A Little of This & A Little of That: Tuesday MoFo RoundUp

I do declare that the seventh annual Vegan Month of Foods is off with a bang! It’s another warm day for Portland, OR and it’s got me thinking salad, cold cider, and well, someone else making my dinner. Namely, a little from each of these postings that caught my eye, thanks to spending a little too much time on the RandoMoFo generator throughout the day.

First things first, some breakfast for dinner with the Adventure Time BACON PANCAKES (that yes, call for caps locks and a catchy little autotune jam) from Paula’s amazing Tree Trunks’ Kitchen project…

Moving on to an epic & Vegan French Quarter Muffalatta Sandwich from the Miss Kitchen Witch blog

And I’m constantly digging Hipster Food’s style (and offerings!). This time, it’s a bruschetta-style play on a fried egg.

Adorable Hamantashen Cupcakes with apricot jam for Purim, thanks to Cupcakery Adventures

With a side of Three B Salad over at Grating for Godot

I like this set up.

Despite the heat I will gladly take a bowl of this In Love with Garlic soup from the folks at Fig and Basil. Make that two and a round of toast.

Add a Bee-yooo-tee-ful Eggplant Lasagna with Cashew Cheese from Luminous Vegans

But let me be honest with myself, and everyone reading this. Since my trip to Austin last winter, my heart made room for tacos, and all the talks and photos already of this Tacocleanse is driving me crazy. Here’s Smurfy’s explanatory post of what exactly is going on in Austin this month.

I mean, who’s not planning on making tacos this week now?!

Keep up the tasty work, MoFos!

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Portland farmers market obsessed crazy cat lady with a penchant for pickling, DIY mixology and SE Asian curries. My sporadic personal blog is over at sconejess.com

11 Responses to A Little of This & A Little of That: Tuesday MoFo RoundUp

  1. Jess, you’ve picked a great spread for a VeganMoFo pot luck – I’d gladly sit down to a tasting of each of these!

  2. Hannah says:

    I just cannot get over that garlic soup. WIll have to make it next week!

  3. *Drooooool*

    It’s a good thing I’m sitting here, eating my lunch while I type. Otherwise it would be pure torture to look at all these super delicious stuff.

  4. paula says:

    thanks for including me in the round up! Everything looks so good! i was going to try to say which of these is my fave, but honestly I want to eat all of them. like, right now!

  5. Even though I feel horrible, I could eat almost everything here if I cut it up small enough! Yeeehah!

  6. Amanda says:

    Delicious round up! This is making me hungry for lunch already! :-)

  7. Galen says:

    What a fantastic round up. I’m ready to dig in. And garlic soup YUM!

  8. Great round up! I think all of these posts look deeeee-licious! And now I need tacos.

  9. Thanks for including my blog in the round-up. Everything looks incredible. This inspired me to make taco pie — I am eating the taco pie right now!

  10. Gwendolyn says:

    Thanks for including my sammich in your round-up, this is seriously so much fun!

  11. Mmm, those bacon pancakes and that cupcake look so good. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? It all looks delicious. And yay, thanks for including me!

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