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GIVEAWAY: The Taco Cleanse Zine

This Contest is Now Closed, See ya next year! In Austin Texas we LOVE tacos. It’s actually a condition of living here I think, certainly of being happy here! For veganmofo this year a few of us, including myself, the … Continue reading

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Bloggers: Do you want to try the Vegg?

We were going to do a giveaway for the Vegg but then the creator, Rocky, wanted to do something extra special for all of you and offer free samples for any of you veganmofo bloggers who might be interested! He … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – One Dish Vegan by Robin Robertson

This Contest is now closed. Are you maybe a little glad that veganmofo is almost over and you don’t have to worry about slaving over 10 different complicated recipes that completely wreck the kitchen every night? If so, I think … Continue reading

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Giveaway: Divine Vegan Desserts

Good morning, Australia! It’s giveaway mania this week at Vegan MoFo HQ, but I know as well as the rest of you just how disheartening the words ‘US only’ can be. You’ve earned a reward too, so today’s giveaway is … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – A one year subscription to Chickpea Magazine

This giveaway is now closed, thanks for playing Have you had a chance to read Chickpea Magazine yet? It’s beautiful, filled with pictures and articles and very different from your typical ad filled magazine. The Kitchn reported: Cara Livermore, founder … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – Betty Goes Vegan

This Giveaway is Closed Like many of you, I love to get a brand new cookbook and read through it. If a book I’ve been lusting after just ends up being a bunch of recipes I’m kind of disappointed. When … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY- Cheers to Vegan Sweets

This Giveaway is Closed One of my favorite veganmofo themes this year is Kelly Peloza’s Seitan Beats Your Meat. All month long she has been posting amazing Mad Men inspired recipes and photos and since I recently just re-watched the … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – I <3 Veganmofo!

This contest is closedI think for a many of us Veganmofo is a time to do something that we would never, in a million years, otherwise do. I’m thinking of  Laughrodiasiac’s vegan dessert trifle…with beyond meat beef tips or Mo’s … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – Pies and Tarts with Heart

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN ANSWERS! I love making pies in the summer even though it’s a thousand degrees in my kitchen. The only thing better than a freshly made cherry pie is maybe a peach … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAY – Navitas Naturals

CONTEST CLOSED With all the taco cleansing and ice cream eating I’ve been doing these last few weeks of Veganmofo, smoothies are about the only way I’ve been getting my RDA of nutrients. Adding Navitas Natural superfoods to my smoothies … Continue reading

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