VeganMoFo 2014: Sunday Round-up

VeganMoFo 2014: Sunday Round-up

Hey Mofo-ers! Happy Sunday!

This is Zsu coming to you from San Diego via the great global MoFo land.

I’ll be your guide to all things MoFo on Sundays, so sit back, relax, grab a cool drink (it’s hot here in Cali) and read on.

Today’s MoFo is dedicated to all first-time MoFo-ers. Without new voices and blogs, MoFo wouldn’t be able to get bigger and better, so a great big vegan thanks to all of you.

There are over 150 new MoFo-ers this year! That is quite a lot of blogs to look through, but worth the computer getting all hot and bothered on my lap. Check here for all the new blogs.

Let’s get to the round-up:

First up is Anzia from Peace, Love, Be Vegan. She is a 10-year-old girl who is blogging about her protein intake, to lay to rest all the misinformation floating around about vegan kids not getting their proper nutrition. Go Anzia! Good on you! Great seeing vegan kids knowing what’s what.




Now I bring you a complete day of meals, including late-night munchy madness.

Breaking your fast with a fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancake with Bananas and Cinnamon from The Vegan Squid is something my kids would love..if only I made breakfast. But since I don’t, I’ll send them this link so they can make it themselves.

chocolate chip pancakes with cinnamon and bananas


Lunch time calls for some really easy to make vegan sushi, and The Fruit Life makes it extra simple to roll one up.

easy vegan suchi



What’s better than an appetizer before dinner, or a late-afternoon snack? Rock My Vegan Socks brings us a fantastic looking bruschetta. This is my opportunity to let you know that she also hosts Healthy Vegan Fridays linky party. I’d love to see you there next Friday.



For our main, Soy Division‘s Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie looks like it’ll fit the bill!

mushroom lentil shepherd's pie



Not  only because these are absolutely adorable, but because I love bread with my mains, Rosie’s Vegan Kitchen baked up these Seeded Flower Pot Bread. Squeel! So cute!

seeded flower pot bread



For dessert, Crispy Rolls with Berry Cream! Gorgeous! These are over at Kuechengelueste. Google translate folks!

crispy rolls with berry cream



And finally, here is a link to Mac and Cheese Waffle Burgers, to satiate any late-night cravings. It is a vlog on Maximum Salad. I couldn’t grab an image, so just trust me on this; you want to see it.

In case you haven’t noticed, my images are not doing justice to the actual images on the individual blogs since I am having to jimmy rig the image upload to Word Press. I’ll have it all worked out by next week.

See you then!


9 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2014: Sunday Round-up

  1. It’s good to see so many new MoFo-ers! I started going through the list yesterday and was surprised at how long the page of first-time participants was.
    I really want those crispy rolls.

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for the shoutout Zsu =) That totally made my entire week!!
    Those recipes all look so good – especially the gooey pancakes & adorable seeded flower pot bread!
    Thanks again =)

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