GIVEAWAY – Vegan Finger Foods Cookbook

GIVEAWAY – Vegan Finger Foods Cookbook

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VFFI love finger foods, there is just something about eating bits of composed bites that seems so much more refined than shoveling forkfuls in your mouth from a bowl. When I found out Celine and Tami were writting a cookbook on finger foods I couldn’t wait to get a copy in my hot hands.

Upon cracking open Vegan Finger Foods the first thing I noticed was all the lovely photos taken by Celine and the very modern ideas. I had a hard time deciding what I would try because so many different recipes were appealing. I think the recipes in this book would appeal to all the different kinds of vegan diets out there. There are recipes that feature whole foods, are soy free, soy heavy, gluten free, bread based, raw, baked, complicated, easy, cupcake heavy, sugar free, comfort food, or chocolate based.

The first chapter is a short primer on finger foods and any types of special ingredients they use. Then it goes into “Veggie-Centric Finger Feasts” with recipes like “Kale Cucumber Cups” and “Snacking Chickpeas” these were all vegetable heavy and on the easier side. Next was “Stuffed and Dipped” with recipes like “Sauerkraut Stuffed Seitan Rounds” and “Baked Buffalo Tofu Bites” which I think most excited me. Then “Bread-Based Bites with recipes like “Pull Apart Pesto Bread” and “Spinach Swirls with Quicky Marinara” and finally “Sweet Little Somethings which includes recipes like “Creamsicle Ice Lollies” and “Goji Berry Cacao Bites”.

I’ve tried a bunch of recipes from the book including the Tahini Popcorn Balls, the Mexican Potato Skins, and the Baked Buffalo Tofu Bites and they have all been fantastic. Maybe my favorite has been these baked Jalapeno Poppers though. Delicious!Jalapeno poppers

If you would like a copy of Vegan Finger Foods too you are in luck! Since Tami and Celine are the coolest and longtime mofo-ers they are going ALL OUT and giving away 4 copies for the US and 3 copies for the UK & ROI too. Holy Shitake! Since the latter group are probably snug in their beds right now I am also going to keep this contest open for 48 hours so everyone has a chance to enter.

TO WIN A COPY Please leave a comment below with an email address that you check and answer me this Veganmofo Question: Of all the recipes, reviews, and stories you have read over the years from Veganmofoers which one has stuck with you the most? Did you try a recipe that became a favorite years ago? Did you decide to take the taco or beer challenge this year? Are you looking forward to traveling to New Orleans after reading all about the amazing food there? Whatever it is spill the beans and leave a link if you like!


98 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – Vegan Finger Foods Cookbook

  1. This is my first year following Vegan MoFo so I can’t pick out one from the past that has stuck with me, but I can tell you that I am making frequent use of my Pin It button to add things to my Pinterest recipes for trying later!

  2. i love mofo so much, all the new recipes and blogs to choose from. but probably my most memorable posts were from amey at vegan eats & treats with her doodles and her noshtalgia last year. so adorable and sweet.

  3. i absolutely love the recipes where you can tell the culinary brain is being stretched to max creativeness. Specifically, pairing ingredients that don’t typically “go together,” and/or when they are using ingredients for the first time. it’s inspiring

  4. Veganricha’s pizza theme from a few years back blew my mind, changing the way I think about pizza crust, toppings, and combinations for life.

  5. Oh how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this book! Vegan Finger Foods are one of my favorite courses! I have to say that this is my 3rd official year with Vegan MoFo posting and I can’t see myself slowing down with it! I look forward to it every year and have made some awesome buddies. 2 of my favorite blogging buddies are Opal at and Christine at – I can’t pick just one from each of them but I’m partial to Christine’s Raw Vegan Dressings and Opal’s Stir Frys and Scrambles and have tried variations of many of them and they are winners every time!

  6. I still think about Sweet Ritual’s choco tacos from last year’s challenge. Am seriously considering visiting Austin just so I can try one! (Or two or three or twenty.)

  7. i am so doing the taco & beer challenge this year!
    over the years what stood out to me more than anything is how dedicated people can be! it inspiring to see people show up day after day and blog about vegan food! i have met people through mofo and that is something totally rad! mofo is just a positive thing!

  8. I have been inspired by allll the taco cleanses featured on blogs from more Southern MoFoers. TexMex food was never as popular in Canada as it is in the States, but all those delicious taco combinations have me indulging in them at least once a week these days. Thanks, MoFo, for all the tacos!

  9. my fave would have to be from The Messy Vegetarian Cook- it’s from a while ago, but I still make them! her banana bars with peanut butter icing- wow! my two favourites combined 🙂

  10. I’m actually a brand new reader of Vegan Mofo but I am really enjoying the posts from the past few days! Looking forward to more informative blogs and hope to be able to contribute in 2015!

  11. The first year I did VeganMoFo was in 2010. I started reading a blog called Meet the Shannons with this incredible cinnamon roll recipe that I still make to this day. The amazing thing, though, has been watching their blog grow, watching them veganize favorite foods from my childhood and now cooking things from their cookbook! I look at their cookbook and I think, “I watched this thing unfold online!” I love that in this space there is so much room for creativity and new ideas and that behind every new vegan cookbook there are just real people trying to make a difference.

  12. Two years ago, I entered the brunch Chopped challenge that Isa put on using popcorn, apricot preserves, rosemary, and butternut squash. The winner was a Chick’n & Waffles dish that blew my mind. I’ve never made chick’n & waffles before, but looking back on this post is definitely making me want to soon!

    ( Tomorrow? Yeah maybe I’ll make chick’n & waffles tomorrow… ;] )

  13. One of the bloggers I discovered from last year’s Vegan MoFo has the cutest beagles that continue to make me smile when they are featured in her posts!

  14. Its not that late over here in the UK! I was ill last year, and so couldn’t follow the MoFo vibes, and before that I didn’t read blogs, but I know that Oh She Glows has done it before, and i love her blog

  15. I did my first mofo in 2009 and Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles where all over the place. I fell in love and I’m still looking for any excuse to make them. I also just had my very first taco so… I love this time of year!

  16. It had to be the Friends trifle from Randi last year. So gross that I couldn’t look away. So gross I laughed and shared it with my Friends friends. And, no, I most definitely didn’t try it.

  17. My fifth Mofo and so many amazing things to chose from! Two really wonderful inventive things that spring to mind though are both from last year and both from English bloggers – Bear Paw pastries from Deerly Beloved Bakery and Sweetcorn Icecream from Hasta La Vegan. Ps- thank you for having a book comp open to UK and ROI

  18. This is my 5th year and I’m still going through recipes I’ve saved from past years. I have to say a lot of the themes just rock. I LOVED the tacos and I’m going to be honest, I can’t pick just one!

  19. I get excited about all the food. I especially enjoy the creative themes: Disney, the letter S, Harry Potter (sorry I don’t have links to those sites at hand). I keep telling myself that I will participate next year. Geez.

  20. There have been so many amazing and inspirational blogs from veganmofo! For some dumb reason I didn’t follow amey’s vegan eats and treats blog until last years mofo and her nostalgia theme blew me away! I got a recipe from there that I make all the time for Kale Dal. I don’t think the recipe was part of MoFo, but I wouldn’t have found it without MoFo.
    I also really <3 pandacookie's tablescapes. a lot!

  21. One VeganMoFoer changed my life forever. I was toying with the idea of veganism and wondered if I could do it. I must admit I thought vegans were all hippie – militant and, well, just plain old weird! (silly me!) I had no idea how compassionate vegans are! And the FOOD!! oh my gosh. Well, to continue, 2 years ago, I was searching out a vegan breakfast type food and stumbled upon an oatmeal bake from Vegan Fazool ( and that was the beginning of the end…..or better said, the beginning of the beginning. I have NEVER looked back! True story. I am vegan because of Vegan Month of Food.

  22. I loved the Spooky Vegan’s ‘Walking Dead’ theme two years ago! She strung bread pieces shaped like ears onto a necklace a la Daryl Dixon – it was hilarious. I have collected and pinned so many recipes from MoFo’s past, I can’t talk about just one. I love Vegan MoFo! I look forward to all the fabulous themes, recipes and giveaways every year. It’s so much fun!

  23. Cara at Fork and Beans has probably stuck with me the most. Her recipes are so good, her photography is just fantastic, and her spirit is so bright and inspiring!

  24. I love going to new vegan restaurants… but around where I live most restaurants struggle with vegetarian let alone vegan. I have been to London a few times this year and love to spend the day just eating and having so many options of where we could go! But as I’m not there often I really have no clue on where to go. So this is why I loved this post from, where they have put together a whole list of restaurants they love in London that have awesome vegan food that I really can’t wait to try out.

  25. There are many to choose from, but the one that has stuck with me because I probably use it once a week or more is Mo’s revelation that you can do stuff to ramen noodles beyond just boiling them with the flavour packet! I wish I’d realised this when I was a poor student.

  26. I got a kick out of veganricha’s month of pizza. She had some pretty interesting combinations! And now I feel like pizza…

  27. Of all the VeganMoFo posts I have ever read, the one that sticks with me most is the trifle from “Friends” that was done last year. I love “Friends” and that episode and the post was great!

  28. The vegan omelette recipe was surprising to me because I didn’t realize there was a vegan egg substitute that could used to replace a lot of the traditional egg breakfast meals.

  29. Vegan Yack Attack’s Mac Attack theme last year really resonated with me and made me super interested in Vegan Mofo. And now, here I am- posting too! (but I don’t think I can ever live up to Vegan Yack Attack’s mac and cheez awesomeness!)

  30. I’ve been loosely following Mofo for the past few years. I found it through The PPK. I have so many recipes that have become regulars, it is hard to pinpoint one….I love reading through the mofo posts everyday and pinning new things to try…yum!!!

  31. I really enjoyed the personal touches to last year’s MoFo by Vegan Eats and Treats. Hard to choose one but I love hearing about the sentimental side of things when people blog about their favourite foods 🙂

  32. I’m new to your page but I can’t wait to try your receipes! Hope I win the book too because it would be my first “vegan” cookbook. Thanks!

  33. This is my first year following the Vegan MoFo blogs but the blog that is new to me that I’m super excited about is Dumbledore’s Vegan Army. Two of my favorite things combined!

  34. I’m a new comer to the Vegan mofo, but am loving every minute of it! From what I’ve browsed thus far, I’d say even as a veteran it would be a hefty task to choose a favorite recipe! So many tasty treats to try, yum!

  35. I remember discovering a bunch of new blogs because of VeganMOfo a few years ago, and that was what got me into reading all the blogs and getting lots of great ideas. I’m not 100% certain, but I think “Diet, Dessert, and Dogs” was one I originally got to through Veganmofo and still visit a lot today.

  36. I loved Mihl’s veganizing of German desserts last year–gave me some great ideas for holiday cookie boxes, and the photography was beautiful too!

  37. I actually went vegan last year during MoFo. Best. Decision. Ever. Having access to so many incredible recipes in such a short amount of time was truly mind-boggling (or, should I say mind-blogging?). While MoFo provided me with the opportunity to try out a wide variety of vegan cuisines, the most memorable for me had to have been Vegan Yack Attack’s month of macaroni and cheese recipes. Holy cow, who could resist being vegan with recipes like that?!

  38. I can’t pick just one thing that’s stuck with me, so I’ll talk about Mac and Cheese Monday’s! I love reading everyone’s mac and cheese posts on Mondays. Before going vegan I was obsessed with the stuff, and finding a good replacement has been my never ending quest. I’m looking forward to more recipes this year! (And as for Vegan Finger Foods: I have been eying this book forever and would really love a copy! Thanks to the authors for the giveaway!!)

  39. This is my first year of following vegan mofo but I have seen a few recipes so far that look really interesting to me. This is definitely something that I will follow every year and possibly even take part of.

  40. Yes I can recall in particular the first year I participated in Mofo, reading One Arab Vegan’s blog, and thinking of how spoiled I am, or was even then. I had only been vegan a year and a half, and still learning new things all the time, and thinking it was hard to be vegan in New Jersey. I was blown away by how dedicated she was and how she made veganism fit into her life and her culture. It was humbling to know that someone without the same access to vegan products and restaurants and convenience foods still manages to life a happy vegan life.

  41. Nothing specific, just the fact that I was not alone. Not alone in my love of veganizing silly foods from childhood, or the fact that I CAN eat what I want, and at the same time be happy, healthy, and not hurt the planet around me or the animals I share it with.

  42. Tofu Mom is doing a month of Vegan gravy again! I still refer to her posts from a couple of years ago, so this will be exciting.

  43. I can’t say I have a favorite from past Vegan MoFo’s, this is only my second. But I can say I look forward to fall and the delicious onslaught of food that comes with it! I did find a recipe from last year that I need to try–apple butter donut holes! I love that our community has a month to come together, since I don’t have any vegan friends nearby.

  44. I couldn’t possibly pick one. There are so many amazing recipes and blogs…I can’t remember which I started reading or tried that was from Vegan MoFo! And if Google Reader were still in existence, I’m sure I could go find them! Looking forward to following this year’s blogs though. Must go add them to my Feedly account. I lived in New Orleans for 10 years, only vegan the last 5 I think. Was pretty difficult when I was there, but I think more vegan options have popped up since I left 2 years ago!

  45. Pizzas, omelettes, natchos, you name it! Yes, I’d definitely love to take a trip to New Orleans after reading about all the great stuff there!

  46. I was amazed to be introduced to jackfruit and its amazing transformation by Wing It Vegan as pulled pork, and also BBQ stuffed in Sweet Potato last year. Still bookmarked to make.

  47. I would say the oyster recipe from Vegans Eat Pencil Shavings that won the Mofie for best use of tofu. I believe it was the first vegan mofo post I ever saw.

  48. There was a drop scones recipe a couple years ago that we literally make all the time. Whips up quickly, relatively healthy, and reliably delicious every time. 🙂

  49. So I am loving seeing everyone’s comments. I so want to look at every site! Love the Harry Potter theme, somehow missed that before. But I definitely love Isa!

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