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Vegan and gluten-free maker of crafty stuff. I love estate sales and tasty Vietnamese food. Co-Creator of, Mother of Papa Tofu. I also blog at Cake Maker to the Stars.

Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Cookbook Giveaway

If you believe in magic, then you will probably like this book. You will also probably like this book if: You like bread. You like brand new books (this was released today). You like beautiful books. You like whole grains, … Continue reading

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Giveaway–Great Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

Oh!  We have a great cookbook giveaway for y’all today.  It’s Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats by my friend and fellow MoFo’r  Allyson Kramer.  You need this book because 1) you probably eat too much seitan, and you need to diversify, … Continue reading

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Giveaway! Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

Winner!  Beth from Whiny Vegans, who said, “I’d love some vegan cheese with my whine!” *************************************************************** This book is hot like gooey melted havarti, and the internet is abuzz talking about it (of course we are, vegans always talk about … Continue reading

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Lookie Here–Deadline Loomin’!

Hi Folks! Just to clarify, anyone can submit until Midnight PST today for MoFo 2012.  The form is still open and accepting information.  The blog list on Katie’s previous post was offered, because we’re overwhelmed with requests to check to … Continue reading

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Chewy, Cheeky, Chesty Chia.

Are you surfin’ the chia wave yet?  I know lots of folks have been chewing on chia for years, but I only recently had my first chia pudding.  I dug it.  My lateness to the chia game is crazy, because … Continue reading

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Louise Hagler's Blissy Coconut Dream

Here’s the scene, it’s 1990, you’ve just gone vegan, no one has ever heard of seitan and Isa Chandra is nowhere to be seen–you’re all alone, tits, and you’re drowning in nutritional yeast. I’m guessin’ you’ve figured out  this story … Continue reading

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2010 Blog Reader Options for the Brainy or Obsessed.

Our super excellent friend and fellow MoFie, pickledtreats,  worked all night to bring us awesome ways to read all of these blogs–we ended up smashin’ 700 yesterday!  Besides the normal “click ‘n’ read” we’re offering two ways for you to … Continue reading

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The Ghost of MoFo Yet to Come.

I just ate a nice handful of roasted hazelnuts mixed with white chocolate chips, so it’s most likely them talkin’, but I thought y’all might like a peeksy into The MoFo That is to Come. Also, did you know our … Continue reading

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Vegan MoFo Blog Roll 2010

ETA: We currently have 324 blogs signed up to MoFo with us in November. The list below is partial and will be updated in it’s entirety on November 3rd (right after the deadline passes). Here’s the Vegan MoFo IV Blog … Continue reading

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A is for Artichoke

Artichoke As bad as it looks has a lovely shot of red callaloo.  Too bad there’s no such thing as red spinach.  Someone please let me know if it does exist, I’d love to rock some purplish saag. Banana In … Continue reading

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