Spooky, Spooky Halloween Round-Up

Spooky, Spooky Halloween Round-Up

Howwwwwwwl, MoFo! I know, I know, lots of folks won’t have their Halloween-themed posts up til tomorrow – those lazy bones – and perhaps some folks don’t care, but even I put on a half-assed, last-minute costume, so how could I resist making my final round up of the month Halloweeny?! There was just no way. The odds were stacked!

First up, who needs to go trick-or-treating when you’re the Three and a Half Vegans and now own a vast, edible Candyland set.

There’s an ice cream cone castle and a gingerbread house and marshmallow clouds and a colorful path and and and!

I know I’ve included this site before, but I can’t resist.

Oh, Ladycakes ends the month with an entirely appropriate, spiderweb adorned, chocolate pumpkin tart. I mean, how do you not decorate everything like this until Thanksgiving? Seriously, how do you resist?


A bunch of bloggers were organized by Snarky Vegan for a Halloween-themed cocktail round-up, and JenoJune really, really caught my eye with her spooky Graveyard Smash. Look at that glass! I’ll take one.

Now, the beet-based Shots of B+ on Raw for $10 a Day (or Less) are even more terrifying, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like one for breakfast tomorrow. It just may haunt my nightmares, no big.

Fork and Beans plates up a legitimate test tube of tomato soup and a friendly monster-faced grilled cheese accompanient:

2 more friendly Halloween pals from Easy Vegan: Casper style mini pizza. I heart them! I heart pizza! I miss Follow Your Heart!

2011-10-26 - Casper the Friendly Ghost Pizza - 0025

Back to endearing ghosts and Snarky Vegan, can you even handle her wonderfully spooky take on Allison River Samson’s veganized classic, the Ghoulish Shepherd’s Pie?!?

One of my favorite blogs to catch up on, Meet the Wikos, has been having a stunning month that concludes with a culinary visit home for a veganization of Adelaide’s infamous pie floaters:

And that now concludes my I-can’t-believe-it’s-only-Monday night round-ups….for now! It’s been an incredibly inspiring month, and I’m suddenly finding it very strange that I didn’t have anything with pumpkin today.

More to come, MoFoland. Indeed.

4 thoughts on “Spooky, Spooky Halloween Round-Up

  1. Wow! that candyland is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I feel the need to make something like that for my daughter’s third birthday next year, so about 7 months to prepare, surely that’s enough time!

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