Monday Round-Up: Happy Vegan Thanksgiving, Canadians!

Monday Round-Up: Happy Vegan Thanksgiving, Canadians!

MoFos! I drive all of my American friends up the wall talking about Canadian Thanksgiving—one of my favourite holidays—but they’re just jealous that we don’t have to wait until November to get our Tofurky on. Since I’m currently embarking on an amazing and terrifying house-sitting gig in Victoria, BC, I’ll probably be having toast for dinner, so we can all be jealous of the following Canadian Thanksgiving dishes perfect for channelling your inner hoser.

While those of us out on the West Coast on getting reacquainted with our closest friend—the rain—lucky Nicole in sunny Southern Ontario is taking gorgeous outside shots of these birthday lemon tarts over at at A Dash of Compassion.

I’m a little out of sorts that my Thanksgiving weekend didn’t kick off with these perfect pumpkin waffles from you can’t eat the air!

Is there anything better than apple pie? Evidently, yes, there is apple pie CAKE.

Not only did Jennifer at It Ain’t Meat, Babe discuss vegan Thanksgiving celebrations with on Canada’s prestigious CBC radio, she also found the time to suggest we try her Sweet Potato Bread Pudding. I’ll take advice from anyone with Dylan-inspired blog name.

You’ve seen Bryanna Clark Grogan’s World Vegan Feast making its rounds around the MoFo-sphere, so clearly we knew BCG wouldn’t leave us hanging on Thanksgiving. Try her Mediterranean mashed potatoes, and don’t fret if you find yourself eating them straight out of the pot.

I’m patriotically practising my French by reading Vegan à Montréal, and we all know that Les Français are masters of the crêpe, but it looks as though the Québécois can also hold their own with a Swiss-style chickpea omelet.

Finally, MeShell, I am begging you to invite me to your Thanksgiving next year. Her spread includes cornbread muffins, onion gravy, smashed garlicky potatoes, grapefruit black pepper cranberry Sauce (fancypants!), stuffing in acorn squash, salads, pies, lentil loaves, and gosh, probably more. I’m met that girl. She’s a wizard. And her partner made a freaking pumpkin cheesecake!

Congrats on ten days of blogging, MoFos!

11 thoughts on “Monday Round-Up: Happy Vegan Thanksgiving, Canadians!

    1. Hi Steve,

      There are recipes for Bryanna’s mashed potatoes and the bread pudding if you follow the links, and the others cite the book recipes/inspiration! MoFo is just as much about inspiration as it is straight-out how-tos/recipes. 🙂

  1. it’s too much! i’m really thinking about adopting canadian thanksgiving into the collection of holidays i celebrate. twice the thanxvegan meals. yes, please!

  2. AHHHH. So much good stuff! Apple pie cake is such a win. And that Sweet Potato Bread Pudding. I want it. And that crepe. Holy crepe.

    Thanks Ms. Pope, and just FYI, you have an open invitation to my holiday celebrations! (I’m considering celebrating thanksgiving twice this year… ha ha) <3

  3. This is our first vegan Thanksgiving this year…thank you for the GREAT ideas! Much appreciation!

    ***I found your blog by accident looking for something else, but I am a new follower now! 🙂

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