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Giveaway: So Delicious

Winners! I’ll email you after I feed my dogs. Ashley: I would be drinking a nice hot cup of pumpkin spice while playing my resident evil 6 on xbox live with my boyfriend. Megan: Knitting! Or lighting things on fire. … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Sick On Sin

Winners! Check your email! Everyone else, don’t forget that the coupon code ‘MOFO2012′ is still good until the 13th! Brandon: I think the men’s tee with the green vegan heart is my favorite. Cute, simple, to the point. A bit … Continue reading

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Giveaway – Go Max Go

Winners! Check your email. Ashley: Today my son, who just turned 1 year on Oct. 3, cheered me up by taking his first steps (actually he took about 10 steps all by himself)! I love my little vegan man and … Continue reading

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Giveaway – Joni Marie Newman Books

Winners! Lisa Marie: The vegan food gift I’d most like to receive is a trip back to NYC for dinner at Candle 79. Does that count? I really miss that place. I’d really like The Best Veggie Burgers on the … Continue reading

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Giveaway – Field Roast

Our main winner is CQ: My family and I don’t really…”gather”. But one time I was meeting up with my parents and my grandma (whom I hadn’t seen in a long time) for lunch in NYC, and despite my having … Continue reading

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Giveaway – Earth Balance!

And our winner is, The Radioactive Vegan, who says “I would gladly wrestle James Spader in a vat of most anything.” ME TOO, GIRL. Check your email! First giveaway of the year, woo! We starting off with a familiar product, … Continue reading

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Adding latecomers to the RSS feed – you can do it!

Every year, we have people who miss the deadline and ask if they can still get in. And as explained in the FAQ, even if we were able to add new blogs to the bundle once it’s been made, we’d … Continue reading

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List of blogs – updated.

Some people were missing from our list and it wasn’t up-to-date, so kittee threw together just a list of blog names – to easily find your blog just hit Ctrl + F (on PC, I don’t know how you search … Continue reading

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Banners and answering a few questions!

Remember that the deadline to sign up is today! Spread the word as we always have a handful of people who miss the deadline! (Also you can now follow us on instagram @VeganMoFo, tag your relevant photos with #veganmofo so … Continue reading

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Iron Chef Challenge for January

Hey guys, it’s Friday the 13th! You know what that means: it’s time to watch your favorite Jason movie and maybe make some tater pigs. Due to pain I didn’t get this up as early as I normally like to … Continue reading

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