Round-Up: Let’s Hear it for the Pie!

Round-Up: Let’s Hear it for the Pie!

Aww yeah, Mofos!  We are back for another live edition of round up goodness.  Truthfully, this one was inspired by one of the fellow organizers.  I saw the most amazing layered soul food pie ever at Kittee’s blog, and thought pie is a great thing to roundup.  So, let’s giddyup!

We’ll start with the savory.  Megan at The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado was throwing down with her rendition of Pâté Chinois, a French Canadian staple.  Just check out her sexy lentils.

There’s also no shortage of autumnal pies.  This is the time of year for apples and sweet potatoes and pumpkin! OH MY!

Raw apple pie goodness coming from Allysia.

And lookit how cute Ashley’s sweet potato pie cups are!  So freaking cute!

Plus, Molly Alice Nests is flipping the switch and blowing my mind with these absolutely dreamy butternut squash pie bars!  So pretty.

Behold the versatility of pie.  The amazing Joni is tarting it up with her delightfully colorful avocado coconut lime tartlets, while Allyson lays down that sweet and salty caramel drizzle on her pear and ginger ricotta cheesecake.  Aww yeah.  Can we get some Marvin Gaye playing up in here?


If this post has inspired you to enjoy more pie in your life, why not try throwing a pie potluck like fellow MoFo organizer AndyDufresne?  And be sure to invite me!

Until next time…Happy Mofoing!

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