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Thursday MoFo Round-up!

Thursday MoFo Round-up!

Oh MoFo’ers… the feed is like a field of broken MoFo dreams right about now… And yet, there are the brave few who forge on – either after an occasional fall off the horse, or with an unbroken current of blogging enthusiasm. If you’re one of the bloggers who has lost some steam – either give it a go and make a final push, or commit to participating by continuing to comment on the blogs that are still going strong.

I have had so much fun with this year – I’ve already got about 20 new-to-me blogs that I plan on adding to my blog roll. It’s so fun to discover the variety of voices and styles and recipes that still exist in the vegan blogosphere. I love MoFo!

Here are a few of the posts that caught my eye so far today:


Vegetarian Snob made these  Healthy Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal, and I think it looks pretty yum. She makes it more on the savory side of things, but suggests that you can add a little sweetener if you like. I just discovered baked oatmeal in the last year, and I loved it! I’m still in autumn-denial mode, but once I make peace with reality, I’ll be back for this recipe.


french bread 1The blog New Orleans in Green has been celebrating New Orleans food all month – with everything from famous brands of NOLA goodies to this week’s explorations of culinary influences on NOLA cuisine. Today’s post is about the lasting legacy of the French in NOLA… including some damned fine looking bread!


hibachi-dressingVeg Fiend made this super maximus colorful Carrot Ginger Hibachi Sauce & 3-Bean Salad. The colors are so beautiful! I can’t believe that neon orange dressing – vegetables are so amazing! I’d never heard of Hibachi Sauce, but I think this salad looks great. Plus, three cheers to VegFiend for being a non-vegan who is embracing VeganMoFo and doing a great job!

kalesoup1I’ve really been loving Vegga‘s “Where Do You Get Your Protein?” nutrition theme this month. Her blog is doing a most excellent job of demonstrating that eating vegan food can be nutritious, beautiful, and super delicious. Check out this beautiful Kale and White Bean Soup – it’s bursting at the seams with veggie goodness! I’ve already bookmarked a bunch of the recipes from this blog so far. Looks like I’m gonna have a lot of post-MoFo bookmarks to revisit.

Piccata Milanese2From Veggie To Vegan has been doing beautiful posts featuring recipes from different regions of Italy every day this month. They are so amazing, plus the blog is in German and English – so even more vegans can enjoy these blog posts and recipes. Today’s post is a recipe for Piccata Milanese, from the Lombardy Region of Italy. Doesn’t this picture just make you want to start eating your computer screen?

purplepestoRock My Vegan Socks (fun blog name!) used purple basil to make Purple Pesto!!  I love doing fun and playful things with veggies and this looks so fun. Plus, I have my annual Rainbow Potluck on the horizon, and those purple foods are always a challenge.

cherry4So, now let’s move on to dessert! Little Vegan Bear has been rockin’ it with a really excellent “Music for Your Mouth” mofo theme – with foods inspired by music. Don’t these Eagle Eye Cherry / Wild Cherry bonbons look delicious? Plus, you get at least one awesome music video every day LVB’s site!


Lisa’s Project: Vegan has been doing daily round-ups on her own favorite recipes, and today’s recipe round-up is all about coooooookies! I am a cookie monster, so this is right up my alley. Plus, I am putting on an event this weekend, so I will be baking cookies all day tomorrow. These Lace Cookies look especially lovely to me.

Tuesday Round-up: Ready to Rumble

Tuesday Round-up: Ready to Rumble

I always learn a ton of things during veganmofo and find so much inspiration from other blogs. It’s amazing how everyone has the same parameters, write about vegan food every day for a month, and then takes it in so many different directions. For example, some people come up with themes like The Miss Kitchen Witch Recipe Blog doing Harry Potter inspired recipes every day. Today her Mrs. Weasley’s Vegan Bacon Butties looked pretty much to die for.baconbutty5blog

On of my most favorite things is seeing dishes prepared in ways that I am unfamiliar with and I’ve pretty much only seen jackfruit as a fruit or a meat sub so it was super cool to see this dish, Jukut Nangka, from Bali. VegFusion says that it’s “a local dish which is slow cooked young jackfruit with local spices and beans, served with red and white rice.” 

Jukut Nangka

I love seeing new ways to use ingredients that I make the same way every single time. In this case, these Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Butternut Squash sound delightful and festive. I love sweet roasted vegetables and I bet the coconut bacon adds a lot.


Some dishes I see just make me swoon, not literally, I don’t know if I’ve ever literally swooned but I think you’ll know what I mean when you see these Chilean Panqueques con manjar or Crepes with Dulce de Leche in English from Vegan Sweet and Simple. It’s the kind of food you want to marry.

Panqueques-con-manjar-2-1024x765And finally, I love new ways to get more chocolate into my diet AND Earl Grey Tea so I can embrace my inner Captain Picard. I wish I could embrace the outer Captain Picard…and these truffles.

earl grey tuffles

Hope you all still have your mofo mojo! Only 7 days to go!

Vegan MoFo 2014: Freaky Friday Round-Up

Vegan MoFo 2014: Freaky Friday Round-Up

Friday, it’s Friday! Thank god ’cause this was a loooong week. Thankfully, I have MoFo Round-Up duties today, so we can start the weekend off right!

white-russian-lebowskiThe Happy Vegan has the right idea to start off the weekend, Vegan White Russians! Easily my favorite cocktail, I may or may not be The Dude for Halloween. Hey careful man, there’s a beverage here!

BeetSeitan1Allotment2Kitchen is keeping it real with Vegan BBQ Beetroot Seitan Steaks! I took a double take because I thought they were real. I’d love to test one out!

IMG_9152Floral Frosting got my attention with these amazing Espresso-Speculoos Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. What a combo! We Vegans love our Speculoos, don’t we?

2014-09-17-11.25.10This healthy breakfast bowl from Vegan In Berlin caught my eye! It might inspire me put some fruit into my daily oatmeal. Not sure how fruit in my Panda Puffs would go though 🙂

IMG_06431This sexy looking Coconut Cream Pie is courtesy of Another Hungry Vegan. This could be the nightcap to our Freaky Friday! Pie before bed is alright with me.

Enjoy your Friday and stay safe!

Thursday Rounduppin’

Thursday Rounduppin’

Hello, hello, you lovely VeganMoFo-ers!!! Jess popping in with an assortment of picks and some bonus Instagram selections from my regular hashtag-clicking-sprees. You know how it goes. I started today’s roundup early this morning while “working from home”, aka seriously enjoying the double Rosies on The View and eating a plum muffin for breakfast. Pleasant stuff.

First up, via Instagram #VeganMoFo wandering, we have Shannon the @anotherhungryvegan hitting up Watercourse Foods in Denver for Buffalo & Memphis BBQ Cauliflower Wings. I want in on this and continue to be content with this saucy, battered cauliflower craze!

Another Instagrammer, Cassie @veganinsanity, serves up a hearty bowl of Smokey Barbeque Chili I can practically smell from here! Yum.

Well, it’s rainy in Portland once again (ba da bum, the season has be-gun) and these Sunshine Pancakes from Green Gourmet Giraffe are helping put a smile on my face and mood. So charming.

Speaking of Portland, this happened around the corner from my apartment and my cats are feeling left out, because dang, yum. Joni’s Seitan Burgers up on Panda with Cookie. They’re George approved. That’s really all you need to know.

What did you do today? Because Beetroot Massacre went for a 3 hour hike and then threw together this satisfying Tempeh Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce:

I love beer-y, cheesy happenings and now want to try out this Velvet Beer Sauce from Down the Rabbit Hole. It’s time to get my hands on some lactic acid, ASAP.

Back to Instagram hopping, because it’s just so easy to get lost in, we have Stephanie @neatnnutritous with a seriously appetizing dish of Smoky Peppers, Creamy Cashews & Crisp Squash:

Our last featured MoFo-er for today is Babette, who’s baked up some bomb looking Very Vanilla Raisin bread over at Vegan in Montreal. What a perfect breakfast!

Keep it up, folks!! 

Tuesday Round-Up: Balls from around the World

Tuesday Round-Up: Balls from around the World

I can’t believe VeganMoFo is more than half over! It feels like it’s only just begun. Maybe that’s because for the first time in five years I haven’t been meeting my post quota. URGH! I’m happy to see so many folks persevering through. Today I  saw a theme seem to emerge or maybe I couldn’t help but be struck by all the balls from all over the vegan world.

First, is Little Vegan Bear’s Fiona Apple themed Baked Stuffed Apples which look delicious and are stuffed with dates and nuts and all sorts of delicious spices. Every day Little Vegan Bear’s posts are dedicated to bands with foodie names and I am wondering how she keeps coming up with them!


Next is VGNGF = VEGAN, GLUTENFREE, DELICIOUS‘s Banana Beignets and Lemon Curd. I want to eat every single one of these. They sound so delicious.


I also fell in love with the fluffy and beautiful looking Bánh bao chay – Nh? Lan (Vegan steamed dumplings) from Vi?t Nam ?n Chay. It’s amazing how many of my favorite foods are made from just flour, yeast, sugar, and water.


1410421337-banhbaochay1I also saw these Korean omelette rolls (????) from VEGALINA and I wanted someone to feed them to me ASAP. I had to double check that there was no egg because, Jeez, they look eggy. It’s amazing what a bit of turmeric and chickpean flour can do. I bet they tast eggy too with that black salt. korean-omelet-roll

I’ve really been enjoying Olives For Dinner’s theme of cooking recipes from Vegan Cookbooks because  and I seem to have the exact same books! It’s wonderful to see so many of the recipes I’ve looked over come to life in their beautiful photography. johnny blake cake


Finally, my favorite post I saw today: Smurf Tarts! I didn’t even know this was a thing! I know what my theme is going to be next year! Thanks Fiekefatjerietjes for turning all of us on to this amazing dessert. taart-smurfentaartjes-fiekefatjerietjesDon’t worry no Smurf’s were harmed in the making of this post, that’s how vegan we are.



Vegan MoFo 2014: Manic Monday Round-Up

Vegan MoFo 2014: Manic Monday Round-Up

So we’re already 15 days deep into MoFo 2014! I’m sure some of you are digging for new things to blog about…no worries! There’s always something Vegan food related to talk about. Look at the variety of posts from everyone’s least favorite day, Monday.


Kendy from Miss Muffcake got her paws on the new Amy’s Black Bean & Rice Taquitos, at Target of all places! I haven’t even seen those yet, so jealous.


Melaine from Melis Bunte Studentenkuche whipped up an excellent Minestrone that looks right up my alley. It’s been kinda cold in these parts and I’ve been dying for warm soup!

img_1858Over at the Evolution of Jill, Earth Balance White Cheddar Mac & Cheese is on tap! Good stuff, I love both flavors. A little broccoli doesn’t hurt either 🙂

photo-9Banana Curl Vegan Girl has some great tips on what to do with jackfruit. This Vegan Philly Jackfruit Cheesesteak caught my eye! And they say being Vegan is boring, hee-hee.


And the winner of the tastiest looking dessert today: Vegan Cookaholic blew my mind with Blueberry Cheesecake in a Jar! Yeah, I’ll have to hit the gym right after I eat it, but it will be soooo worth it.

Enjoy the rest of your Manic Monday and keep MoFo’ing!

VeganMoFo 2014 – Cheesy Friday Round Up

VeganMoFo 2014 – Cheesy Friday Round Up

Howdy friends! This unplanned Friday round up is coming at you from late Saturday morning in England but it contains Friday’s posts so that still counts right?

If you know me at all you know that I am pretty obsessed with vegan chesse, if a new one comes out over here I’m trying it. If a new one comes out somewhere else I’ll obsess over wanting to try it until I can eventually get my grubby mitts on it. Hence this round up coming to you from the letter C!

I’m not sure which shredded cheese fellow MoFo volunteer Zsu used here in her Premium Patty Melt but gosh darn, it looks epic. I would like someone to make me one of these asap please!

orig_0325 s copyAs a huge Parks & Rec fan I have been excitedly devouring Easy Vegan‘s Carb’s and Rec theme and this French Fry Pizza with a side of ranch / ridiculous Calzone post made my mouth water. Want! Go to the blog for melty-cheesy inside shots!

15023354437_b50ce6bc15This next hand held snack is what my dreams are made of! Veganopoulous‘s Ham Cheese Stromboli are made with Daiya and they look like super cheesy, carby perfection to me.

1000x662xveganhamcheesestromboli-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.18FfX1RAPMSomeone who strayed away from store bought cheese was the blogger behind Avilia’s Way who whipped up some cashew cheese for this delicious looking cheesy pasta dish. You can totally google translate the recipe if you’d like to make this and don’t speak the language!

DSC_0583-Medium-1024x680Next up is another home made cheese from Suzie V Homemaker who used her garlic and Italian herb mozzarella to whip up an amazing looking pizza. Go check it out!

wpid-1410562870920It’s definitely poor MoFo form to rep’ your own posts but if it wasn’t meant to be your round up does it count? I hope not! And I hope y’all are as excited about this vegan cheese and wine party (but really, it was all about the cheese. I don’t even like wine!) as I was. These fancy schmancy cheese sticks had two kinds of VioLife cheese, gherkins, pickled onions and two kinds of olives! You can read more about it on

IMG_1212Last but by no means least Loz from In Rad Taste made this delicous looking pizza that I’m wishing I had in front of me right now. It’s topped with TVP chunks, olives, sundried tomatoes and an unspecified vegan cheese. Let us know what it is Loz!

vegan-pizzaThat’s it for this belated Friday round up, stick with us over the weekend as we have giveaways, more round ups and did you see last night’s Chopped post? Ridiculous! I hope loads of you are up for the challenge! Jalapeños, radishes and … nuh uh, I’m not telling! You’ll have to check this post to find out!

VeganMoFo 2014 – A Very English Round Up

VeganMoFo 2014 – A Very English Round Up

Hey there! This is Jojo here, I’ve been on holiday in Austin, Tx for the last 12 days which has meant I’ve had far less time to peruse blogs than is usual for me during VeganMoFo. The lure of taco trucks, friends and the sun all conspired to drag me away from my smart phone. Austin’s beautiful, y’all. I can’t wait for Vida Vegan Con next May! Now I’m home in foggy, chilly Brighton (okay, it’s 17 degrees which isn’t bad but it makes a big change from the beautiful 34 degree weather I’ve been experiencing these past couple of weeks) and I woke up excited and immediately rushed downstairs, fired up my laptop and opened my reader ready to peruse your blogs and get some serious catching up done.

I love our Where in the World page and I often browse new blogs by picking a country and reading and commenting on all of the blogs on the list. Perhaps it’s inspired by my love of travel. I think it’s a super fun way to mix it up. Today I picked England because it’s nice to be home.

The first post that caught my eye today was this one from Faster, Pussycat! Run! Run! This is a totally new to me blog and these Hazelnut Cocoa Balls are right up my street.

hazelnutballAnyone who knows me knows that I love pancakes and these ones from The Grumpy Sailor look amazing. My US pal’s might find covering pancakes in jam (or, as they say, jelly) a little odd but seriously, just try it! This is how I ate scotch pancakes growing up and trust me when I say I will definitely be trying out this recipe. Look how fluffy they look.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery Thursday Sal from Alien on Toast is veganising Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals and today she took on his Thai Chicken Laksa subbing in Realeat Chick’n and leaving out the fish sauce. I love that she’s timing these meals to see how close they come to Jamie’s 15 minute plan!

20140911_182812The ladies from To Happy Vegans went to a fancy schmancy vegan pop up dinner at Asparagism together and I have all of my fingers crossed that it returns to London asap. I really, really want to go. The pea shoot salad looked beautiful, the lentil parcel sounded fantastic but it’s this polenta dish that got me all excited. I’m a recent polenta convert and I have no idea what took me so long. Polenta’s delicious especially if it’s battered or coated in something yummy and then fried.

DSCF3654-300x225This Harry Potter inspired French onion soup comes from the aptly named Miss Kitchen Witch. I hardly ever make soup but this one’s tempting me for sure and I love the theme.

onionsoup9blogNext up is Welsh Girl Eats who caught my eye with her Plum and Pear Coconut Crumble. I really, really love crumble and one of the things I find exciting about autumn and winter is that it’s crumble season. I usually go for apple but I would certainly be up for throwing some plums in there.

img_3930Last but by no means least is a post that popped up whist I was writing this round up and I just had to include it. Eat to Inspire posted this delicious looking burger from Cafe Kino in Bristol which was the spot where my husband and I ate lunch just before he proposed to me five years ago almost to the day. Ah, memories.

dsc_0715Happy MoFoing everyone. I can’t wait to read more of your posts tomorrow!

Wednesday Roundup: Instagram Gallery & Chopped Returns This Weekend!

Wednesday Roundup: Instagram Gallery & Chopped Returns This Weekend!

It’s a two part roundup! Pardon my late night update if you’re in North America like me, and good morning to everyone in Europe! I was busy enjoying a late night dinner of kale, sweet potato & black bean tempeh tacos with a good friend, and welcoming early September’s near evening cool here in Portland. I have been impatiently waiting all summer for this, but I certainly didn’t forget about my rounduppin’ today, don’t you worry. Now, have you forgotten about VeganMoFo? Is it the mid-week day off? That’s okay! Look, I ask because after 15+ click-throughs on, I only saw one mere update from earlier today. I saw a lot of lovely posts, no doubt, but there was so much more happening over on the Instagram hashtag! That’s definitely worth talking about, and equally enjoyable to get lost wandering through in the #veganmofo and #veganmofo2014 (they both work for our purposes, feel free to go with one or the other!)

1) With all my ranting down, let’s take a break from our regular roundup and try this out, because I’ve been searching for so long for an Instagram hashtag-taker, gallery-maker that doesn’t blow. This one comes from and I’ve highlighted a few rows of recently tagged photos. Click on ’em for more and to explore! You can also make a slideshow, OoOOoOOoo.

#VEGANMOFO Instagram gallery:

2) Moving on, I wanted to give a big heads up to your shopping lists that you just may wan to consider some flexibility this weekend if you’re feeling adventurous and enjoy some fun competition, because CHOPPED: VEGANMOFO Edition returns this Friday, September 12th!

And to give you a little edge and one less item to pick up on Friday morning when the lineup is debuted, I’m gonna break my normal NO SPOILERZZZZZ lifestyle and sneak one of the four ingredients into the conversation: jalapeños!

Image source:
Image source:

We’ll see you back here Friday morning for the rules, the remaining 3 mandatory(ish) ingredients, your judges and a very special and particularly seasonally-enjoyable prize from our good friends at Chicago Vegan Foods!

MoFo Round Up! And thus we begin, Week 2 of Mofo2014

MoFo Round Up! And thus we begin, Week 2 of Mofo2014

Hi All! It’s Amey here, from Vegan Eats & Treats…
coming in just under the wire with a round-up for today!

One of the things I love most about MoFo is the around-the-world, all-timezones, both-hemispheres aspect of it. When you go on the instagram #veganmofo hashtag, you find breakfasts and lunches and dinners and early spring meals from down under and northern hemisphere folks starting to post about pumpkins and autumn foods.


So, if you’re just starting off the day, and in the mood for some breakfast – check out The Lusting Mind. This blog is doing a totally awesome MoFo theme, entirely inspired by the movie Amelie… including these beautiful french crepes/”imaginative LP pancakes.” Such a super sweet and fun post. Check out her blog, it’s totally great! (another awesome discovery thanks to!)



Check out this Macademia Nut Oatmeal with Spiced Brown Sugar from Soy Division. It pretty much looks like the yummiest oatmeal ever.



Or, maybe it’s getting to be lunch time where ever you are in the world, and you are looking for something to eat. This Pasta with Swiss Chard and Pine Nuts from One Window Kitchen looks so simple and delicious. And any self-respecting vegan’s gotta already have some pasta and greens just sitting around, right?



If you’re in the mood for some serious cozy-time dinner, maybe this nice looking supper of Chickn Noodle Soup with Rosemary Bread Rolls from Stairway to Vegan would hit the spot? She’s got recipes for both!



Hasta La Vegan is doing a MoFo theme of using all sorts of wacky old cookbooks and it is SO FUN. Check out this excellent book cover! Every day is a different cookbook, with excellent recipes, excellently forthright reviews, and totally great write-ups!



I really enjoyed this good-natured, encouraging, and enticing post about How To Make Vegan Pizza from Walks, Talks, and Eats. Pizza is a wonderful spirit-enhancing food, and vegans must learn how to master the art of vegan pizza!


IMG_8607Lastly, for dessert, I am going to do something totally uncool and toot my own horn. Well, not really MY horn, but my parents’ horn! Yesterday was their 50th anniversary and I made them a cake! Three cheers for love!