Giveaway – Allergy Riders

Giveaway – Allergy Riders

Congratulations to our winners, Susan and Penny! Check your emails, ladies. To those that missed out, don’t despair because we’ve got more Australian-friendly giveaways lined up this month. Just keep checking back! 

Vegans of the world, we’ve heard your cries (uttered through mouthfuls of vegan cake). While giveaways are great fun, they’re often less great for those who get left watching from an ocean away. Well, Australians, I’ve come on board from our nation’s capital, and I’m ready to tackle the serious issues. Forget the carbon tax- I’m running on a mandate of free baking supplies for my fellow local vegans.

Are you tired of having to interrogate strangers at bake sales about what you can eat? Or worse, are you sick of having to use your mouth (which could be better used munching on delicious vegan brownies) to tell people which items you’ve made are vegan, gluten free, nut free, or all of the above? Allergy Riders have got your back, in super cute style.


Their baking cups and food flags are perfect for vegan bakers and those with allergies. They’ve even got our xgfx brothers and sisters covered! No longer will you waste precious eating time poring over handwritten ingredient lists or discussing your food choices with others (not that we mind, it’s just that sometimes those discussions are best had on a full stomach).

Allergy Riders have kindly donated two prize packs, each containing two packs of baking cups and two packs of food flags of the winners’ choice. Two winners will be randomly selected at 11am AEST tomorrow. To enter, leave a comment here (with a valid email address) letting us know which sweet or savoury treat you always keep an eye out for at bake sales. Australians only, please! 

8 thoughts on “Giveaway – Allergy Riders

  1. Yay! One for us down under! I’ve seen these and have been drooling over them for the next time I bake for a high tea! I’m always on the lookout for a really good vegan brownie with macadamias, all the better if they have a cup of chai to sell me as well 🙂

  2. For some perverse reason I’ve been obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels ever since I first saw Mallrats. In addition to that I always keep an eye out for pecan pie, vegetable pockets or herb/olive bread.

  3. Anther perk of a kiwi living in Aussie
    🙂 , I’m always a sucker for a awesome
    Cupcake!! Bonus points if it’s got

  4. Oo, these are cute! I’d like to donate a pack to the medical school that I work at. During their last bake sale, they actually had vegan and gluten-free options! I was pretty stoked about it.

    I have a sweet tooth, so once it’s vegan and delicious, I’m happy. Presently craving a cupcake.

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