MoFo Round Up! And thus we begin, Week 2 of Mofo2014

Hi All! It’s Amey here, from Vegan Eats & Treats…
coming in just under the wire with a round-up for today!

One of the things I love most about MoFo is the around-the-world, all-timezones, both-hemispheres aspect of it. When you go on the instagram #veganmofo hashtag, you find breakfasts and lunches and dinners and early spring meals from down under and northern hemisphere folks starting to post about pumpkins and autumn foods.


So, if you’re just starting off the day, and in the mood for some breakfast – check out The Lusting Mind. This blog is doing a totally awesome MoFo theme, entirely inspired by the movie Amelie… including these beautiful french crepes/”imaginative LP pancakes.” Such a super sweet and fun post. Check out her blog, it’s totally great! (another awesome discovery thanks to!)



Check out this Macademia Nut Oatmeal with Spiced Brown Sugar from Soy Division. It pretty much looks like the yummiest oatmeal ever.



Or, maybe it’s getting to be lunch time where ever you are in the world, and you are looking for something to eat. This Pasta with Swiss Chard and Pine Nuts from One Window Kitchen looks so simple and delicious. And any self-respecting vegan’s gotta already have some pasta and greens just sitting around, right?



If you’re in the mood for some serious cozy-time dinner, maybe this nice looking supper of Chickn Noodle Soup with Rosemary Bread Rolls from Stairway to Vegan would hit the spot? She’s got recipes for both!



Hasta La Vegan is doing a MoFo theme of using all sorts of wacky old cookbooks and it is SO FUN. Check out this excellent book cover! Every day is a different cookbook, with excellent recipes, excellently forthright reviews, and totally great write-ups!



I really enjoyed this good-natured, encouraging, and enticing post about How To Make Vegan Pizza from Walks, Talks, and Eats. Pizza is a wonderful spirit-enhancing food, and vegans must learn how to master the art of vegan pizza!


IMG_8607Lastly, for dessert, I am going to do something totally uncool and toot my own horn. Well, not really MY horn, but my parents’ horn! Yesterday was their 50th anniversary and I made them a cake! Three cheers for love!

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Field Roast Giveaway

Looking for entrant charj to please email us or check your inbox!


Today starts the second week of Vegan MoFo! And that means our second week of giveaways starts with a great offer from Field Roast!

Burger PictureIf you were watching twitter a few months ago you probably saw a lot of vegan action happening at Expo West. And if you saw vegans tweeting about Expo West, you saw that Field Roast was sampling two new products: their Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages and the Hand Formed Burgers. And attendees were going crazy for these products!

The hand formed burgers have been making a splash here on the west coast. They’ve started popping up in grocery stores but are also available at a number of sports stadiums, along with the Field Roast franks. These sturdy burgers, built from barley, fresh carrots and celery, are perfect for the grill. They have a great meaty texture and hold up well while cooking. Take them to your fall work barbeque and finally enjoy a juicy burger with your co-workers.

We are happy to be giving away a gift pack that includes a free coupon for a pack of burgers and a Field Roast t-shirt to 5 different winners! To enter, you just need to leave a comment below about your favorite burger toppings for a Field Roast burger. We’ll select a five winners at 8 am PDT on September 9. This giveaway is open to US residents only. You’ve got 24 hours to enter! One entry per person please.

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VeganMoFo 2014: Sunday Round-up

Hey Mofo-ers! Happy Sunday!

This is Zsu coming to you from San Diego via the great global MoFo land.

I’ll be your guide to all things MoFo on Sundays, so sit back, relax, grab a cool drink (it’s hot here in Cali) and read on.

Today’s MoFo is dedicated to all first-time MoFo-ers. Without new voices and blogs, MoFo wouldn’t be able to get bigger and better, so a great big vegan thanks to all of you.

There are over 150 new MoFo-ers this year! That is quite a lot of blogs to look through, but worth the computer getting all hot and bothered on my lap. Check here for all the new blogs.

Let’s get to the round-up:

First up is Anzia from Peace, Love, Be Vegan. She is a 10-year-old girl who is blogging about her protein intake, to lay to rest all the misinformation floating around about vegan kids not getting their proper nutrition. Go Anzia! Good on you! Great seeing vegan kids knowing what’s what.




Now I bring you a complete day of meals, including late-night munchy madness.

Breaking your fast with a fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancake with Bananas and Cinnamon from The Vegan Squid is something my kids would love..if only I made breakfast. But since I don’t, I’ll send them this link so they can make it themselves.

chocolate chip pancakes with cinnamon and bananas


Lunch time calls for some really easy to make vegan sushi, and The Fruit Life makes it extra simple to roll one up.

easy vegan suchi



What’s better than an appetizer before dinner, or a late-afternoon snack? Rock My Vegan Socks brings us a fantastic looking bruschetta. This is my opportunity to let you know that she also hosts Healthy Vegan Fridays linky party. I’d love to see you there next Friday.



For our main, Soy Division‘s Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie looks like it’ll fit the bill!

mushroom lentil shepherd's pie



Not  only because these are absolutely adorable, but because I love bread with my mains, Rosie’s Vegan Kitchen baked up these Seeded Flower Pot Bread. Squeel! So cute!

seeded flower pot bread



For dessert, Crispy Rolls with Berry Cream! Gorgeous! These are over at Kuechengelueste. Google translate folks!

crispy rolls with berry cream



And finally, here is a link to Mac and Cheese Waffle Burgers, to satiate any late-night cravings. It is a vlog on Maximum Salad. I couldn’t grab an image, so just trust me on this; you want to see it.

In case you haven’t noticed, my images are not doing justice to the actual images on the individual blogs since I am having to jimmy rig the image upload to Word Press. I’ll have it all worked out by next week.

See you then!


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Going Vegan Cookbook Giveaway


Happy Sunday! We have another exciting giveaway for you today! Joni Marie Newman is offering up her new book Going Vegan, co-authored with Gerrie Lynn Adams.

Going Vegan CoverThis is an excellent book for anyone interested in a vegan diet, or who is trying to incorporate more vegan recipes into their meal planning. Joni and Gerrie talk about choosing veganism from an animal rights perspective as well as environmental and health aspects. They also give ideas for meal planning, helpful to both new and old vegans.

gerriesveggieburgerIf you know Joni’s other books, then you know there will be plenty of amazing recipes. Grilled citrus cauliflower steaks? Super stacked veggie burgers? Crispy toaster waffles? They’re all here with beautiful photos that will make it difficult to decide where to dive in first. I’m a huge fan of Joni’s Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet, so I recommend starting with veggie burgers (just look at that photo!), but you also can’t go wrong with amaretto cupcakes or sweet and smoky tempeh strips.

We are so happy that Joni is personally offering  2 copies of Going Vegan to 2 different winners! To enter, you just need to leave a comment below about your favorite Joni recipe or book. We’ll select 2 winners at 8 am PDT on September 9th. This giveaway is open internationally! You’ve got 48 hours to enter! One entry per person please.

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Caturday Mofoisms

Hi Mofoers! I am super stoked to be reading all of your creative and delicious content! Really, I am beyond impressed and inspired by your commitment and ideas, and I thank you all for taking me away from work for many blissful moments just burying myself in vegan food. So today was Caturday, and my cats woke me up at 4am to angrily meow in my face because they knew I might have missed a roundup/they wanted Fancy Feast. First off, are you reading this on Sunday morning? Do you need a hangover cure? Fortunately, Joni has you covered with a Bloody Mary to cure all that ails you.















Admittedly, my eyes glazed over the burgers and went straight to the decadent world of avocado fries. The author lives in Dublin (jealous!) and has the best blog name ever. Please make some avocado fries. It’s for the animals. iheartcrapkitchen You Americans with your fancy cheese! I am not alone in my privileged pout about Daiya being the only vegan cheese available in my part of Canada. Sure, it could be worse, but why can’t I try stuff like Don’t Fear the Vegan‘s Vtopian?! As a long time fan of Végan à Montréal (how else am I going to retain those years of French Immersion?), hearing Terry Hope Romero’s Viva Vegan’s Portobello Feijoada described and raved about en français has me wondering what has taken me so long to make that dish! Go ahead and call it favouritism because it is exactly that. I just can’t get enough of my pal Amey’s words and doodles. Here she praises the book Salad Samurai, draws a samurai, and makes salads. The only way she could do one better is to show her cat Yummers eating the salads, but here, watch this asparagus video instead.   Mouthwatering Tempeh Taco Salad Bowl from Terry Hope Romero’s Salad Samurai. We should end Caturday with a dessert, no? Or better yet, a dessert camping treat that makes us forget it is September and we are still planning our June, July, and August 2014 camping trips. The lovely Lindsay at veganchai brings us s’mores bites! I know, I know, I’m sorry. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s either. But those of you that do best be making a Sunday trip to pick up some cocoa swirl! (fellow Atlantic Canadians–Pete’s, Superstore, and Costco all stock speculoos). Bye for now MoFos!

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Vegan MoFo 2014: Fabulous Friday Round-Up

Hey everyone, John here! I’ll be doing the VeganMoFo Round-Ups on Friday. I’m excited to surf RandoMoFo and pick out some of my favorites. So many great posts today, it was hard to just pick a few!


If I wasn’t in the Halloween mood already, Fork and Beans just pushed me over the edge with this amazing Vegan Chocolate Egg Cream Soda! Only four ingredients and it sounds tasty as heck.

DSC01562Next up is some delicious Mixed Flour Carrot Bread from Elephantastic Vegan. It looks like something I should bring to Omaha Vegan Drinks! Nom nom nom.

vegan-pumpkin-muffin-featuredHoly mother of god, these look good! They’re Vegan Pumpkin Muffins with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting from Connoisseurus Veg. I’ll take a hundred.

IMG_3082KZ Cakes decided to dip into Isa Does It and make the Pizza Bowl. I need some of that like asap!

macadamiamelk.jpgAnd last but not least, Le Gumo! has some Provamel Macadamian Milk I’d love to get my hands on. It looks divine! Can you imagine that on some cereal?

My tummy is grumbling, see ya next Friday!

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Better Bean Company Giveaway


As we swing through the first week of MoFo I’m happy to announce a great giveaway from The Better Bean Company! They first came to my attention at the Vida Vegan Conference and I’ve been loving their products ever since.

better bean giveawayThe Better Bean Company currently offers five different flavors of pre-seasoned, ready to eat beans. The uncanny refried black beans are great to heat and spread on a tortilla with toppings to make tacos or roll up a burrito. Any of the five are excellent to take on a camping trip for a quick and easy protein, especially if you’re using the three sisters chili on a fire baked potato.

If you head over to their website, Better Bean has a whole page with recipes using their beans as the main ingredient. Cook up some delectable chili cheese fries or a black bean pumpkin bake for fall. They even have some dessert recipes, like black bean brownies.

The Better Bean Company is offering a coupon for a free container of beans to 5 different readers today. To enter, you just need to leave a comment below about which of the Better Bean beans you’re looking forward to trying the most. We’ll select five winners at 8 am PDT on September 6. This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents. You’ve got 24 hours to enter! One entry per person please.


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VeganMoFo2014: Round-up Day Four!

Hello MoFo’ers and MoFo Appreciators!

I’ve just spent a bunch of time grooving out over at Have you checked out that site yet? It’s such a great way to see people’s latest mofo posts, and it’s especially a great way to discover new-to-you blogs. I already found a bunch of blogs that I’d like to add to my blog roll.

MoFo2014 is off to a strong start, and I found a bunch of great posts to share with you all:

IMG_1603Did you see Deerly Beloved Bakery’s Baked Peaches with Pistachio Frangipane? Be still my heart! I love baked peaches, so that’s a good start – but the idea of pistachio frangipane is truly next level. Right on! Also, I always swoon over her Instagrams pics, so I’m super excited to bookmark a whole month’s worth of recipes from Deerly Beloved.

RigatoniVodka-768x1024Over at Good Good Things, they’ve put a too-liquidy batch of cashew creme to glorious use in a Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce. Creamy and full of tomatoey goodness.

20140904-botaniq1I can’t actually read any of the Swedish in this post from Emmas Vegoblogg, but I can surmise that someone had a pretty great dinner out in Copenhagen. Also, the descriptions of each dish are in English. Just check out this amazing first course with asparagus, basil aioli, rhubarb, and hazelnuts. Yes, please. No matter the language barrier, I can drool over the pictures like a pro.

tacos1I am actually completely freaked out by horror movies, but I know a solid MoFo theme when I see one – and I love Bankrupt Vegan‘s 80′s Horror Movies Theme. And I especially love how she uses tofu scramble to tastefully demonstrate a horror movie scene – for those of us who are squeamish. Plus, a recipe!

14944725138_e3c7d04260_bDo I really need to say anything about these amazing little Kempische Wafels from Kitchen-Experiments?? They are perfect and I want to eat them all.

mostly zucchini (3)Over at Tracy’s Living Cookbook, Tracy offers up an appealing recipe for a pasta sauce she calls “Mostly Zucchini,” because it’s composed of “huge amount of zucchinis compared to a few tomatoes.” She’s got a really great theme going on for MoFo called “Poesy and Plate,” and I enjoyed the quote and thoughts as much as the recipe. But, I offer this picture, because this little tip of holding zip lock baggies in place with a coffee cup is pure genius. I can never figure this step out, and I sometimes make a big mess or end up spilling stuff outside of the baggie (oh no!). Never Again.

20140818-IMG_3253If you are a vegan, you probably already have your official I Love Hummus Badge in your wallet, but Chel Rabbit is taking your hummus and raising it by adding hummus to a beautiful dish of Lebanese Green Beans. This recipe looks so good and I want to eat it right now.

disfordatesMy Darling Vegan is going on an A-Z tour of vegan recipes for MoFo, and these Oatmeal Date Scones look so beautiful and the recipe sounds amazing.

tumblr_naznlcYRKz1sr694jo1_500Finally, from the excellent tumblr Fuck Yeah Vegan Pizza, comes this most epic and praiseworthy gif of kittens eternally eating re-generating slices of pizza. You are welcome.

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Feed Corrections + how to install an OPML file

Here is the list of people whose blogs were not imported properly into Feedly, because the RSS address was wrong or because Feedly itself has issues. We miss you, Google Reader.

And by request, here is a terrible collage of how to import an OPML file and add individual blogs in feedly! I forgot to add this at the beginning, but make sure your ‘main folder’ in feedly is empty. If you are neurotic and already have your other feeds sorted into a dozen different categories like me, this will not be an issue.


1. In the left hand bar, click ‘add content’.
2. At the bottom, click on the orange thumbnail that says ‘OPML’.
3. Hit browse, and select the OPML file that you already downloaded and click ‘import’. The screen will take a minute to change, don’t panic or refresh!
4. The page will turn into your different feed categories, and you will see that the ‘main folder’ is filling up with new feeds. Exciting! Let it do that for a minute, there’s a tiny blue bar at the top of the main folder so you’ll know when it’s done.
5. When it’s done, click the little pencil over the main folder and rename it to VeganMoFo or VeganMoFo2014 or Skittle-dee-skittle-dat, it’s your folder.
6. To add the people above or any other blog you want, go back to ‘add content’ from the first step and paste the blog address in the search bar.
7. Hit the little green button and a menu will pop out of the left side and ask you if you want to put said blog in a category, so check the box for VeganMoFo/Skittle-dee and put it in. Done!

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Giveaway – Booja Booja

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Claire, Becky & Imogen!

Booja Booja have been one of my favourite vegan companies for a long time and I’m really happy they decided to take part in another giveaway here, the last one was so fun. This UK based company make deliciously decadent truffles and amazing coconut based ice creams which are a summer staple for me. Their Banoffee Toffee truffles are my current favourite product and if you win this competition you’ll get to try them! Booja Booja have generously donated three boxes of their Gourmet Selection of truffles which have an RRP of £16.99.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 07.51.40This scrumptious assortment of organic handmade truffles features some of Booja Booja’s classic flavours, the afforementioned Banoffee Toffee as well as Stem Ginger, Around Midnight Espresso, Rum Sozzled Sultana and Champagne. As well as being vegan these are soya and gluten free. The three winners will each win one box and I can’t promise that I’m not a little jealous becuase obvioulsy I can’t enter to win this one myself!

To enter leave a comment below before 8pm GMT September 5th telling us which Boojalicious flavour you’d be least likely to share. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to residents of the UK and ROI only.

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