A Fridge Full of Meat! *Lightlife Giveaway*

A Fridge Full of Meat! *Lightlife Giveaway*

CONTEST CLOSED Caroline of East Bay Dossier won with her near empty fridge! Thanks y’all for playing!

This might be the biggest giveaway we have ever done at VeganMoFo HQ. It’s pretty exciting that Lightlife, the makers of so many wonderful vegan products, really get what the vegan month of food is all about! They are offering one lucky person an entire fridge full of Lightlife meat alternative products, that is 23 items in all and every vegan products that they make.

I absolutely love their products, I get their flax or garden tempeh nearly every time I go to the store. Their Fakin’ Bacon is probably the easiest tempeh product in the world to work with, just heat and eat.Lightlife seems to have a real presence in mainstream grocery stores now too. I seem to be able to find smart dogs and smart ground just about everywhere. The smart ground is so versatile, you can use it in simple dishes like spagetti with meat sauceor you can take it up a notch and cook it with spices or use the mexican version to make tacos or empanadas.The smart Chick’n or Steak Strips are perfect to throw into a quesadilla or top a big salad with. They also have a bunch of different lunch meats like bologna, ham, and turkey if you are trying to make fantastic deli style sandwiches. I like to top them with pepperoni and recreate the “El Italiano” of my youth but Cuban sandwiches are fun too! They have breakfast sausages, barbecue, chili, and basically every American meat that you can think of.

Just imagine having every single product they carry! You could make just about any standard American fare in seconds, like nachos with the works.Here is the list of everything the winner will receive.

·         Smart Dogs
·         Smart Dogs Jumbo
·         Tofu Pups
·         Smart Deli Bologna
·         Smart Deli Ham
·         Smart Deli Pepperoni
·         Smart Deli Turkey
·         Smart Links Breakfast
·         Smart Bacon
·         Gimme Lean Beef
·         Gimme Lean Sausage
·         Smart Ground Mexican
·         Smart Ground Original
·         Organic Flax Tempeh
·         Organic Garden Veggie Tempeh
·         Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips (Fakin’ Bacon)
·         Organic Soy Tempeh
·         Organic Three Grain Tempeh
·         Organic Wild Rice Tempeh
·         Smart Strips Chick’n
·         Smart Strips Steak
·         Smart BBQ
·         Smart Chili

Isn’t that amazing? You should “like” lightlife on facebook or follow them on twitter and follow their blog because you never know when they are going to do another insane giveaway.

TO ENTER today’s giveaway: I want to see what the inside of your fridge looks like. I gotta know if you can handle all this food! If your fridge is completely packed or if it has a lone bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce and a PBR, I don’t care take a picture. Post it on either your blog, flickr, or any other sort of photo site that you can actually link to. Put the link to the photo post in the comments along with a valid email address so that I can contact you. I will pick the winner at 11pm CST so you have 12 hours to get to it!

This is only open to people with a US address.

Happy Mofo!




84 thoughts on “A Fridge Full of Meat! *Lightlife Giveaway*

  1. I’ll post the photo of my fridge later. It’s a lone vegan shelf sandwiched between the oppressive presence of omnivore roommates. Quite tragic, really. Smallest fridge ever, too.

  2. omfg WANT!

    Here’s a pic of my fridge, which *looks* pretty packed – but I’m sure I can find room for all those goodies, most of which will probably go right into my belly anyway.


    If not, there’s plenty of room in the freezer, which is normally stuffed with Lightlife Smart Bacon, Pepperoni and Breakfast Links anyhow. We order ’em by the case & our local natural foods store gives us a discount!

  3. My fridge is sad looking:) My family is new to the vegan scene and were having some troubles finding things my 5 year old and 16 month old will eat. Moreso my 5 year old who wants to eat nothing but cheese and chicken nuggets:) . We are looking for meat substitutes that she will look at and say ” Hmm well it looks like what Im used to eating..” So far she has learned she loves tofu so thats always a plus!:) We are still looking for hot dogs, corn dogs, and lunch meats she can happily eat in her school lunch. This would help us out GREATLY with this new leaf we have turned over !!

  4. I love Lightlife products and it would be amazing to win all of their vegan products to try (I love their tempeh so much)! Unfortunately I don’t have a digital camera and my cell phone is really old and bad-quality, and even if I could take a picture I wouldn’t know where to host it, so I hope it’s okay to just describe the inside of my refrigerator for an entry. I’m actually living with my (unfortunately non-vegetarian) family right now, but I have a shelf in the fridge to myself that I keep completely vegan. I need to go to the store pretty urgently because the only thing on my shelf right now is a honeydew melon and some water. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

  5. Our fridge is also on my Facebook wall:


    Yes, there is a few bottles of beer in there, but when you are in rural cattle country, and home of beef and coors, you have to stock up when you can. Would love to win! We felt lucky since the store carries tofu……..

    1. That was my initial thought, but then I realized walking 15 feet to the kitchen was less trouble than driving to the grocery store. It’s worth a try…. right!!??

  6. This is amazing! I live in a collective house with five other people, three of whom eat meat, but will try (and love) anything I make. We’ve had lots of omnivore approval of Lightlife’s ground beef and sausage, and if I win this contest, our whole house will get to try everything!

    Per Vegan MoFo rules, I didn’t photograph any animal products in my fridge; I cleared out the omnivore groceries, and look! There’s a TON of room in the fridge now. Wouldn’t it be lovely to fill up all that space with tasty tasty fake meat?

    Lovely indeed.

    Here’s our fridge!

  7. I’ve got St. Germaine, some maraschino liqueur, and a lot of condiments that would love to be all over Smart Dogs. Help a busy professional out and stock my fridge with these amazing vegan goodies that I yelp with excitement at when I have the chance to grocery shop! “Oh my God! They carry Smart Bacon! We’re getting IT!”

    Look at this poor fella: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltdqaqUHP91qms7imo1_500.jpg

  8. I know it is full now, but I really love Lightlife products and only some of them can be found where I live. Those few items are at different stores requiring multi store visits. I would LOVE to win this so I can try all of these awesome products. I know not everything you will see if vegan, but some peeps in the family aren’t vegan. I cater t everyone’s needs and wants.


    I promise to have/make room if I am the LUCKY winner.
    Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  9. Believe me, there was no product placement here…it’s exactly as I found it, My 3 year old loves the deli slices so we will surely make room for those and all the other yummy products!

  10. I just got home and realized I’ve left my camera at work (sigh). My side of the fridge will have two empty shelves as soon as I make my pear cake this weekend! So, lot’s of room for Lightlife! And honestly, a good portion of that would go to my work fridge, which is nearly empty. Definitely in need of some veggie meat products 🙂

  11. I couldn’t get the door in the shot with adequate lighting. We’re vegan for medical reasons, and Lightlife products are a family favorite. The contents of the refrigerator are vegan (and I really need to go shopping, yikes… it’s been a busy week).


    After taking the photo, I took the black mug (bergamot tea – stuck it in the fridge before swimming class!) and the green storage container (leftover acorn squash!) and decided to reheat both for a night snack. Thank you!

  12. I am sadly on chaperoning a field trip for my seniors! So, I decided that I would take a picture of the hotel fridge because it’s all I have! And I found some apples and grapes at a farmers market nearby, which is the only things I brought here to munch on. It’s a stretch, but here’s hoping!


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