2013 VeganMoFo Signup has arrived!

2013 VeganMoFo Signup has arrived!

And…thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of folks who signed up! Even if you didn’t, you can totally post away and hashtag #VeganMoFo all you like. Enjoy!

VeganMoFo returns: Break out the snacks

Well, well, well. Who’s getting ready to blog about nooch for an entire month? Or at least enjoy a whole lot of B12 and popcorn while trying (and eating fortified nutritional yeast, of course)?

That’s right…VeganMoFo 2013 Signup is here!

And whether your theme is in the works or not (or about nooch, or you’re simply being fueled by noochy popcorn), you can sign up right now!

Simply read the following instructions on the official form and fill out as best as you can.
It’s right here. This is the signup!

And please remember, all are welcome to join in, but all content must be vegan (which means no meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs or honey)!

Questions? You can read the all-purpose VeganMoFo F.A.Q. right here.

Stay tuned to this blog, VeganMoFo central, as well as the VeganMoFo Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VeganMoFo room on the PPK boards for news & inspiration, RSS Feed files, categorized blogrolls, contests, the rumored return of the MoFies (!!), and the snazzy new 2013 logos and banners for your own blogs.

#VeganMoFo, baby!

Keep in mind….the deadline to sign up is August 28th, 2013.

See you all September 1st!

26 thoughts on “2013 VeganMoFo Signup has arrived!

  1. Yay! It’s going to be such a fun month! I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store! Thanks for all of your hard work, MoFo crew!

    1. We’re mixing things up by hoping to move it earlier a month every year. We’ve swapped between November and October in the past, and though late summer produce and the start of autumn in September would be a fun change.

  2. whoops! didn’t realize it was september this year! much better timing for me. I’ll sign this evening when I get a chance, yay!

  3. I am a big idiot! I just finished my last day working at Viva! (vegan animal welfare campaigning charity in UK) who I’ve been with since 2005 and was totally distracted and missed the deadline… is there any way you would consider adding an old fool late to the party? Sorry… xx

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