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Year Supply of Beyond Meat Final MoFo Giveaway

Year Supply of Beyond Meat Final MoFo Giveaway


It’s the last official day of Vegan MoFo 2014 but things aren’t finished here at MoFo headquarters. Stay tuned for the upcoming Mofie Awards in the next few days. And stay tuned for the giveaway we have today! Beyond Meat has offered to give away a year supply of their product to one lucky winner!


You’ve probably seen and sampled Beyond Meat chicken free strips and their newer product, the beef free crumbles, at your local natural foods grocers. They’ve also had a big presence at recent food conventions such as Expo West that was all the rage on twitter and instagram this past year.


bm1If you haven’t yet tried them this is the chance! The year supply will be 52 free coupons for one lucky winner! I’ll also choose 2 second place winners who will receive 10 free coupons each. With such a large prize, I decided that we should take Vegan MoFo 2014 out with a fun treasure hunt!

Hopefully you have been reading and commenting on blogs for the entire month. Below is a list of questions about posts different bloggers have made throughout this past month for Vegan MoFo. Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to find the answer to each question by checking out the main MoFo blogroll. All questions are pulled from blogs listed on this blog roll and all questions come only from blogs or tumblrs. I know a few Facebook or Livejournal pages accidentally made it onto the list, but they are not included in this treasure hunt.

You have until Friday, October 3, at 8 AM PDT. Send your list of answers and the links to the blog post to veganmofoblog at gmail dot com. DO NOT post your answers in the comments section here. I will choose the winners after the deadline. If no one finds all the answers I’ll go through the numbers and choose from those who have the most right answers. One entry per household please. This is for US residents only. The questions are as follow….

1) What type of sandwiches did Jojo and Sal make that fit into the themes of both their blogs?

2) Which blogger made tofu scramble for the first time and also knitted her daughter a scarf in the very same post?

3)Who wrote a farewell post to Dough Bakery in Atlanta, which closed this month?

4) What kind of tea did Tea and Sympatico use to make a fruitcake for MoFo?

5) What blogger made chili as a part of a week of MoFo Mystery Box Challenges?

6)  What blogger had the best meal she ever ate with her mom in Munich, and what did she eat?

7) Who featured a cat named George every Thursday?

8) Whose blog taught us about Finnish coffee culture all month?

9) What is the Humpit Classic and who ate it?

10)  What are the four steps to cooking on a fire?

11) Who scored and photographed a large box of Ronald’s donuts during MoFo?

12)  Who made broccoli gribbiche this MoFo?

13) Which 2 vegan candies were found and photographed in Honeydukes and who found them?

14) Who made a tiny 3 layer yellow cake with quarter for size comparison?

15) What was the special bean found in one blogger’s meal at Bullrito’s and who found it?

16) Who blames the Golden Girls for her cheesecake penchant in her early 20s?

17)  What dessert should you eat while watching Mel Brooks’ History of the World: Part I?

18) How do Wes and Jessica repurpose their leftover mac and cheeze?

19) What is french curry called and who made it?

20) What unusual berry made it into oat breakfast bars in one blogger’s breakfast post?

Let’s Celebrate: Friday MoFo Round-Up

Let’s Celebrate: Friday MoFo Round-Up

Can you believe it? It’s the last Friday of MoFo! Have you met your MoFo goals? Exceeded them? Have some, um, room for improvement next year? Regardless, let’s have a toast as we kick off the final weekend of Vegan MoFo 2014.

Apple Pie ShrubI can’t think of anything better to celebrate with than this Apple Pie Shrub from Becky at Glue & Glitter. This spiced apple pie soda can be made either with or without rum, depending on your inclinations.   If your fall weekend plans involve hitting up the apple orchard, definitely snag a few extras for the applesauce needed for this delightful fall drink.

Vegan Lemon Meringue PieNeed another reason to celebrate? Kari at Bite-sized Thoughts has done the impossible – a vegan lemon meringue pie. I know, I know, I’d always heard that it couldn’t happen, but this picture says it all. Lemon meringue used to be one of my favorite pies. I can hardly wait to welcome it back into my life.

Awesome tips for traveling while veganAfter your sweet tooth has been sated, head over to The Vegan Word where Caitlin has been talking wanderlust hungerlust all month. She’s shown that vegans can eat well anywhere, and today she’s featuring Jojo, the intrepid traveler. Jojo always seems to be heading off on some far-flung adventure, and today she’s spilling the beans on her insider secrets.

Miso glazed Brussels sproutsSpeaking of insider secrets, Lazy Smurf is letting us in on her secret ingredients, and today she’s sharing the merits of miso. For gravy, dressing, vegan cheeses, and these miso glazed Brussels sprouts, miso is a must.

Layered saladFinally, what would a month of vegan food be without that beloved canister – the Mason jar. It can hold smoothies, iced coffee, dried beans & grains, and oh, yeah, it can be used for canning. Plus, it can be used as a receptacle for layered salads. Bianca waded the waters of the layered salad and tells about it on Vegan Crunk.

This will be my final round-up for this year’s MoFo! It’s been such a blast!

All the best, Cadry

Vegan MoFo 2014: Wondrous Wednesday Round-Up

Vegan MoFo 2014: Wondrous Wednesday Round-Up

Hello, MoFo Land! It’s Cadry here from Cadry’s Kitchen.

I have been popping all over the blogosphere, and I can’t believe the mouthwatering stuff on offer. Here are just a few things that caught my eye:

Upton's Seitan Bacon Breakfast SandwichIf you started your day with a boring slice of toast or a banana, you may not want to look… Jenna at Good Good Things got her morning off to a rockin’ start with this heavenly tomato and seitan bacon sandwich. So jealous.

Chia jamI’ve been eagerly following along at Veganopolous, where Faye is giving a play-by-play account on whether or not her kids will eat various meals, often to hilarious results. (They don’t mince words when it comes to their preferences.) On the menu today – Magical Chia Seed Jam from The Oh She Glows Cookbook. Will they eat it? You’ll have to go find out for yourself.

Pumpkin Pie SmoothieThe official beginning of fall is mere days away. Are you ready for the impending barrage of non-stop pumpkin mania? Well, here’s where you need to start – the pumpkin pie smoothie from Allyson Kramer.

Butternut Squash AlfredoHow pretty are these tripoline noodles? Even better, they are topped with a butternut squash alfredo sauce made extra creamy by way of cashews. Read all about it at Iheartcrapkitchen.

Black Bean Salsa BurgerJenn at Veggie Inspired Journey spilled the beans on how to make these Black Bean Salsa Burgers & Crispy Potato Rounds.  Yes, please.

Roasted Garlic and White Bean Soup with KaleFinally, if you feel like you’re doing dishes non-stop in the middle of MoFo madness, perhaps it’s time to dig in to dishes you can eat. Ashley at A. Cook In the Making has you covered with this Roasted Garlic and White Bean Soup with Kale.

Happy cooking, and I’ll see you next time!

Community Building During Vegan MoFo

Community Building During Vegan MoFo

Greetings friends! We get a lot of questions leading up to and during MoFo and thought we’d answer some in short blog posts for your edification.

Today Panda is here to address some related questions we hear a lot. How will people find my blog? No one is commenting on my blog. Why isn’t anyone reading it?

We have hundreds of bloggers signing up for Vegan MoFo every year, so it can be hard to be found and be noticed. There are some simple tricks to help get your blog into the flow of the Vegan MoFo community.

First up, make sure you are reading and commenting on other MoFo blogs. This is huge! Mollyjade on the PPK had a challenge one year to comment on x number of new-to-you blogs per day for MoFo. It’s a great way to see who else is out there in blogland and to start building connections. The more you get to know people, the more fun it is to follow along.

Second, make sure you keep on blogging! If you just put up one post and then don’t post again because you aren’t getting comments, you still won’t get comments. Communities are built over time and it can take a while for your blog name to get out there.

And last, write posts that are of interest to you. Find your own voice. If you’re writing content that is interesting to you and engaging to others, the readers will come. Not everyone is going to read your blog, but there will be some out there who will like your voice and style and will be clicking refresh waiting for your next post.

We’ve got 2 weeks to go! Happy MoFo!


Tuesday Post-MoFo Round Up

Tuesday Post-MoFo Round Up

How is everyone enjoying post-MoFo life? Me, I’m a little wistful, so I’ve launched myself deep into the sanity threatening world of NaNoWriMo to distract myself from MoFo withdrawal. Which is not to say I haven’t whittled away plenty of valuable writing time surfing the vegan blogs. I bring you some of my favourites from this past week!

So I married a vegan catered for 75 lucky guests. On the menu? Winter soup shooters, golden lentil dumplings, hummus and muhammara, roasted sweet & spicy nuts and more.

More in parties, Bianca from Vegan Crunk attended a Heathen Housewarming! The food spread looks great, but I’d be all over this homemade Grave Hill Vineyard Swamp Cider.

Over at Bonzai Aphrodite, the adorable Thanksliving Coloring Zine by Nathalie VanBalen is reviewed. As the type of adult who stares at children colouring in restaurants with envy, I want a copy!

MoFo’s own Jess still owes me an exclusive email review of all of this amazing food at the new Native Foods in Portland.

Thanks to Hipster Food, I’m making mashed potatoes tonight.

Hannah Kaminsky does everything from taking incredible photos, creating the best sweet vegan recipes, and—a girl after my own heart—growing oyster mushrooms in her kitchen. With them she created these vegan Oyster Mushrooms Rockefeller (including a recipe!).

Also no slouch when it comes to food photography (understatement of the year), Celine from Have Cake Will Travel posted these Raspberry Sour Cream Mini Coffee Cakes. I’ll take three with a cup of afternoon tea.

Americans! You must make this pumpkin cheesecake with pecan crumble topping for Thanksgiving. Everyone else: Make it now. If you’re still waiting for your copy of Vegan Pie In The Sky to fall from the heavens into your hands, you’re in luck with this freebie recipe. (edit: I thought American Thanksgiving was this weekend. Sorry! So maybe you should all just make the pie tonight)

And since nothing can top that, have a happy Thanksgiving (US), a sombre Remembrance Day (Canada), and enjoy all those other holidays I’m too ignorant to know about.

MoFo Swan Song: Sunday Round-Up

MoFo Swan Song: Sunday Round-Up

On my last MoFo round-up, I just have to say that it has been an immense pleasure being involved this year. Not only did I blog regularly during MoFo for my first year, I also had the honour of writing some round-ups and giveaways with the superstar MoFo PPK team. This experience combined with my time at Vida Vegan Con just makes me want to smooch you all in the least creepy way possible. Okay, cheezefest over. Here’s today’s round-up!

Starting things off with a spooky bang: Ghoulish Shepherd’s Pie from Snarky Vegan. I am a lazypants these days and had a boring old Amy’s frozen shepherd’s pie last night, but my day would have been infinitely better if I’d been served this one.

I like planning my food-tourism far in advance, and on my list when I finally make my way out to visit my sister in Boston and reunite with New York City, I plan on tracking down The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck. Apparently these award-winning vanilla bourbon crème brûlée donuts (!) are frequently available when the Snail is in NYC.

I’m always sad about the fact that more people think they don’t love tempeh. Aside from the initial un-sexiness of “fermented bean curd,” what’s not to love? Check out this excellent tempeh primer and resultant balls of fermenty goodness from The Vegan Weight Watcher. Bonus: the tempeh wingz from MoFo’s own Katie are also recommended, and I can vouch for their deliciousness.

I’m obsessed with Colorado and I don’t know why! Okay, it’s probably the mountains, but it’s also the vegan-friendliness, exemplified by this vegan buffalo chicken roll from Sun Deli in Boulder. Once I embarked on an entire trip to visit a university in Boulder even though I was 99% sure I wasn’t going to go to grad school there. I wish I’d had Vegan Coloradical as my tour guide.

You’ve no doubt already experienced jealousy and resentment over those of us lucky enough to be testing for Terry Hope Romero‘s upcoming world food cookbook. I haven’t found near enough time to delve into testing, but I did spend a good few minutes salivating over this Tofu Bo Bun tester from Living Free. Veganized Vietnamese food is amazing!

Vegan Chai (sorry, vegan chai) hates capital letters AND tomatoes, but we’ll forgive her when she serves up this amazing TLT (sorry, tlt).

As she is also part of the MoFo team (and a special friend of mine), I couldn’t end my round-ups without gushing about Amey‘s MoFo theme: a spice a day! Today’s dried rose petals resulted in this gorgeous rose petal & almond tea, in a Tin-Tin mug!

For dessert, and leaning into tomorrow’s holiday (and the final day of MoFo 2011), feast your eyes on these lovely ghost sugar cookies.

Happy Halloween!

The Wednesday Daily Good Time Fun Round Up

The Wednesday Daily Good Time Fun Round Up

It’s time again for me to seek out exciting food posts to share for my final Mofo round up. I wanted to check out some blogs I don’t have in my reader for today’s post. I am quite bad at keeping up with adding new blogs to my regular feed, which is one of the reasons I love Vegan Mofo so much. There is sure to be a tonne of new and exciting bloggers for me to discover along with people I know and love but for whatever reason aren’t in my regular rotation. Without further ado:

Bryanna Clark Grogan has a Vegan Diner review up with this plate of smoky soy curls with dill and garlic potato salad. I haven’t made these two recipes yet but clearly must so that I can have that plate of food. With beets, too? Oh yes. She’s also giving away a copy of Vegan Diner, so check out her blog to enter.

Biking and Baking has a recipe up for sunbutter chocolate pie. Covered with soyatoo and sprinkled with colorful decorations. It is the season of the pie and I am fully prepared to be engulfed with the madness.

Retro Vegan is frying up some homemade seitan bacon. Shown here on bread and butter with a mug of tea. The British know from breakfast.It is entirely possible that I would add some Marmite to this breakfast sandwich.

Garlic bread! Hello friend. Vegtastic Voyage serves it up with some parsley and nooch. You can’t go wrong with that. A delectable fall comfort food.

The Tofu Princess hits the autumnal spot with an Autumn Root Vegetable Dumpling Stew. I like all thing root vegetable and dumpling, so this is a whole bowl full of seasonal delight for me. You can win friends with dumplings.


MoFo Giveaway—PPK Gift Packages

MoFo Giveaway—PPK Gift Packages


Jake, “Well, it’s gotta be Isa’s Seitan & Broccoli With Pantry BBQ Sauce – that combo has scored me some major, major points. If I get lucky and win, I’ll tell ya what they were.” So tell us!
Crystal, “Maple PECAN PIE for this vegan Canadian Mofo. I live in maple syrup Capital and I would eat this any time of day. Possibly for my birthday which is just around the corner. VEGAN MOFO and Isa forever!”

Check your emails soon!

Isa Chandra Moskowitz has pretty hair and she likes cats. She’s also part of the original enigmatic creative force behind this whole Vegan MoFo entity, and though she couldn’t do it without all of you—bloggers, readers and Post Punk Kitchen disciples—there’s a reason people such as myself identify as PPKult members (okay, not really—but some of my best friends with pretty hair hang out on the PPK forums and duh, Isa and Terry books are the best vegan cookbooks).

Today’s giveaway is courtesy of the mighty PPK, and it’s a damn good one. Two winners will receive a package of goodies that includes the brand spanking new Vegan Pie In The Sky by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero (lovingly dubbed VPITS), a PPK t-shirt, and a PPK apron to shield you from errant hunks of icing sugar, frozen berries, flour, and other inevitable suspects as you embark on some serious pie-baking.

I recipe-tested for Vegan Pie In The Sky, so I ate a lot of pie. I have always fancied myself more of a cook than a baker, but after making so many insanely delicious pies, and really never having many problems doing so (icing cupcakes is a different beast), I’m proud to say that VPITS has armed me with tons of circular desserts to impress everyone from my 94-year-old British grandma to my beer-guzzling hockey game-watching buddies to my mum’s home bible study group. Think Boston Creme Cake Pie, Pear Frangipane Tart, and my personal favourite: Pucker Up Raspberry Pie. There’s also a crazy Curried Macaroon Pie that is up there in my favourites. Pie is just special, you know? As the PPK write-up says, “Can you picture Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks waxing over a piece of angle food cake? No way. His black coffee must come saddled with a slice of honest cherry pie.”

With this PPK apron, you weirdos can pretend to be Isa’s boyfriend!

Want PPKers to recognize you on the streets? Of course you do. You’ll, of course, be able to choose your preferred size.

I twisted Isa’s arm (not really! She loves everyone!) to insist that this giveaway be open to both the US and Canada, so Canadians—you owe me one, and make me proud. To be eligible to win one of the two packages, all you have to do is comment on this post telling me your favourite recipe from the PPK blog. Even though I’m un-eligible to win, I’ll start. I am nuts for Isa’s White Wine Garlic Chanterelles. I will pick a winner at random around 9 AM PST tomorrow. Good luck!

Tuesday Round Up O’ Fun and Days Past

Tuesday Round Up O’ Fun and Days Past

I’m filling in for the lovely lazy smurf today for the Mofo Roundup. And I am rounding  up the food posts early because that’s how I roll. This morning is all about food and memory, with a secondary shout out to brown foods because we all know brown food tastes best.

JohnP has once again veganized one of my childhood favorites. Vegan ham rolls! A relative used to bring these to our twice yearly family reunions back in the day. My mother never made them so the only time I could pile drive these tasty, trashy, mini rolls stuffed with ham were at those reunions. The poppy seeds! They make it happen.

Chipped beef gravy on toast! Tofu mom brings it for her Mofo Month of Gravy Goodness. I have odd memories of my mother eating this from a frozen package and this post instantly brought that back. I love bread, gravy and all things smoky and bacony and I will be all over this sometime soon.

I was fortunate to travel to the UK a few years ago to visit Bazu and she had some damn good scones from Brighton for me. My life has been a never ending quest for a good scone in the US ever since. And no, I haven’t found anything that matches just yet. But with Lozzy-Bear’s scone and clotted cream recipe I may be able to have a right proper tea some fine fall afternoon.

Falafel is love. Back in a different day I lived in Brooklyn half a block away from a hole in the wall deli where the two guys made some of the best falafel in NYC. I would stop in occasionally on my way home from work and they always knew me and would often slip me an extra falafel ball to munch on while I waited. The Snarky Chickpea bakes it up with the recipe from Appetite for Reduction. I need to make these again because my current residence is sadly lacking in the mashed chickpea patties I love so well.

Consider me a fan of the food carts in Portland, OR. I am fortunate to have friends there to visit and I love the ability to buy a fried pie or bowl o’ poutine at 1 am. Emmakat featured her plate from the Bombay Chaat House food cart and it will be on my list of carts to visit the next time I am on the west coast. Also, is there a better word than chaat? It has an extra a for fun.

Monday Giveaway: ecoVegan Blissful Bits

Monday Giveaway: ecoVegan Blissful Bits

The two winners are Kate who admires Ellen DeGeneres and promises to use the Blissful Bits for something Ellen inspired and Leslie who picked cookbook author (and dog lover) Sarah Kramer. Thanks everyone for your well thought out responses, they made my day!

It is so nice to get frozen meat from a proudly vegan-owned company because they understand that we don’t want eggs, honey, duck feathers, or any other weird animal byproducts in our delicious fake meat! I also like that ecoVegan uses all natural. non-gmo ingredients and even sources vegan sugar. It is all right there, very clearly, on the label. I wish they could teach the whole rest of the world how to make clear vegan labels so I don’t have to look up really long words on my phone while I am standing in the grocery store aisle. EcoVegan has lots of products like Ocean’s Delight and Spicy Bits that are sure to add a little excitement to your regular rotation so check out their site to see where to pick them up.

If you are interested in trying the Blissful Bits meat alternative ecoVegan is kind enough to send a package to two different lucky continental US residents. All you have to do is tell me who your favorite loud and proud vegan is, they can be someone you have known for years in “real life” or that you just learned about during veganmofo or some sort of vegan superstar…. or maybe even a smurf, just kidding! No sucking up because I will pick the winner at random by 8pm CST time. And yes, you are welcome to pick more than one! Just remember to leave an email address!

Happy Mofo!