Round up: To market, to market

Round up: To market, to market

We’ve passed the MoFo halfway point, and it’s getting closer to that time of the month when we’re frantically searching the back of the pantry for ingredients for those last couple of posts. But it’s the weekend, and time to take a leisurely approach to cooking again- no after work stress and throwing leftover, abandoned vegetables into a pot for ‘mystery soup’ allowed! My favourite way to re-energise and fall in love with food all over again is with a trip to the farmers market… and it looks like a lot of you agree.

Mel from Veganise This! has shared a super-helpful guide to the farmers markets of Melbourne, Australia. I would love to visit this market just for the beautiful surroundings- the fresh food is a bonus!

I’m loving the new spring produce at markets here in Australia, but this round up of autumn finds from the Kirkland Market at Fried Dandelions is making me long for a northern hemisphere harvest. Little David is pondering the potential of these pumpkins- too many options to choose from!

Michelle from My Zoetrope worked some magic on this happy hot pepper bounty from her local market, turning it into homemade hot sauce. She’s inspired me to do the same soon!

Vegan Showdown got a little carried away at the Baltimore farmers market recently, but when the result looks as great as this delicious brinner of tofu scramble, garlicky collard greens, rutabaga fries and homemade cornbread (with apple crisp for dessert!), who’s complaining?

Amey of Vegan Eats and Treats has also been loving the abundance and variety of peppers at her local market, and has put them to good use in these Caribbean black eyed peas with plantains. Those colours are making my mouth water!

Finally, fellow VeganMoFo volunteer Jess of Get Sconed! is reminiscing about one of my favourite markets in the world- the Siem Reap night market in Cambodia. This Cambodian-inspired soup of vegetables, tofu, rice noodles, peppers, coconut milk and the secret ingredient- authentic Cambodian amok powder- is taking me right back to the smells and sounds of the market!

And with that, I’m out the door to my market- I’ll be sure to report back with my finds! Happy weekend, MoFos!

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