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I'm Gabrielle. I like cats, dogs, books, cooking, writing, vegging out, travelling, and hiking. And maybe some other stuff, too.

Roundin’ up Saturday: cats, eats, fields, kimchi, fall (the best things in life)

Somehow, tragically, the last time I posted a round up on Caturday I forgot to post cats. My cats Lenny and Puddy have pledged at least one visit to the litterbox each every day in September—can we please get a round … Continue reading

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Caturday Mofoisms

Hi Mofoers! I am super stoked to be reading all of your creative and delicious content! Really, I am beyond impressed and inspired by your commitment and ideas, and I thank you all for taking me away from work for … Continue reading

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Chickpea Mag Giveaway!

Update: the lucky winners are…. Kelly Garbato (Summer ’12 issue) hungryvegan (Fall ’12 issue) Congrats! Hello MoFoers! Have you heard of Chickpea Magazine? If not, you are in for a treat. Chickpea is an all-vegan magazine featuring delicious recipes, gorgeous photography, and … Continue reading

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Sunday Round-Up

Hi MoFos! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I seem to always post on Canadian Thanksgiving. I hope you fellow canucks are having delicious seitan roasts and impeccably roasted Brussels Sprouts, because I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and some crackers. … Continue reading

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Post-MoFo Giveaway: VEGAN Holiday Kitchen

The winner of Vegan Holiday Kitchen is commenter #87—Cara! Congratulations! Be sure to check your email so we can get your contact information and send the book off to you.   I was thrilled to receive a copy of Nava … Continue reading

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Tuesday Post-MoFo Round Up

How is everyone enjoying post-MoFo life? Me, I’m a little wistful, so I’ve launched myself deep into the sanity threatening world of NaNoWriMo to distract myself from MoFo withdrawal. Which is not to say I haven’t whittled away plenty of … Continue reading

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MoFo Swan Song: Sunday Round-Up

On my last MoFo round-up, I just have to say that it has been an immense pleasure being involved this year. Not only did I blog regularly during MoFo for my first year, I also had the honour of writing … Continue reading

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MoFo Giveaway—PPK Gift Packages

Winners! Jake, “Well, it’s gotta be Isa’s Seitan & Broccoli With Pantry BBQ Sauce – that combo has scored me some major, major points. If I get lucky and win, I’ll tell ya what they were.” So tell us! Crystal, … Continue reading

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Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

Greetings, MoFos. Sundays are lovely. I’ve made waffles and raked leaves, and we drove out to one of the last island farmers’ markets of the year. There is a big sheepdog to my right and a nerdy boyfriend organizing his … Continue reading

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Sunday Feasting: A Round-Up of Dreams

Hi guys, Gabrielle here. I’m starving. Give me all of your foods! No, seriously. My google reader has me seriously craving a dream feast made up of MoFoers’ recipes. Grab a snack and join me as we imagine-eat our way … Continue reading

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