First Week Round Up of 2015

Hi folks! This is Zsu here, on this warm summer Sunday eve. Can’t wait for the cool autumn weather to hit San Diego!

This is the first Round Up of Vegan MoFo 2015 – and I’m super excited to share with you some of my finds this week.

As you know, MoFo has had a face-lift this year and we have been offered clever prompts to guide us through the month. This type of blogging/gramming/tweeting/tumbling/filming is brand spanking new as we have not had any guidance in past mofo seasons.  What do you think of the new theme? Comment below, as I’m dying to know how your first week has passed. If the content of your posts is any way to judge, I’d say you guys are killing it out there!

FIRST DAY: Breakfast Prompt

Morsels and Moonshine

Sort of a throwback to last year’s mofo, M&M reminds us why we might want to wake up in the morning: Boozy Bourbon Apple Butter. It is always best when the day begins with a breakfast dish that has the words Booz and Bourbon in it. Definitely a great start to mofo!

Morsels and Moonshine


Boards and Knives

B&K breaks the day with a smoothie, but because it is a special day (mofo!), they are also including a fancy toast. My kind of breakfast. Avocado any time for me and the smoothie rounds it out. Er, I think they meant the toast to round out the smoothie, but for me, avocado toast rules over all.

Boards and Knoves Day 1


Alien on Toast

A{on}T provides us with a laundry list of items on their breakfast tray. Check it out, but don’t read out loud as you might run out of breath before you’re done:

“Quinoa tabbouleh, with a couple of types of hummus, mashed avocado, rocket with pesto dressing… tonnes of GREAT bread, a hazelnut flute (flute shaped bread studded with hazelnuts and raisins), some fruit bread, some fruit salad and a berry parfait.”

And breathe.

Alien Toast Day 1


SECOND DAY: Childhood Meal Prompt

Plates for Plants

Depending on just how old you are, Shepherd’s Pie could very well be on your nostalgic childhood menu, but P[for]P pulled this one out of left field, given her age bracket would typically call for pizza, pasta or nuggets. Good news! Her vid shows how to make this delectable creation. Nice camera work, too!


Walks, Talks and Eats

Summer. Holiday. France. Aunt’s place. How sweet was your childhood? This one has me topped! Not only that, but her dish is Tomato, Basil, Garlic and Feta Pasta. Light, fresh and easy to make – basically summer in a bowl. Don’t miss the almond feta recipe. I’ll be grabbing my bag of almond flour out of the freezer.

Walks talks and eats


Rock My Vegan Socks

You guys really know how to make the most of summer! Hopefully RMVS brought enough of her revamped Potato Salad via her dad, because there are a ton of people at that potluck! I’ll be joining one myself, because I like to eat great vegan food and it seems the potluckers have the best idea. Ever!

Rock My Vegan Socks


THIRD DAY: Quick, Easy and Delicious! Prompt

Chunky on Chia

This quick and easy Saucy Mexican Tofu Salad fits well into the theme, no doubt. Name of the game: throw it all together and make it tasty! That’s all you need, I tell ya.

Chunky on Chia


Too Cheap for Pine Nuts

Assembling these muffins is as easy as can be, with TC{for}PN‘s method. Check out the quick and easy recipe and call it dinner on the table FAST! They also have some other quick dinner/supper tips that I’ll just have to pinch for my family.

Too Cheap for Pine Nuts


Gront Glaskab

This one has me thrown for a bit of a loop. Google Translate wouldn’t pop up, but the meal sure looks good! Noodles, tofu (maybe), kale, cabbage? I’d still eat a huge bowl of it! If it’s vegan and looks this good? Yes, please!

Grong galskab


FOURTH DAY: Weird Food Combo Prompt

My Blissful Journey

Jennifer does indeed have a story to accompany her condiments. Sort of like a story-condiment. Once you read it, you might recall sharing a similar experience at one time or another. Or at least the frustration of it. I remember this exact thing happened to me when I was volunteering for river clean-up…hosted by my local Humane Society.

Her reasoning for calling it a weird combo is unique, so don’t miss it.

My Blissful Journey




I do have to say that most of the “weird combos” I came across during my search for the oddest ones to feature, I found very, very few that are that oddball. Most of the “weird” wasn’t all that odd. There were milkshakes with fries, vegemite with peanut butter, pickles and vinegar…see? not really that odd.

Take, for instance, this dish by Robynie: avocado + pineapple. Go check out the link to see why even this one is rather normal (dare I say good?)



Rosie’s Vegan Kitchen

RVK might have one of the most unique flavor combos at mofo, at least of the ones I came across this week. Cold beans + mayo. I will leave you to marinate on that.

Rosie's Vegan Kitchen


FIFTH DAY: Sandwiches Prompt

Seitan is My Motor

SIMM shares her ideas on the best sandwich book ever. I do have to agree. Is there even another one out there? They also share the recipe for the pic below from said cookbook and we are truly grateful. If, that is, you don’t have your own copy.

Seitan is My Motor



Banh Mi. There had to at least be one in the mofo field, and here I see it, in all its pickled vegetable and French bread-wrapped glory. Cilantro and hopefully jalapenos graced this delicacy before it was devoured. And Veganopoulous says there are multiple banh mis available at this locale! Would you like some company??



quince and kale

q&k is living the life near a vegan deli that is churning out all kinds of magical sandwiches. Ah, to be there with them! I’ll have to settle for the reviews, though, as Australia is a bit of a hike for me.

quince and kale


SIXTH DAY: Restaurant Meal Prompt

Kittens Gone Lentil

We’ve all heard of Veggie Grill, I’m sure; the all vegan fast food joint that is cropping up all over the place. KGL has recreated the Harvest Bowl, and from what I can tell, did a darned bang up job of it, too! She even had the apple sauusage, which is what I think they actually use. Well done!

Kittens Gone Lentil


Modern Martha

MM recreates Spicy Basil’s Tofu in Spicy Peanut Sauce. A self-professed peanut butter addict (actually, I think  they say “love” but “addict” sounds more committed), this dish looks really amazing and if I was gonna order Tofu in Spicy Peanut Sauce, this is actually what I’d expect placed in front of me. So, kudos and please bring enough to share with everyone, next time.

Modern Martha


Vegan Crunk

Direct quote:

“…you know, some nights, you drink your dinner. And some days call for a liquid lunch. Thankfully, this cocktail is loaded with healthy veggies, so it totally makes an acceptable dinner.”

Well said! And since our First Day began with booze, it is only expected that we close this Round Up ending with booze. Sort of the tie that binds it all together. Besides, the bloody thing is made with beets and fresh squeezed veggies! Here is Bianca’s We Got the Beet Bloody Mary. {told you it was a “bloody” thing}

Vegan Crunk



That’s it! My time is up and it is late and I must go, otherwise I’ll sleep too late and miss posting tomorrow’s mofo. I blog at Zsu’s Vegan Pantry; come say hi. Peace.

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11 Responses to First Week Round Up of 2015

  1. Oooh I love all these dishes in the round-up! I’ve had a great first week of MoFo. I’m loving the prompts too – they have been really inspiring, and like you said, I feel like I’m “killing it out there” (which is kind of ironic, seeing as it’s all vegan…no killing involved, haha).

  2. Emma says:

    Thank you for including me! There have been so many wonderful posts this week.

  3. Mrs Pine Nut says:

    Oh, wow! I’m honoured to be included!

    “Weird food combo” is so subjective! I get told that mac and cheese pizza is weird, but there are SO many other vegans out there who love eating mac and cheese in unorthodox ways, so it’s really not weird, if weird is gauged by “amount of people doing a thing”. So yeah. It’s fun to see what other people came up with!

  4. YAY!!!!! Thank you so much for featuring my potato salad Zsu =D This made my entire month!
    So many great features! Great recipes =)
    I’m totally loving MoFo this year. I’m having a great time, making some great friends. And I really love the prompts this year! I find it much easier when I have a theme to work with =)
    Thanks Zsu!!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow I did a bloody mary for the restaurant meal prompt too! XD Small world. Only mine didn’t have beets, just garam masala. I love these prompt roundups! Now I can see some of the blogs I didn’t have time to get to!

  6. Susan says:

    I am thrilled the Harvest Bowl made the cut. :)

    I am loving the new MoFo, the daily challenges have been so fun to plan for and put together, it has definitely inspired me this year!

  7. Bianca says:

    Yay! Thanks for the plug!! And Susan’s Harvest Bowl looks freakin’ amazing — just like the real thing from VG. I’m gonna have to try baked beans and mayo now, btw. That actually sounds pretty delicious.

  8. Robyn says:

    Thanks for including me! I’ve totally some up with a new weird combo since; pineapple and nutritional yeast cheezy sauce! (can you tell I eat a lot of pineapple? I blame winter)

  9. Jennifer says:

    What a round up! Neat! And thanks for the linkage and shout out! WOWZA! I was so surprised! Now I;m off to visit the other blogs :)

    I wish MoFo was year round :) Thanks for all you do!

  10. Zsu Dever says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing your thought regarding the new format. It helps the team out greatly to know where everyone sits with it. :)

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