Vegan Heritage Press Giveaway: The Lusty Vegan

Vegan Heritage Press Giveaway: The Lusty Vegan


Congratulations to our winner, Ichiban Vegan!

Week 2 of VeganMoFo 2017 is all about Behind the Scenes – the gadgets, tricks and secret ingredients that help you to produce your culinary masterpieces.  While we’re thinking about the processes in the kitchen, it seems like the perfect time to run a series of cookbook giveaways courtesy of the wonderful people at Vegan Heritage Press.

Vegan Heritage Press is an independent vegan publishing company which is no doubt behind some of your favourite recipe books – check out their published authors here!  They are staffed by vegans and are doing great work meeting the growing demand for vegan cookbooks.

From Monday to Friday this week we’re running a daily giveaway of one of Vegan Heritage Press’ new titles.

On Tuesday we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of The Lusty Vegan by Ayindé Howell and Zoë Eisenberg.  Not only is this book packed with 80 delicious recipes, it also contains relationship tips and advice for those in a vegan/omni relationship!  Chef Ayindé and writer Zoë have both never dated a fellow vegan, so they know all the obstacles to overcome and have provided recipes to please both palates, including crispy spring rolls, classic cloud nine pancakes and jackfruit fajitas!


For your chance at winning, leave a comment either here on our Instagram post telling us:  what dish would you serve up to impress your non-vegan date?  We’ll choose a winner at random.  This giveaway is only open to participants in the USA who are registered for VeganMoFo.  Participants are allowed to enter all five giveaways this week, you don’t need to limit yourself to one. The competition closes at midnight Pacific Daylight Time.  Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Vegan Heritage Press Giveaway: The Lusty Vegan

  1. I’d probably go Italian. I make a mean vegan penne alla vodka. I’d pair that with a great salad with homemade vinaigrette and some crusty bread. For dessert, maybe some fresh berries and dark chocolate, or coconut-milk based ice cream with fresh mandarin orange slices and Grand Marnier.

  2. I’m lucky and my special person is vegetarian and supports me being vegan. One of the better date foods for us is tacos. We can change up the fillings and toppings, they can be cheap (for when you’re poor), and who doesn’t love tacos?

  3. I’d make a full spread of Indian food with homemade naan, dhal, two veggie sides, and rice. Super flavorful, but hard to mess up (but most people don’t know that ^__~)

  4. When I met my boyfriend he wasn’t vegan. He is obsessed with wings and entered several wing eating competitions. I made him my vegan seitan buffalo wings the first time I cooked for him and he loved them. He ended up transitioning to veganism and still requests them all the time.

    So I’d say just veganize what they already like!

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