My Zoetrope and Vegan Dish Giveaway!!

My Zoetrope and Vegan Dish Giveaway!!

We have our winners, 24 Emmakat , 143 Fanny, 140 ZuckerBaby, 157 Maggie Muggins and 55 Jojo. Thanks to everyone who played, you will get another chance for fabulous prizes tomorrow.

Buying cute things from vegans on etsy is about the only thing in the world that make me happy at this point in my life. Vegans make better art. It’s true, you can look it up. When was the last time you saw a vegan on Regretsy? That’s right, never. Two of my favorite vegans are contributing to today’s fabulous prizes.First up is the fantastic Michelle Cavigliano, the Brooklyn artist behind My Zoetrope. I am just smitten with her art, not only do I have several of her pieces brightening up my cookbook shelf but I also love her blog. For veganmofo this year My Zoetrope has been featuring a different drawing of an animal or vegan food item every day and donating the money to animal sanctuaries. I think I might have to get the hamster! Earlier this year “It’s Veganlicious” even got Michelle to do the art for her tattoo! You are never going to believe this but you could win the woodland jamboree because she is giving away any TWO prints from her shop, regardless of size (up to $40 value) to anyone in the world!

Equally exciting is that Jeanette Zeis the creator of Vegan Dish, your one stop shop for vegan vessels, is also giving away fabulous prizes today as well. I have a veganmofo mug that I adore and let me tell you that there is a great side benefit. If you live with nonvegans no one else will ever use your vegan mug! They don’t want to look like a wannabegan!Jeanette is also doing an amazing giveaway for either a mug or a set of four bowls. What an awesome prize for a family that eats a delicious breakfast together of cereal with almond milk out of their vegan bowls! Or, more likely, a single person who doesn’t ever want to dishes again during the week. I want them bad.

Lucky for you I can not enter this contest and it is open WORLDWIDE! Since Jeanette and Michelle were so generous with the prizes we are going to have lots of winners. All you need to do is tell me what item you would most like to have; either pick one of Michelle’s paintings (look at them on etsy and tell me which one), or if you’d like the set Jeanette’s bowls, or a mug. The way that I will pick the winners is by first using the random number generator and then by availability of preferred prize. Please also leave a good email address because that is how I will contact you if you win.

You have until 10 pm CST to enter, that is 2pm in Sydney Australia, 3am in Timbuktu, 5am in Tel Aviv, 6am in Helsinki, and 5pm in Hawaii.


190 thoughts on “My Zoetrope and Vegan Dish Giveaway!!

  1. omg, what an awesome giveaway! My favorite one so far!

    Since my first-adopted is a wiener dog, I have to go with the Dachshund in Space print, though the Narwhal Friends and My Unicorn and I (so much Jem!) are pretty adorable too. Actually, all of Michelle’s artwork is adorable. Too hard to choose!

  2. What a fabulous giveaway! And just look at those adorable prints, mugs and bowls! 😀
    The item I’d most love is the mug because I am such an all-day tea drinker. 😉 But I’d be happy with absolutely anything Jeanette makes! Thanks so much for offering these great items.

  3. Wow, these bowls look really great. I love the colours! I found so many great granola recipes in the last days, spending most of my free time scrolling through those fantastic blogs here.
    Out of these bowls a healthy granola breakfast would taste even better, I guess!

  4. I love, love, LOVE the Woodland Animal Jamboree print… (Monster Theater comes in at a close second, though – freakin’ adorable.) Amazing stuff, Michelle!

  5. Either/or? Such tough decisions! Zoetrope’s and Jeanette’s work are both so wonderful! I just ordered two of Jeanette’s vegan bowls (and absolutely love them). I’m going to have to hope for four more, and then I can have a vegan chili party!

  6. It’s hard to choose! I love the bowls though — vegan soup is one of my favourite meals to make, especially now that the weather is getting cooler.

  7. I would lurve some mugs! They always go missing in our little apartment. Seriously, how can you lose 4 mugs over the course of a month? We can.

  8. These all look so amazing. So hard to choose. Just checked out Jeanette’s site and I am in love with everything. Might have to save up for one of those adorable cake stands.

    If I win – the bowls please!

    Would be such a pleasure to eat my vegan soups, porridge and curry out of these.
    And would be great serving bowls for nibbles with friends.

  9. Ooh, 4 bowls! I’m going to have to go with that! But the coffee mug is so pretty too, and I drink lots of coffee and that purple is lovely. The Kitties watercolor from My Zoetrope is so cute too. Tough to pick!

  10. I *love* Jeanette’s dishes. In fact, I have 3 of her bowls and a custom mug that looks very much like the one in the photo. That said, I probably don’t *need* more bowls for my cupboard, but I’ve got plenty of room on my walls for some of that rad artwork! 😀

  11. oh my goodness! You have no IDEA how long I’ve wanted a set of those bowls! That would definitely be my choice if I won! They are so adorable – and it looks like a LOT of hard works goes into making each and every one of them!

  12. I love all the art work, much too hard to choose. The bowls are darling, however the item that would best suit me is the mug. I luv it! I juice, drink organic teas, constant water and would love to have a mug like that to let everyone know I am proud to be vegan. It would truly be my cup that I would luv to show off. Thanks for the offer.

  13. These are such sweet and generous giveaways! I’ve given Jeanette’s creations away as gifts often, but have never purchased one for myself. I’d love to win a mug and use it everyday at work as my go-to tea mug. Thanks for offering up these wonderful gifts!

  14. I love all of you work but I would love to give a bowl to my daughter. She was the driving force behind my families vegan life change.

  15. I love to eat food from bowls. It’s the perfect shape for nearly everything.
    I’d sooo love to win them and thank you and the artists for their generous gifts!
    : )

  16. Dachsund in Space, and Turtle (the one with all of the balloons). These are adorable, but if not available, there were lots of others I like.

  17. Wow, this is the best giveaway ever!! I would pick the My Zoetrope prints, I love her artwork & I currently have her calendar hanging in my kitchen. I think I’d pick the Animal Jamboree & either the Foxy Love or Woodland Tea Party prints because I love them so much!

  18. I would love to win a set of bowls! I’ve been coveting them for months (they’re so beautiful), but as a broke college student I can’t justify spending the money on them. What a great contest, thank you!

  19. Purple is my favorite color so ill have to say the vegan mug! What more way to be proud of being vegan then to have. A mug that says it!

  20. Wow! All of the prizes are so amazing. I loved everything on Zoetrope’s Etsy page, it’s so hard to just pick one piece! I would have to say that the ‘Hello Spring Rain Cloud’ was my favorite, I’m such a sucker for cute clouds. 🙂

  21. I’m drooling over those bowls! WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE?! My teenagers and I are all vegan and the bowls are absolutely perfect for our family meals.

  22. Although my husband has been a vegan for long time now, my daughters are the driving force behind my veganism. They have accidentally broken most of our ceramic bowls and Jeanette’s bowls are absolutely fab and it would be so wonderful to each have a bowl stating our philosophy on them…BUT, my daughter also fell in love with a special polar bear named Knut. She speaks of him as though he is real and I would love, love, love to win the Polar Bear Kiss Print! She would go bananas!

  23. This giveaway is great. The ‘Dachshund in Space’ is darling, it looks just like my little dachshund, who is 19 years old and vegan!

  24. Shazam! How great! I would tote that vegan mug everywhere I go! It would help make me happy getting through long nights at work birthin’ youngin’s! : )

  25. I was just admiring Michelle’s paintings last week! They’re all gorgeous, but just choosing one, I would love to have “Mister Fox, Tell It To The World” hanging in my bedroom.

  26. It’s so difficult to choose only one thing, especially when everything in this giveaway is so cool. However, I do need bowls and those vegan bowls are AWESOME!

  27. Here’s me, always pushing the rules – I have had my eye on Michelle’s calendars for a long time, so that’s what I would choose, if it was allowed (hey, it’s under the $40 value limit!).

    If that’s breakin’ the rules too much, I would choose the bowls – I’ve also had my eye on Jeannette’s beautiful items for some time, too!

  28. My roommates and I would give those bowls a nice, cozy, loving vegan home! Also, everything on both Etsy pages is ace, I fell in love a hundred times. Great work!

  29. Whoa, hold up! This is so cool! If I had to pick just one, it would totes be the bowls. It would be the perfect surprise for my momma bear!

  30. *jumps up and down* Awesome awesome awesome giveaway!
    I’ve had my eyes on the vegan bowls for a while and would love to win those.

    Off to check out My Zoetrope. First time I’ve heard of the artist. Wonder if she draws guinea pigs? 🙂

  31. The Woodland Tea Party is what got my insides going all gooey. I would love to see that hanging in my youngest vegan twins’ bedroom so they can wake up and look at cute animals drinking tea shortly followed by their mom drinking her morning urn of tea.

  32. I would love, love, love, love a set of those bowls. They’re perfect for all the winter soup, chili and brownies slathered in vegan hot fudge that I’ve been making to forget about the cold weather. Please enable me.

  33. All of the prints are fantastic! But as I just moved and have no more dishes, I’m going to have to cross my fingers and hope I win those cute bowls. Heck yeah, vegan!

  34. This is such an awesome give-away! If I had to choose, I’d go with the mug. It just looks so pretty and I love the colour. But I love all the adorable My Zoetrope art as well, so I’m probably going to buy the 2012 calendar anyway!

  35. What a beautiful givaway I am so in love with the bowls and the amazing mug. Being a brand new vegan I just want to tell everyone. They would be great conversation starters as I am eating my lunch.

  36. Everything is adorable! I would most like the bowls. I need some to keep in my drawer at work for all the oatmeal, soup, and salad I eat at my desk…. so why not super cute vegan bowls?

  37. I’ve had those bowls on my xmas list since I discovered them but nobody wants to pay shipping and get them for me. This giveaway is perfect for me! Thank you for hosting 🙂

  38. I would love the vegan bowls because it would mean that my brother would stop using my current bowls for his cereal. The word “vegan” scares him, and I would love to have those bowls all to myself!

  39. I love those vegan bowls and would be so happy to win! All of the My Zoetrope painting are amazing and adorable as well and I especially love the Ocean Life print. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

  40. I have been trying to keep up with all the awesome vegan mofo blogs daily! and when I came here this morning I was so excited to see this give away.. I have been eyeing up those vegan bowls for such a long time!!! 🙂

    Vegan mofo has been awesome so far this year!!!! I hope I remember in time to be in it next year!!! 🙂
    Blessings to all!

  41. Tough call. The pictures are great and the kids would love them, but we just celebrated 13 years of marriage and my husband wanted to buy new dishes. I said what I really wanted was more Vegan Dish bowls. We would love to win a set!

  42. Awesome one today, MoFo crew– thanks!! I am loving Summer Bike Ride Bear from My Zoetrope and will gaze at it longingly throughout the cold dark winter. 😉

  43. What a generous giveaway! I would love to have a My Zoetrope print, I’ve been reading her blog for years!
    My two faves are the “Today will be awesome!” and the “Look on the Bright Side” prints.

    Its also very nice that you made this giveaway world-wide. 🙂

  44. I would really love to have one of Jeanette’s vegan mugs! My best friend gave me a set of her adorable vegan bowls as a wedding gift earlier this year and I’ve been wanting to collect more of her pieces! The mug would be an awesome addition!!!

  45. Gee can I have all of them? The bowls are so cute! Not that I need more bowls. And the paintings are unique and wonderful! I am in to colorful, mosaic-like paintings, so these are perfect.
    I love cats, so I think the prize I would like best is the “Kitty Cat Teeter Totter” Print from My Zoetrope. It would make the perfect addition to brighten up my dorm room!

  46. I don’t think I can ever have enough mugs for as many fun drink as I like to make and I have been drooling over other people’s versions on these blogs and wondering where to get one. I love the bowls as well but my new apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher : ( I also don’t have a working oven/stove to do any baking right now so I would love to make myself lots of hot comforting drinks in of those super cute mugs instead!

  47. What a great giveaway. Awesome. So hard just to pick one. But I have hardly any bowls. So here is my chance. Bowls please

  48. Oh man I love the bowls! But the non-vegan bf and I have a pretty un-decorated apartment that could use some Zoetrope joy! <3

  49. Bowls. Our walls are already nearly covered with paintings, prints, bookshelves etc, but we have room for some bowls. I’d love to eat my soy yogurt, berries and granola from a vegan bowl.

  50. Wow, it’s so hard to choose but I’m gonna have to go with Michelle’s Turtle print. Turtles are my thing because they represent perseverence. And because I love dogs too, my nickname is Turtledog. One day when I open my own sanctuary, it will have an eatery called Turtledog Cafe!

  51. Ooh!! Exciting! I love the bowls but I have a kitchen full of stuff and more than enough (Browncoat :D) mugs for the moment. So I’m going to go with Michelle’s gorgeous and happy prints!! Fingers crossed!

  52. I’ve always wanted one of Jeanette’s dishwares! They are so cute. Honestly, I’d be happy to have either of the contributor’s art in my home. Michelle’s drawings are absolutely adorable!

  53. Oh my!!!!

    I would SO LOVE to get these BOWLS!
    i’m a “new” vegan, it’s just been about 3 months, and i have a thing for cute dishes:)

    but, btw, i’d also love the second painting or the mug..;)

    xoxo & tofu,

  54. Oh, such a great giveaway!
    Seeing as I can’t seem to have enough bowls I’d choose Jeanette’s. They’re just adorable!

  55. I’m pretty sure I NEED a set of the bowls….no one I know is vegan, except me. The bowls would help ease my vegan lonliness!! =]

  56. Oh wow, what an awesome giveaway! As much as I’d like to be super greedy and say I WANT IT ALL! I love Jeanette’s dishes and have been eyeing up those mugs for a while now, they’re so cute. Both those ladies are seriously talented.

  57. I WANT IT ALL!! But since I can’t have everything, I love the Kitty Flop print and the rocket dog by Michelle. So adorbs! We might be getting our own place soon, so we need artwork! I might buy those even if I don’t win.

  58. I ADORE those bowls! the colours are just beautiful and as I just smashed one of my last bowls the other day (freshly painted nails, wanted a bowl of cereal, bowl smashed all over my kitchen floor…I don’t know if the hubby has noticed we’re [yet again] another bowl short…)

  59. Yay from Australia! I love the paintings and I’m a massive mug collector (is that weird?..) but I think the bowls are awesome.

  60. I would love love love a vegan dish mug. It’s purple, with a star, and it proclaims vegan to the world, how rad is that? I can just taste how much better my coffee or chai with almond milk would be.

  61. I would ADORE a set of Jeannette’s bowls! I’ve been eyeing her work for over a year now, but haven’t been able to afford them!

  62. I’d be happy with any of it! I love Michelle’s work, especially: Owl, Everything’s a Hoot, Dreamcatcher – Pink, Hello Spring Rain Cloud, and Cute Red Panda. I also love Jeanette’s vegan mug!! I can’t choose a favorite, but I hope I win one!! :o)

  63. Everything is SO ADORABLE!!

    I’m smitten with Dachshund in Space! My little doxie Duncan just died a couple of weeks ago and this is how I imagine him soaring around in the non-denominational weiner dog cosmos 🙂

  64. I adore the bowls. I think that my non-vegan roommates would steer clear of the bowls and increase the number of vegan-only cookware and supplies I have available.

  65. Awesome! The prints are beautiful and the bowls rock! It’s hard to choose which one I would prefer – but I have to go with the bowls! 🙂

  66. Fabulous giveaway! I would have to go with the mug, even though I would love the bowls, because I had a custom Vegan Dish mug and used it every day at work, to fly my vegan flag–and then it broke and I was vewy, vewy sad.

  67. I absolutely love both the bowls, mugs, and the paintings! But I have to go with The Monster Ice Cream Sundae. I call my two dogs my Beloved Monsters (I love the song by the Eels and sing it to them some nights), so I have to go for it!

  68. I would choose a mug because we don’t really have any mugs. I LOVE the artwork. I really like the ones with the sayings such as “look on the bright side” or “today will be awesome,” etc.

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