Really Big News: VeganMoFo Returns September 2013!

Hello, hello! In case you haven’t heard, VeganMoFo is coming at ya this very September…next month!

That’s right, you now have just under a month to get brainstorming and restock your spices and take part in the one and only vegan blogging extravaganza that is the Vegan Month of Food.

I saw this mug at a thrift store the other day and you know what, Garfield’s right: It’s not pretty, it’s pretty fantastic. And VeganMoFo clearly calls for vegan lasagana.

So, start thinking themes (or not, because that’s totally a fun un-theme) stay tuned right here, the VeganMoFo facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VeganMoFo room on the PPK boards for the official blog signup, RSS Feed files, contests, and the snazzy new 2013 logos and banners for your own blogs.  And hashtag, of course.

More to come!  

Happy blogging mania ahead!

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Portland farmers market obsessed crazy cat lady with a penchant for pickling, DIY mixology and SE Asian curries. My sporadic personal blog is over at

6 Responses to Really Big News: VeganMoFo Returns September 2013!

  1. Adie says:

    I bought a camera just for VeganMoFo month! So ready to use it and to update my blog!

  2. Sheree says:

    AWesome sauce! I love veganmofo!!!

  3. And I love your profile! “SE Asian curries”, hehehe! You make me proud, girl! x

  4. Stacy says:

    I had that mug growing up. TRUE STORY. I think it came with a happy meal or something. But I will not be blogging about happy meals for the MoFo.

    Can’t wait for the MoFo!!!

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