Giveaway – Veganic Cheeses

We have our winners! Brier, Jessica & Aleshi we’ll be in touch soon.

We have another amazing giveaway for you today and this one is just for our European readers. We’ve partnered up with Berlin based company Veganic to offer three of our lucky readers the chance to win an amazing prize pack of cheeses. Each prize pack will contain all ten (yes, seriously!) flavours of their cheese slices.

-2 And a bag of their amazing Pizza Cheese.


Veganic recently sent me these cheeses to review on my blog and I have to say that I’m wowed. I’m currently working my way through the packs of pre sliced cheeses and I can tell you that they all make delicious grilled cheeses as well as perfect cheese and tomato sandwiches. I actually ate almost all of the original flavour straight up out of the pack!

My local pizza place recently switched over to Veganic Pizza Cheese for their vegan pies and I was so impressed when I tried them, this delicious cheese really lives up to its name and I got to eat the best melty cheesy garlic bread I’ve ever had.

As well as being vegan these cheeses are soy, palm oil and gluten free.

You’re eligible to enter the competition if you live anywhere in Europe and were not one of the bloggers Veganic have already sent their generous cheese pack out to. To enter you just need to name a blogger who has blogged about something cheesy during 2013′s MoFo.

To enter you just need to leave a comment below with your answer by 7pm BST on the 24th. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can get in contact with you if you win. The three winners will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended.  This competition is open to anyone currently residing in Europe.

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Sweet Sunday Round Up

Hey all! I’m filling in for Panda today and thought I’d stick with her sweets on Sunday theme!

First up is a very pretty slice of Shoo Fly Cake made by Angela at Canned Time

And how about a very popular type of cookie: choc chip! These are from Don’t Get Mad, Get Vegan!

These quinoa dough balls made by Juli at Foods and Everything are adorable!

And I’m thinking I need to visit Singapore to visit their first vegan ice cream cafe, Brownice! Serene from Eat Your Rainbows visited and had this lovely looking plate of brownie and ice cream (pumpkin, chocolate, and pb brownie)

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Saturday Round Up: Eurotrip!

Maybe it’s the continued cold weather we’ve having here (why am I wearing a coat in September? Get it together, Australia), or maybe it’s my German heritage, but sometimes there’s nothing I want more than to load up on delicious European carbs while listening to the rain outside. And with MoFo-ers all over the world, the inspiration is almost endless!

Over at Melon Collies and the Infinite Sandwich (outstanding!), Kara is starting from scratch with her home-fermented sauerkraut. Hilarious descriptions of the process and its odours aside, this looks like the perfect starting point for some serious deliciousness.


And these sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi from Vegan Kitty Patrol look like the natural choice for that cabbagey goodness.


Kyleigh from the Good Karma Kitchen has the perfect hearty follow-up dish, with these tofu schnitzels- with pretzel breading, in true German style!


Over at the Vegan Kitchen of Dr Caligari, Luca has been making some of the most creative cupcakes (sweet and savoury!) that I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but these Sachertorte cupcakes with bitter orange jam and pistachios are calling my name today.


Of course, no German round up would be complete without Mihl’s classic German desserts at Seitan is my Motor. It’s not the first time we’ve featured Mihl’s decadent treats, but this theme has to be my favourite this year. Nougatringe were always a staple feature on my German family’s coffee table, so no late night beverages would be complete without trying to cram one of these into an already over-stuffed stomach.


Mmm, I’m feeling toasty warm and comforted already!

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Round Up: Comfort Foodie Friday

Check it.  I’ve had a rough month/week/day, so when I went looking for round up goodness…comforting foods just kinda spoke to me.  It all started with this beautiful Moroccan faux-chicken over at VegFusion.  Are you kidding me, son?!  I totally want to buy a clay tagine and make wonderful things in it now.

After seeing that delicious goodness, I found myself gravitating towards another one pot dish with Beedi’s Szechaun stir fry.  Apparently, Gardein aided in this festival of yummy.  Alls I know is that I was drooling and wishing I had all of the ingredients on hand.

As I was clicking through MoFo posts, I came across this loverly post on Fo Reals Life about slow cooker beans.  Now, it’s still 100 degrees here, but I am waiting patiently for the fall to roll in so I can bust out my crock pot and get my bean makin’ on.

And, of course, I’m not tryna talk comfort food without talking about pizza.  I was absolutely giddy when I saw this amazing sweet and spicy pizza from Wholly Vegan.  Are you for serious?  I need that thing in my mouth!

As my final reveal, I want to show this amazing salad from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado.  Usually, I’d glare real hard like at anybody claiming a salad is comfort food.  But…this right here…this is so close to a taco salad that the Texan in me wanted to shed a single crystallized tear.

That’s all for now, lovely people!  We’ve only got 10 days left.  Let’s make it EPIC!  Happy blogging!

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GIVEAWAY – I <3 Veganmofo!

This contest is closedi love veganmofoI think for a many of us Veganmofo is a time to do something that we would never, in a million years, otherwise do. I’m thinking of  Laughrodiasiac’s vegan dessert trifle…with beyond meat beef tips or Mo’s The Winchester Oklahoma Bacon Fatty Melt Layering System. Whether you are making ice cream every day like Killer Bunnies or Eating Broccoli Soup Tacos like The Lonestar Plate, I want to know about it.

TO ENTER TO WIN this lovely cross stitch from teenytinytantrums. Comment below (with an email address you check) What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done or read about for veganmofo? And sorry but this one is open to US only!

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Thursday September 19th Round Up- Frankie Says

I have had an exhausting last few days and I would love nothing more than lay around eating soup and watching movies. Today meshell in your city did a round up of her ten favorite soups. The siesta taco soup from Betty Goes Vegan sounds like the perfect thing since it’s about sleeping and tacos, what a combo!

The only thing more comforting than soup is perhaps potatoes in all their starchy soothing glory. Eating Appalachia posted a recipe for smashed green beans and potatoes that looked like a wonderful comforting mashup.

About the only thing better than eating those two meals would be getting my mom to cook for me, especially since her meals always include fine wine. Vegan Eats & Treats posted her mom’s go to Mexican bean salad and it reminded me of picnics of the past and it made me miss my mom.

If you are going to be laying around anyway you may as well watch a ridiculous movie that you can laugh at the whole way through. Reading Don’t Eat Off the Sidewalk’s recap of Showgirls in her dinner and a movie post reminded me that I don’t even have to make people come over to watch movies with me in this day and age. We can just twitter about them and stay pajama fresh.

Movies are better with popcorn and way better with Chili-Cheese Popcorn, Your Mom’s a Vegan adapted a recipe which looks like perfect movie fare.

Maybe I’ll make it tonight. And if you didn’t get the title of this round-up please refer to the video below.

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GIVEAWAY – Pies and Tarts with Heart


I love making pies in the summer even though it’s a thousand degrees in my kitchen. The only thing better than a freshly made cherry pie is maybe a peach pie. Or a tart made of fresh tomatoes from the garden. It’s hard to say. Then we turn the corner into fall and it becomes all about the apple pie and then the holiday sweet potato pies and pecan pies. In the dark of winter I love nothing more than a comforting shephard’s pie or a pot pie. Dynise Balcavage’s new book has all of these pies and more and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it. There are all the traditional pies I mentioned, quiches, creamy pies, tarts, raw food pies, and even imposter pies like whoopie pies and pizza pie and savory pies like “Hashbrown Crusted Breakfast Pie” & “North African Inspired Kale Pie”.

I could eat nothing but pie and be completely happy and soon you can too because Fair Winds Press is giving away 4 copies of the book! Also I’m excited to let you know that the book will be available internationally so everyone can participate.

To enter just comment below, with an email address that you check, and tell me about your favorite movie, tv show, song, painting, multimedia installation, art work, or any other media about pie! And pizza counts. The best entries will win a copy of the book.

Have fun!

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Today we’re giving UK & Ireland based MoFo peeps an exciting opportunity to try all of Vegusto’s award winning meats and cheeses. Just incase you haven’t heard of them already (have you been living under a rock?!) Vegusto, who just launched their shiny new website, hand-make their products in Switzerland in an entirely vegan factory and have created some of the most exciting vegan cheeses in the world. The contents of the award winning pack are as follows.

  • No Moo Piquant Cheese Alternative
  • No Moo Mild Aromatic Cheese Alternative
  • No Moo Melty Cheese Alternative
  • Farmhouse Sausage
  • Mushroom Burger

The No Moo Piquant, which has been likened to French Gruyère, perks up any pasta dish and is my absolute favourite cheese & cracker cheese.


I also adore Vegusto’s Farmhouse Style Sausage, they’re sinilar to a classic banger and are definitely the meatiest vegan sausages I’ve tried.



Vegusto will send this fantastic collection of cheese & meat products to ten lucky MoFo bloggers. If you’d like to be in the running just check that you meet the following criteria and then leave a comment with a link to your blog below.

To be in with a chance of receiving the goodies you need to:

  • Be living in the UK or Ireland.
  • Be a committed MoFoer, if you’ve only posted a few times this month this one probably isn’t for you.
  • Be willing to write a blog post about something you’ve made using the products before Vegan MoFo ends. If you need ideas Vegusto have a great recipe section on their new website.
  • Pay attention to the blog and your e-mails on 21/09 because we’ll need the chosen bloggers address details asap!

Just leave a comment below if you fit all of the above criteria and we’ll be in touch on the 20th if you’re one of our chosen bloggers.


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Monday Round Up: Savoury Eats

I have a super sweet tooth, but these days savoury meals are the ones that I want most! I’d love a bowl of this Carrot and Cauliflower Mac and Cheese made by A Cook in the Making.

And I love the look of this Vegan Beef Curry with Papaya, made by Shaheen at Allotment 2 Kitchen.

This side dish of Roast Rutabaga Salad over at Body by Plants looks almost too good to eat!

And finally Busy Veggie Mama shares this delicious-looking Ethiopian platter

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GIVEAWAY – Navitas Naturals


With all the taco cleansing and ice cream eating I’ve been doing these last few weeks of Veganmofo, smoothies are about the only way I’ve been getting my RDA of nutrients. Adding Navitas Natural superfoods to my smoothies makes me feel like a super smurf. According to their website, their mission is to “bring energizing superfoods to North America to invigorate the modern ‘Western’ diet. Our organic superfoods come from ancient cultures around the world where they are traditionally used for both nutritional and medicinal purposes. Health-conscious people choose our nutrient-dense superfoods because they are an abundant whole-food source of antioxidants, protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients.” They also add a lot of extra flavor. I recently acquired Kathy Patalsky’s lovely 365 Vegan Smoothies and I’ve learned lots of different ways to add these to my smoothies. My favorite is the Cacao powder, it adds so much more chocolatey flavor than the nibs.Navitas CollageThe hemp seeds and the chia seeds are both excellent for adding some omega-3 fatty acids into my body and goji berries are full of all kinds of magic. And they are delicious. Navitas has tons of different options too, from camu powder, to dragon fruit, and wheat grass you are sure to find something to wake up your smoothie.


Navitas Prize Package

Navitas has agreed to send one prize package (of all of the above) to a veganmofoer with an address in the US or Canada. TO ENTER: All you have to do is comment below with a link to a smoothie you have blogged about or that another veganmofoer has blogged about and tell me the name of it too. Please also add a valid email to the comment form that I can actually contact you with.

Good Luck!

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