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Rescue Chocolate Giveaway on Pitbull Awareness Day

Rescue Chocolate Giveaway on Pitbull Awareness Day

A magical random number generator has decided that Kelly Garbato is the winner of scrumptious chocolate goodness.  Congratulations, Kelly!  Thank you to everyone that shared their pittie stories!  I loved reading them.

Rescue Chocolate (“the sweetest way to save a life”) donates 100% of the net profit of every chocolate bar sold, to animal rescue organizations throughout the United States.  Oh and 100% vegan- yes!  I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t need an excuse to buy chocolate.  However, doing something good while buying chocolate- well that’s just the best.  Isn’t it?  Saving lives.  Eating Chocolate.  All in a day’s work.

Perhaps your true love is the raspberry ganache-filled chocolate heart.

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Or you prefer a treat of minty dark chocolate with cacoa nibs.

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Maybe your tastes go for the salty, smokey Fakin’ Bacon chocolate bar.

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Whatever your chocolate preference, Rescue Chocolate is offering a $25 gift certificate to spend at their online store.  Sweet!

In honor of Pitbull Awareness Day and this lovely chocolate giveaway, we asked folks over at the Post Punk Kitchen forum to post photos and stories of their pitties.  VeganMoFo crew’s own Katie put together the resulting collage of beautiful pittie faces.  Thanks, Katie!  Be sure to check out the heartwarming stories about these gorgeous dogs here.  Really.  Go do it.  I dare you not to tear up a little.

Clockwise from top left: Penny, Chester, Mr. Cuddles, Julie, May, Norton and Bonneville, Fiona and Carmine, and Blueberry.

And of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my favorite family portrait of me, my partner, and our two pittie boys, Andy and Emerson, who have brought so much joy into our lives.

To enter the Rescue Chocolate giveaway, tell me about your favorite Pittie in three sentences.  (If you don’t personally know a pittie, seek inspiration from the PPK stories.) A winner will be chosen tomorrow morning at 11:00 PST.  The winner will be contacted via email, so be sure to include your email address in your comment.  This giveaway is open to people in the US only.

UPDATE: It appears there was an issue with people being unable to comment on this blog earlier today.  The problem should be fixed now.  We’re extending the giveaway until 6:00 p.m. Sunday!