Sweet Sunday Round Up

Hey all! I’m filling in for Panda today and thought I’d stick with her sweets on Sunday theme!

First up is a very pretty slice of Shoo Fly Cake made by Angela at Canned Time

And how about a very popular type of cookie: choc chip! These are from Don’t Get Mad, Get Vegan!

These quinoa dough balls made by Juli at Foods and Everything are adorable!

And I’m thinking I need to visit Singapore to visit their first vegan ice cream cafe, Brownice! Serene from Eat Your Rainbows visited and had this lovely looking plate of brownie and ice cream (pumpkin, chocolate, and pb brownie)

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3 Responses to Sweet Sunday Round Up

  1. Wow, thanks so much for commenting about my Shoo Fly Cake….it was so yummy! Hope everyone gives the recipe a try, thank everyone.


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  3. Mamachandra says:

    whoa! I only today have gotten around to perusing the blogs and see this post! Thanks! And what amazing and delicious company!

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