A is for Artichoke

A is for Artichoke


As bad as it looks has a lovely shot of red callaloo.  Too bad there’s no such thing as red spinach.  Someone please let me know if it does exist, I’d love to rock some purplish saag.


In a Gadda da Vegan (who might just win for best vegan blog name ever) reveals a true Lebanese recipe for tabbouleh and explains why fresh parsley is not only energizing but so very healthy.


Herding Cats is working the Fall weather by stuffing chili into hollowed out pumpkins and chasing it with cheezy macaroni.


Disposable Aardvarks Inc., might just be the new Wing it Vegan with very inspiring and awesome scary Halloween bentos.

Beware!  This olive spider is about to make off with all your couscous!!


Eating with the Rabbits reminds us what Summer is like with raspberry vanilla cupcakes topped with coconut creme.  Cream or Creme?


Full of Beans gives it up for peanut butter. Actually, let’s all take a minute and hold hands in group appreciation.

Green Smoothie

Grow Peace shares a pesto dish made with home grown purple pesto!


Hugger Food has been packing expert lunches full of nutrient dense food such as quinoa and ruby red grapefruits.  I want that.


The I-40 Kitchen has been rockin’ the MoFo nonstop.  Recent highlights include tasty smoked yeast and desserts for The Dead.


Just the Food, tries to make me less cranky with XgfX chocolate chip cookies made with coconut flour!  Coconut flour sounds much tastier than the garbanzofava recipes I know about.


Kellybot ruminates over what to make for Thanksgiving.  Go help ‘er out!


Over at Lisasthoughts, they’re doing it right with warm pumpkin donut holes and steamy hot beverages.


Oh my!  Madcap Cupcake has gone mad with a layer cake; sweetened with maple syrup and iced to perfection.  Seriously, the pictures are eye-ball poppin’.  Go have a looks-y at the others.


Not Just Greens has gorgeous photos of chili topped spaghetti.  I really want this right now, even though I just had two slices of pretty good pizza.


October Vegan is collecting mac ‘n’ cheeze recipes.  Got any to share?


Get on over to P.H.D. Delicious ‘cuz there’s crazy stuff going on over there with Dandies, chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t know what to do with kohlrabiRecipe for Water gives us a recipe plus inside and outside shots, just in case you don’t know what one looks like.


Mollyjade from Scratch and Sniff offers a review of yet another new vegan cookbook, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food.  Check out her post to spy a cute pod o’ okra.


The Green Bite has all sorts of yummy treats going on, but I can’t help but be distracted by the birthday cheesecake, all decked out on top of an oatmeal crust!


How the hell have I missed Urban Girl Scout Cooking all month??  Seriously, there is crazy stuff happening over there like banana splits and microwaved date/peanut butter sundaes.  Seriously, just up my alley, I need a week to catch up.


Jeannette’s giveaway over at Vessels and Wares is so awesome that it deserves as much  MoFo Headquarters attention as possible.  Get over to her blog and win a handmade MoFo mug, she’s gifting a few of ’em.


Whole Food Vegan made me do a double take with pictures of their Dr. Cow’s aged cashew cheese.  The most cheese looking non cheese I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Tofu Xpress

I have no idea what’s happening over at xbeepsx, ‘cuz I  am far  too distracted by whatever is topped upon their holiday pumpkin pie.  Whatisititlookssogood!



Yo Soy hits a paneer free saag with lots of love and some tomatoes.  A blog after my own heart…


Finally, Zoey’s Kitchen is so overwhelmed with all the Autumn squash, they’ve taken to feeding it to their cat.  Since the cat won’t eat it, Mr. Zoey took over and now all is well.

xo kittee

11 thoughts on “A is for Artichoke

  1. Now that’s a lot of vegan yumminess. My son and I adore the bento box, and I just have to rawify those pumpkin donut holes. We got our pumpkins last night. We also went on a haunted hay ride and got totally lost in a dark corn maze. It was a”maze”ing that we got out 🙂

  2. What an awesome post!!!!!!!!! I have enjoyed this month so much b/c people write into me asking about the Vegan Mofo icon every day, and I Get to tell them alll about it! This week has been a week of mostly raw, gluten/soy free banana treats that I’ve made…cakes, muffins, and breads. And kale chips. I’ve been busy! Looks like these ladies have too!

  3. Awesome post kittee! Man everything is looking good in the blogo-verse. I can’t believe it’s almost over :(.

    Thanks for your commitment to round ups and for the shout out! Anytime you visit there’s some chili pasta with your name on it!

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