Your Monday Fun Time Round Up!

Your Monday Fun Time Round Up!

It’s my final round up o’ fun today and I wanted to post a big pile of sweets. Happy MoFo and Happy Halloween everyone!

Killer Bunnies whipped up some delectable ginger spice almond oat chocolate chip cookies that look super good for cleaning out the odds and ends in your pantry.

Mama et de bebe hawk made some Speculoos cookie butter cups and y’all know how I feel about the Speculoos. I will be trying these soon.

I don’t read Dutch but I do recognize a sweet petit four when I see one. Fiekefatjerietjes has a delectable round up of classic sweets on the blog today.

And speaking of round ups, Tahinitoo has a whole post dedicated to cupcakes from yesterday.

And I can’t leave out Joanna Vaught who has done a whole month of holiday cookies. Sweet sweet eggnog from the Vegan Cookie Connoisseur.

Newman Improved gets a chocolate cinnamon scone all up in the xgfx zone. Ya gotta love a good scone.

And finally, Leaves and Flours baked up Halloween sugar cookies shaped like ghosts and cats. I love Halloween and I love sugar cookies. Check out her recipe linked in her post.

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