Hey UK! GOOD Hemp Hamper Giveaway

Hey UK! GOOD Hemp Hamper Giveaway

And the winner is….Erica!

WHAT: Now, if you live outside of the United Kingdom, please feel free to gaze and contemplate polyunsaturated essential fatty acids on your own, but if you reside within the United Kingdom, simply leave a comment with a link to your favorite recipe that uses hemp – doesn’t have to be your own, just something you’ve tried – and you’re in the running to win a GOOD Hemp Hamper (£50.00), which includes their fancy hemp oils, hemp milk, hemp seeds and you guessed it – hemp protein powder.

Image from the GOOD facebook

HOW TO WIN: Leave a comment with a link to your favorite recipe that includes hemp, and I’ll pick my favorite tomorrow morning over my morning hemp milk latte!

Let me know in the comments by 9am PST Tuesday and I will pick the UK winner then (who will in turn, send me Cheezly, right?!)

SERIOUSLY: Please make sure you leave an email address that you check! We ask that you respond within 24 hours. Hemp is serious.


Find out more about GOOD hemp products on their facebook.

12 thoughts on “Hey UK! GOOD Hemp Hamper Giveaway

  1. Pick me pick me! I’ve been dying to try those hemp oils and the other goodies sound fab too. The only hemp recipe I’ve tried, seeing as the seeds are pretty hard to get hold of..and expensive, was Gena’s delicious hemp pesto http://www.choosingraw.com/hemp-pesto-recipe/.
    There are 101 hemp recipes I want to try though. I think they’d be brilliant making a creamy soup or smoothie 🙂

  2. I have only cooked with hemp seeds on a couple of occasions, but this sauce recipe is yummy! It’s great served with pasta or noodles (which I used rather than the courgette spaghetti) and I’d imagine it would make a great hummus-like dip for veggie sticks:


    I’ve seen the oils before and always fancied trying them, great prize 😀

  3. Hi I hope its ok to just add my own Recipe for Nutritious Baby Food. My son Kieran loves this. One fourth a cup of cooked Quinoa, One mashed banana, One table spoon of ground Flax seed’s, Four table spoons of hemp seeds. I also put hemp protein powder in his porridge. He loves smoothies with hemp as well. We are vegan and don’t eat soy. So hemp is our main source of protein. I always recommend hemp to body builders. And Hemp oil to the elderly. To help them with there joints. If only people would grow hemp everywhere all the damage done by toxins to our planet could be eradicated. Hemp for a better more sustainable healthy er planet
    p.s Wooly socks who needs um. This winter get youself some nice hemp socks. Brain tree make a nice pair.

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