Monday Roundup: Warm n’ Hearty Autumn

Monday Roundup: Warm n’ Hearty Autumn

Okay.  So, I have always loved this time of year.  The air is crisp.  The sweaters appear.  Plus, everything is apples and pumpkins.  But my absolute favorite thing is eating hot food on a cold autumn day while snuggling with my dog.  Bring on the goodness!

Confident Cook, Hesistant Baker made me do a double take with these absolutely dreamy looking mashed parsnips.  I don’t even know if I’ve had or like parsnips, but I definitely need this in my mouth hole STAT!

If that wasn’t lovely enough, take a peek at the roasted tomato, artichoke, and chickpea sauce that Vegan Fazool made!  Totally droolworthy!

Ultimately, nothing says autumn like apples.  I could probably write an entire separate blog dedicated to the organic honeycrisps that I’ve been eating lately.  Jes adapted a recipe and created some killer looking spiced cider!

Amber made some delicious looking broccoli polenta cakes.  Broccoli. Polenta. Cakes.  With sauce!

 For true seasonal inspiration, you just have to see the crazy sauce that is Cadry’s Thanksgiving kebabs.  Greatness!

That’s all for now, folks. So, what are some of your favorite warming dishes?  Don’t forget to comment with the links!  Happy mofoing!

6 thoughts on “Monday Roundup: Warm n’ Hearty Autumn

  1. Thanks for featuring my mashed parsnip post! Definitely recommend you go out and get some parsnips – it’s often relegated to soup stock, but it can truly shine!

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