Iron Chef Roundup – Breadcrumbs

Iron Chef Roundup – Breadcrumbs

The amount of entries for this was smaller than usual, but everything was impressive! Two people even turned other recipe failures into new meals for the challenge. Mark your calendars for the next challenge, which will be posted December 9th!

Zoa took a failed batch of seitan and turned it into Seitan-stuffed Tomatoes with Moroccan Spices.

Richa turned some leftover Chana Masala into these cute little Baked Potato Tikkis.

Cara took her favorite elements of a popular Georgian recipe and turned it into Breaded Nutty Tofu Balls en croûte and Nutty Breaded Eggplant Slices with Walnut Parsley Cream Sauce.

Danni made a pantry-friendly bean loaf, and included recipes for Cauli-tatoes and a Butternut Squash cake!

Corrina went old school with Butternut Squash Tofu Balls, that are based on a Dreena Burton recipe that I love! Tofu balls forever.

I love it when people aren’t too proud to talk about their baking/cooking failures, I think it’s educational. I love it even more when they are able to turn their failures into something new, waste not and all that. If you feel the same way, you’ll enjoy this epic tale of Tiffany’s Autumn Fruit Strudel Rolls.

Cadry made Cashew-Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, I can practically taste the combination of cashews and miso in the filling.

Kristen made Panko-Encrusted Ginger-Wasabi Brownies, which she says is ‘not very original’, but I say: whaaaaaaaaaat?!

6 thoughts on “Iron Chef Roundup – Breadcrumbs

  1. Ha! I meant the inspiration for the brownies was another recipe, not that everyone eats wasabi ginger brownies every day.

    I must try those jalapeño poppers! Yum.

  2. i’m eager to look over what everyone else made. also, i’m happy to see someone else is a fan of those tofu balls! they are so easy, bake up so well, and (obviously) take really well to mods.

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