Wednesday Round Up: Faking It!

I’ve gotta say that I love a good vegan sub, whether it’s mock meat, faux cheese or The Vegg, I’m in. I personally didn’t give up animal products because I didn’t enjoy them so for me being able to chow down on realistic subs for my old fave’s is great, great for my stomach and great for the animals.

Whilst browsing around the MoFo blogroll this evening I came across so many bloggers either using or creating their own meat, egg and cheese subs that it just had to be my round up theme.

Jes from Your Mom’s A Vegan made this delicious looking Buffet “Chicken” Salad using Soy Curls.


Abby Bean from A (Soy) Bean kept it simple with one of my fave’ meat subs, Field Roast Frankfurters, which she paired with baked beans and wedges.


For extra bonus points Abby Bean’s adorbz doggie 89 also makes an appearance! Squeee!


The peeps behind fuckyeahveganpizza posted this mock meat covered awesomeness earlier today and now all I can think about is visiting this all vegan pizzeria in Garden Grove, CA!


Whilst I love store bought mock meats I also adore homemade and today Sal from Alien on Toast has got these on lockdown. She made an amazing looking chicken style seitan roast to go with her roast dinner and now I’m tempted to get my vital wheat gluten out and start whipping up some seitan of my own. At 1:30am!


Continuing down the homemade route Sammy from An Ode to Mungbeans took on the challenge of veganising egg on toast. Using both tofu and The Vegg this creation looks out of this world delicious.


Finally we come to the most inventive of dish in this evening’s faking it game; Luminous Vegans veganised crab strudel made with shiitake mushrooms and cashew cheese. I have nothing to say but wow!


That’s all from me folks, it’s time to hit the hay! Happy MoFoing.

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12 Responses to Wednesday Round Up: Faking It!

  1. Cute round up, Jojo! I’m gonna have to look for those Field Roast Frankfurters…I *love* veggie dogs!

  2. babette says:

    Great theme! I like fake meats and fake dairy, I just can’t get enough of them… which doesn’t mean I eat them all the time, although that would be sweet.

    The strudel looks amazing, and I’m going to have to take a look at the egg on toast thing.

  3. I love that pic of the pup with the Field Roast franks. And that breakfast sammie with the Vegg has me really wanting to try the Vegg. Thanks for the shout out :-)

  4. Samantha says:

    Wow! Some great ideas here! Man, I am enjoying this MoFo! Thanks for including my post, that’s awesome!

  5. Abby Bean says:

    Yeah, that crab strudel was totally amazeballs. Luckily 89’s cuteness makes up for my culinary shortfalls đŸ˜‰

  6. Soy Curls – come to me in Canada already!

  7. I don’t think I even really ate eggs on toast pregan but holy moly if I don’t want to eat that. Amazing!

  8. Sal says:

    that egg on toast looks freakin amazing!

  9. Fun round up! This reminds me that I need to bust out the soy curls soon! Love the cute doggie and the great pics.

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