate, back when I was just dabbling in veganism. They continue to offer a variety of chocolates for special occasions and every day.

I’m usually all about the dark chocolate,  but I have come to appreciate the smooth, sweet flavor of rice milk chocolate. It’s wonderful that even those vegans who prefer milk chocolate now have so many choices.

Eli’s Earth Bars are delicious candy bars in three varieties–all coated in rice milk chocolate.

The Dream Big Bar is caramel, peanuts and peanut butter, and is sweet, with just enough peanuts to provide some balance and crunch.

The Treasure Bar is crunchy peanut butter and caramel. It tastes like a big, delicious peanut butter cup with little chewy pieces of caramel floating inside.

The Celebrate Bar contains caramel and almonds, but is so much more. It’s coconuty caramel with a crunchy almond bonus.

Sjaak’s donates 5% of every sale to childrens’ charities, and the chocolate is fair-trade and organic.

Eli's Earth Bars
Image from the Vegan Essentials Website

Today 4 lucky winners will each receive 6 Eli’s Earth Bars. Sorry, but this one is only open to those with U.S. mailing addresses.

Leave a comment telling us about your favorite vegan candy and we’ll pick a winner around 10:00 PM EST.