Third Week Round Up of 2015

Third Week Round Up of 2015

Greeting to all of you in mofoland! Welcome to the third week round up! As you know by now, these weekly round ups are pretty intense because you guys are still pumping out some awesome vegan content. I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Technically, this is the last week of mofo that we are celebrating summer – next week’s prompts will incorporate more of an autumn feel, as we begin to bid adieu to the lazy days of summer.

Since the time is speeding by, I waste no more of your time just chit-chatting – on with the round up!


FOURTEENTH DAY: Share Something Vegan with a Non-vegan Prompt


Singeries & Boules de Riz

Dinner party! What better way to spread the vegan message and share some great vegan food with as many people as will fit around your table? Antics and Rice Balls (courtesy of Google translate) put on quite a spread, and judging by the caption on the photo, had one heck of a good time.



Sprouts and Chocolate

Jessica shares this gorgeous looking bowl with her friend Kristen. Maybe if Jessica keeps feeding her friend meals like this, she’ll take the vegan plunge. Fingers crossed!



Tracy’s Living Cookbook

Tracy has the right idea and I think we should all do this at one time or another (or lots of times). She brought this decadent looking Chocolate and Pumpkin Loaf to work to share with a bunch of non-vegans. Way to show them how it’s done, Tracy!

chocolate pumpkin loaf (1)



FIFTEENTH DAY: Obama is Coming for Dinner Prompt


Tea and Sympatico

T&S put some deep thought into what to serve the POTUS. They ran the gamut from vegan caviar (IKR?) to vegan fish and chips, but finally landed on making chowder. It turns out Obama likes his chowder and I just bet he’d LOVE this version even better.



Neville Noms

More secret info has been discovered: Obama is a broccoli fan! NN has quite a few broccoli recipes in their arsenal and couldn’t just pick one. You better go and check out all the yummy ways to make this tiny tree into a terrific treat.



The Judgmental Vegan

So I couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to dig up more broccoli posts. I landed on this video of Broccoli – wait for it — Nachos! Check it out:


One Raw Bite

Obama deserves some dessert, I think you would agree. ORB thinks so, too, and has decided to make this Cookie Butter Pie. This does, indeed, look really spectacular.


Obama would be one happy president if he was offered any of these dishes.


SIXTEENTH DAY: Favorite Late Summer Food Prompt


My Cat Loves Daiya Cheese

Let’s start this prompt off with an all-encompassing post by MCLDC. She points out that the seasons are about to go through a change and most of our summer produce will soon be gone until next year. Better hurry and treat yourself to the last melon, berry or tomato.



On the Path to Zen

TZV shares a pretty easy to make recipe, featuring their favorite summer food: okra. I love the texture of this dish and they took the shot close enough to show the texture well. The recipe is Fungi and you should really go take a gander.




Vegan a Montreal

V[a]M loves her corn and, frankly, so do we; few things are as delicious as a fresh picked summer corn on the cob. This photo looks good enough to eat!

Blé d'Inde (3)


SEVENTEENTH DAY: Traditional Local Dish


No Thanks, I’m Vegan

Starting us off on the Local Dish prompt, NT[I’M]V shares a local drink that was invented in Manchester in 1908. It’s really cool to see what all of you are enjoying in your own special locales. It’s very interesting and quite fun!





This one is a local Hussein dish: Mashed Peas with Sauerkraut. That is a unique combo that I am itching to try. I have the peas and the pickles in the pantry, so off to the stove I go.




Veg Fiend

The town VF lives in has a large population of Indians and is therefore sharing their local food – dosas. They even do a very nice tutorial on how to make the dosas. Sweet! Just like their Sweet Potato Dosas:




EIGHTEENTH DAY: Honor Your Vegan Inspiration Prompt


My Apologies for the Novel

Who inspired your veganism? Many of us will say that it is the animals, in one fashion or another. MA[for the]N posts what I think we all feel inside. Whether you started your vegan journey for health reasons or environmental reasons, if you haven’t already, you will find that compassion is a central theme.




Vanishing Veggies

Many times our significant other can make or break (or, at the very least, make life very difficult) our compassionate choices. When the one you love supports your vegan journey it is not just a wonderful thing to share, it makes being vegan a joy. Here is to all the lovely, supportive partners in our lives! And here is to Josh!




Vegan Eats and Treats

Seriously, get your hankies ready for a sweet post by VE&T. Amey gets serious about her muses – both human and furry companions. Art, videos and stories! This post has it all:

eye contact



NINETEENTH DAY: Lunch on the Go Prompt


Vegan Chow Down

Checking in on the lunches we pack to go is as fun as the peak into your kitchens last week. I especially love the prompts for their personal nature. Below VCD shares their Lentil, Tomato and Basil Bruschetta. Doesn’t it look good??





This post is more of a show-and-tell about close to a ton of sandwiches and salads. V4O also links to salad dressings and sandwich ideas. We can always use more of those!



Vegans Need Sauce

VNS shares their pasta salad recipe ideas as well as this delicious looking lettuce wrap, filled with lentils, quinoa and cucumber. Bonus: the park adventure is always a pleasure.



TWENTIETH DAY: Veganize Old Family Recipe Prompt


Veggie Product Reviews

Dawn’s Beyond Beef Mac reminds me of a chili mac (and Dawn says as much), but I bet it holds a bit more importance in her life than just an old remake. Dawn has been posting using the prompts as jump-off points, but she is still following the blog’s theme – veggie product reviews!




Moving Scouse

Remaking this Kirschmichel seems like an easy feat for Moving Scouse. This cherry-based semolina tart looks outrageous! Recipe is provided for your baking enjoyment.




My Blissful Journey

MBJ is part Norwegian, part Irish, and all about sharing great recipes. They have veganized their Norwegian Potato Salad. They also have a bunch more recipes that are worth a look.




So, how is everyone doing? Still chugging along? Good! There is one more Sunday Round Up before a final mid-week round up; come back and catch up on the blogs you might have missed during the week.

Thanks to everyone for blogging, posting and photographing and above all – sharing.  Don’t forget to check Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for daily features.

One more week down and ONLY 10 MORE PROMPTS TO GO! This is Zsu and I blog over at Zsu’s Vegan Pantry. All the best to mofoland!

8 thoughts on “Third Week Round Up of 2015

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning us at Veggie Product Reviews. I’ve had a great time working on MoFo posts with Julie and Amanda this year. We’ve enjoyed working with the prompts too.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our blog! I’ve enjoyed working with Julie and Dawn too! The prompts have been so much fun! I love Dawn’s recreation with Daiya mac n cheese!

  3. i’m feeling legit AF being included in the weekly round up. really made my mofo this year. 🙂

    Also, I’m all about spending quality time with kraut. I’m def gonna make those Mashed Peas with Sauerkraut by Twoodlerum.


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