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Feed Corrections + how to install an OPML file

Here is the list of people whose blogs were not imported properly into Feedly, because the RSS address was wrong or because Feedly itself has issues. We miss you, Google Reader. … Continue reading

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The blogroll file is here!

Our expert OPML file creator worked as fast as possible to get this to you, so, click here to get the file that you put into Feedly or your other RSS reader: VeganMoFo 2014 Blogroll Please keep in mind that … Continue reading

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The next best thing to an RSS feed bundle: The VeganMoFo OPML file

I’d like to interrupt the regular string of vegan-tastic roundups and giveaways with some special news: this is PRACTICALLY the RSS Feed you’ve been waiting for. Here’s the thing. We hear ya. We wish there was a way to publicize … Continue reading

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