Tuesday Roundup: Buongiorno, Principessas!

Tuesday Roundup: Buongiorno, Principessas!

This year we only have one Italian participating in VeganMoFo, Quando spuntano i papaveri but most vegans I know are always swooning over pizzas and tomatoes still warm from the summer sun. I would even make a wager that many of them have a pot of basil growing somewhere. So today’s roundup brings you Italian favorites, Americanized and veganized in most cases. There is no need to veganize this plate of olives, though, that Vegan Eats and Treats recently served at her Mediterranean feast. I could stare at it all day. 

Nothing goes better with olives than the some herbed fermented cashew cheese and From Kirsten’s Kitchen to Yours has a beautiful looking recipe.

Summer squash, like all squashes, originally came from the Americas but, like the tomato, I always think of them when I’m craving Italian food in the summer because it was the Italians who cultivated the zucchini. These rosti’s with roasted apple salad are from a German blogger, The Vegan Way, and they look very appetizing.

Next, one of my favorite vegan artist bloggers My Zoetrope finally had success with making sweet potato gnocchi. They look beautiful and delicious swirled with the greens and sage butter sauce.

Keepin’ it Kind has a recipe for some roasted tomatoes and it also has the link to the recipe for the beautiful chickpea flatbreads she served under the tomatoes along with some pesto.

If beautiful food is what you are looking for check out this Roasted Garlic Pizza with caramelized onions and figs. I want to eat every piece but Vegan Road didn’t even save me one. 

And it wouldn’t be veganmofo without a gratuitous picture of a cat. My sister once told me that it’s the easiest way you can tell if a blogger is vegan, I guess we are the only ones that always post pictures of our animal companions with our recipes. I couldn’t resist this shot from Crack the Plate, it’s adorable.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Roundup: Buongiorno, Principessas!

  1. awww, thanks so much for sharing my recipe here!
    everything looks SO delicious, I really should stop clicking through all the mofo-blogs.. I could cook, bake & eat the WHOLE day 😀


  2. Buongiorno Principesse!
    Thanks for mentioning me in this post, it’s really nice to see all these colours and beautiful pics and good food. And even though I’m the only Italian one here, I feel at home! 🙂
    Ciao ciao! 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring my flatbread with tomatoes! I’m so happy that you liked it! And FYI- you don’t have to wait until tomorrow for the recipe- the link to the recipe is in the post! 🙂 Thanks again and Happy Tuesday!

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