Tuesday Round Up O’ Fun and Days Past

Tuesday Round Up O’ Fun and Days Past

I’m filling in for the lovely lazy smurf today for the Mofo Roundup. And I am rounding  up the food posts early because that’s how I roll. This morning is all about food and memory, with a secondary shout out to brown foods because we all know brown food tastes best.

JohnP has once again veganized one of my childhood favorites. Vegan ham rolls! A relative used to bring these to our twice yearly family reunions back in the day. My mother never made them so the only time I could pile drive these tasty, trashy, mini rolls stuffed with ham were at those reunions. The poppy seeds! They make it happen.

Chipped beef gravy on toast! Tofu mom brings it for her Mofo Month of Gravy Goodness. I have odd memories of my mother eating this from a frozen package and this post instantly brought that back. I love bread, gravy and all things smoky and bacony and I will be all over this sometime soon.

I was fortunate to travel to the UK a few years ago to visit Bazu and she had some damn good scones from Brighton for me. My life has been a never ending quest for a good scone in the US ever since. And no, I haven’t found anything that matches just yet. But with Lozzy-Bear’s scone and clotted cream recipe I may be able to have a right proper tea some fine fall afternoon.

Falafel is love. Back in a different day I lived in Brooklyn half a block away from a hole in the wall deli where the two guys made some of the best falafel in NYC. I would stop in occasionally on my way home from work and they always knew me and would often slip me an extra falafel ball to munch on while I waited. The Snarky Chickpea bakes it up with the recipe from Appetite for Reduction. I need to make these again because my current residence is sadly lacking in the mashed chickpea patties I love so well.

Consider me a fan of the food carts in Portland, OR. I am fortunate to have friends there to visit and I love the ability to buy a fried pie or bowl o’ poutine at 1 am. Emmakat featured her plate from the Bombay Chaat House food cart and it will be on my list of carts to visit the next time I am on the west coast. Also, is there a better word than chaat? It has an extra a for fun.

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  1. OMG! Creamed chipped dried beef on toast was one of my favorite breakfasts, years ago!!! LOL! I veganized my old recipe several years ago and made it with slow-cooker gluten roast and it was pretty close to the real thing! But I can’t wait to try this recipe to see if it comes even closer! Simply love this dish. Can’t wait to check out the ham rolls either! Way to go Vegan MoFo!

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