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Giveaway: Divine Vegan Desserts

Giveaway: Divine Vegan Desserts

Good morning, Australia! It’s giveaway mania this week at Vegan MoFo HQ, but I know as well as the rest of you just how disheartening the words ‘US only’ can be. You’ve earned a reward too, so today’s giveaway is just for the MoFo-ers in the land down under.

While the world of vegan cookbooks often introduces us to some new and super fun American baking traditions (seriously, how many of you had ever made a pumpkin pie before going vegan?), sometimes I want to whip up something a little more familiar and CWA-worthy. Lisa Fabry’s Divine Vegan Desserts is the best of both worlds, with recipes ranging from tiramisu to sticky date pudding. If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of a caramel-filled chocolate almond fudge shortbread recipe will send this book to the top of your ‘must have’ list.

In addition to some impressively creative recipes and beautiful photos, Divine Vegan Desserts also features profiles and recipes from some of the world’s top vegan restaurants- including some of my favourite locals. The sight of Bliss Organic on the pages sure warmed the cockles of my Adelaide-born (and subsequently Canberra-chilled) heart.


Thanks to Lisa and Wakefield Press, we have two copies of Divine Vegan Desserts to give away. Just leave a comment below before the end of Vegan MoFo, letting me know your favourite childhood baked treat that you’d love to see veganised. Make sure to leave a valid email address to contact you, and I’ll end on those two sweet words… Australian only!

Saturday Round Up: Eurotrip!

Saturday Round Up: Eurotrip!

Maybe it’s the continued cold weather we’ve having here (why am I wearing a coat in September? Get it together, Australia), or maybe it’s my German heritage, but sometimes there’s nothing I want more than to load up on delicious European carbs while listening to the rain outside. And with MoFo-ers all over the world, the inspiration is almost endless!

Over at Melon Collies and the Infinite Sandwich (outstanding!), Kara is starting from scratch with her home-fermented sauerkraut. Hilarious descriptions of the process and its odours aside, this looks like the perfect starting point for some serious deliciousness.


And these sauerkraut and mushroom pierogi from Vegan Kitty Patrol look like the natural choice for that cabbagey goodness.


Kyleigh from the Good Karma Kitchen has the perfect hearty follow-up dish, with these tofu schnitzels– with pretzel breading, in true German style!


Over at the Vegan Kitchen of Dr Caligari, Luca has been making some of the most creative cupcakes (sweet and savoury!) that I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but these Sachertorte cupcakes with bitter orange jam and pistachios are calling my name today.


Of course, no German round up would be complete without Mihl’s classic German desserts at Seitan is my Motor. It’s not the first time we’ve featured Mihl’s decadent treats, but this theme has to be my favourite this year. Nougatringe were always a staple feature on my German family’s coffee table, so no late night beverages would be complete without trying to cram one of these into an already over-stuffed stomach.


Mmm, I’m feeling toasty warm and comforted already!

Round Up: Mac and Cheese Mania!

Round Up: Mac and Cheese Mania!

It may seem weird, but for me, mac and cheese is my quintessential vegan food. I’d never eaten it before I went vegan, and living in my opposite-side-of-the-planet bubble, I had no idea of its popularity in North America. But from having a look at my Pinterest or the scraps of printed-out recipe pages floating around my kitchen, you’d think I eat nothing else these days. What can I say- we vegans are just a creative bunch, and I can’t get enough of the different ways to make and eat this staple food.

Isa‘s BLT mac and cheese recipe was one of the first things I saw while checking Facebook on my phone in bed this morning, and part of me wanted to leap right up and get cooking. Eggplant bacon is a breakfast food, right?

BLT mac

Jackie over at Vegan Yack Attack has been cooking up a cheesy storm all month with her all mac, all the time theme. It’s tough to pick a favourite post, but I can’t say no to the glorious love child of two of my favourite foods, in her Mexican mac burrito.


Jojo has taken on the very important job of testing new mac and cheese recipes to find a favourite, as part of her Mac ‘n Cheese Mondays at Vegan in Brighton. This mac and shews reminded me that I need to make this one again immediately.


Elisa at Guy Gone Vegan is also tackling a month-long mac feast theme, and while I’ve loved every post, I actually let out an excited ‘WHAT?!’ when I saw these mac and cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers.


Lastly, I was super happy to see one of my favourite themes this MoFo taking on one of my favourite foods. Laughfrodisiac has been veganising food from Friends (and yes, you’d better believe she made the not-so-traditional English trifle), and this time she played it a little safer with Chandler’s righteous mac and cheese. The perfect Thanksgiving food!


I know what I want for dinner tonight… now to narrow it down to one recipe.

Saturday Round Up: Election Edition

Saturday Round Up: Election Edition

No matter where you are, if you’re a politics geek like me then you’ll know that the sun rose on a pretty different Australia this morning. Last night was election night, and no matter how you feel about the outcome, there’s no denying that there have been some pretty major changes. In true Australian style, social media was abuzz- not so much with opinions about our new Prime Minister, but more about which polling station was offering the best cake stall or barbecue. So with the relationship between politics and a free feed in mind, I thought I’d see how some of my favourite blogging locals prepared for their election night.

Kate at The Spade and Spoon got passionate about foreign aid cuts (a girl after my own bleeding heart!) and reflected her views on the candidates by making these vegan devils on horseback appetisers.

devils on horsebackSandy from Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too put my junk food feast to shame with her healthy baked and blistered potato chips, as part of her great vegan bake-off theme. Perfect for watching the votes roll in on TV!

DSC01294Keely has been preparing some amazing-sounding Egyptian food over at Gormandize this month. I’d probably been feeling a bit more chipper this morning if I’d had a pitcher of her orange blossom lemonade last night, rather than a case of beer.


Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe got deservedly outraged about the lack of vegan and gluten free options at polling booth sausage sizzles, and went home to whip up some sausages that we can all enjoy.

Elections CollageLinda at The Lentil Institution got through election night with the help of some healthy vegan comfort food– lentil burgers, baked potatoes and pumpkin with dukkah, and a rainbow salad… perfectly paired with a Coopers sparkling, of course. The beer helped Linda to look on the bright side, namely the re-election of a couple of great advocates for the ban on live animal export.


Lastly, Vegan in Melbourne embraced the election day sunshine and spring weather and put together these beautiful tofu rice paper rolls. I need to detox after my ‘eating my feelings’ binge last night and I can’t think of anything that looks more perfect than these.


Take care today, Australians! I think more than a few of us are feeling a bit delicate (read: hungover), so head outside for a pick-me-up beverage of choice in the sunshine. At least we’ve all still got that, right?

Round up: To market, to market

Round up: To market, to market

We’ve passed the MoFo halfway point, and it’s getting closer to that time of the month when we’re frantically searching the back of the pantry for ingredients for those last couple of posts. But it’s the weekend, and time to take a leisurely approach to cooking again- no after work stress and throwing leftover, abandoned vegetables into a pot for ‘mystery soup’ allowed! My favourite way to re-energise and fall in love with food all over again is with a trip to the farmers market… and it looks like a lot of you agree.

Mel from Veganise This! has shared a super-helpful guide to the farmers markets of Melbourne, Australia. I would love to visit this market just for the beautiful surroundings- the fresh food is a bonus!

I’m loving the new spring produce at markets here in Australia, but this round up of autumn finds from the Kirkland Market at Fried Dandelions is making me long for a northern hemisphere harvest. Little David is pondering the potential of these pumpkins- too many options to choose from!

Michelle from My Zoetrope worked some magic on this happy hot pepper bounty from her local market, turning it into homemade hot sauce. She’s inspired me to do the same soon!

Vegan Showdown got a little carried away at the Baltimore farmers market recently, but when the result looks as great as this delicious brinner of tofu scramble, garlicky collard greens, rutabaga fries and homemade cornbread (with apple crisp for dessert!), who’s complaining?

Amey of Vegan Eats and Treats has also been loving the abundance and variety of peppers at her local market, and has put them to good use in these Caribbean black eyed peas with plantains. Those colours are making my mouth water!

Finally, fellow VeganMoFo volunteer Jess of Get Sconed! is reminiscing about one of my favourite markets in the world- the Siem Reap night market in Cambodia. This Cambodian-inspired soup of vegetables, tofu, rice noodles, peppers, coconut milk and the secret ingredient- authentic Cambodian amok powder- is taking me right back to the smells and sounds of the market!

And with that, I’m out the door to my market- I’ll be sure to report back with my finds! Happy weekend, MoFos!

Round-Up: Ice, Ice Baby

Round-Up: Ice, Ice Baby

It seems like all over the world, no matter the weather, VeganMoFo-ers are all about ice cream today! The fleeting spring warmth gave way to wind and even snow here this week, but in MoFo World, the sun is always shining and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a scoop outdoors.

Mandee at Cupcake Kitteh has said goodbye to the Sydney winter with some homemade, soy-free peanut and raspberry coulis ice cream. I’ll be right over!

Fanny is reminiscing about some ice cream-related good family times at Life Up North. Her bilberry ice cream looks intriguingly delicious, and is sure to create some new fond food memories.

Baker Bettie is pumping out some amazing-sounding comfort food recipes for autumn, but I think this super cute peppermint ice cream looks perfect for any season.

This cinnamon-mango green smoothie ice cream from the Vegetable Centric Kitchen looks like the most fun way to get a daily dose of greens. Tastier than a multivitamin, that’s for sure!

Katharina from Food and Blood knows how to stop her ice cream from melting in the Vienna sunshine. Take note of her technique!

This peach cobbler from V for Vegan is just begging for a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. And with a super fun ‘Eat to the Beat’ theme this MoFo, you know they’ve got the beach party tunes as well as treats under control.

And lastly, on the way home from the beach, why not stop off at Belinda of Miscdebris‘ house? She might have some of this restaurant-worthy almond ricotta tart with zabaglione gelato left over- but I couldn’t blame her if it were long-gone by now.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting next to a heating vent, cursing this unseasonably cold spring and cradling a tub of Hannah‘s French vanilla until December arrives.

Rounding up the bread basket

Rounding up the bread basket

There’s nothing I love more on the weekend than taking the time to leisurely bake my own bread, before settling in to browse the MoFo feed with a freshly brewed pot of coffee and the aroma of fresh bread wafting through the house. It looks like I’m not alone this year, because the MoFo feed is resembling the best vegan bakery window I’ve ever seen!

This sourdough chocolate bread from Cook’s Hideout looks like the perfect loaf to wake up to. This is on my menu for next weekend for sure.

I’ve been salivating over the sneak peek photos that I’ve seen for Isa’s upcoming cookbook, shot by the super talented photographer Vanessa Rees. Girl can cook, too- check out her beautiful pull-apart pumpkin herb bread if you don’t believe me.

I love cooking with beer, and this seasonal maple beer bread from The Table Fort looks like the perfect Saturday afternoon project (some for the loaf, and some for me).

Stephanie from Ripe is offering up not one, but two delicious pretzel recipes, each with an accompanying dip- do salty pretzels with fleur de sel and golden raisin ketchup or sweet pretzels with palm sugar, cinnamon and homemade maple pumpkin butter take your fancy?

Richa‘s pizza theme has been one of my favourites this year, not just for her super creative toppings, but for her drool-worthy pizza crusts. Being a bigger fan of the bread than the topping, I’m loving the look of this thick, gluten free oat crust. The tempeh tikka masala topping is a bonus!

If you’re wondering what to do with all this bread, why not whip up this homemade bread pudding with maple almond streusel? Southern Vegans have got your full evening planned with a homemade vegan Bailey’s recipe to enjoy alongside it!

And with that, my oven timer’s gone off. Just in time, too. I don’t think I can even wait for my crusty, no-knead loaf to cool.

Giveaway – Allergy Riders

Giveaway – Allergy Riders

Congratulations to our winners, Susan and Penny! Check your emails, ladies. To those that missed out, don’t despair because we’ve got more Australian-friendly giveaways lined up this month. Just keep checking back! 

Vegans of the world, we’ve heard your cries (uttered through mouthfuls of vegan cake). While giveaways are great fun, they’re often less great for those who get left watching from an ocean away. Well, Australians, I’ve come on board from our nation’s capital, and I’m ready to tackle the serious issues. Forget the carbon tax- I’m running on a mandate of free baking supplies for my fellow local vegans.

Are you tired of having to interrogate strangers at bake sales about what you can eat? Or worse, are you sick of having to use your mouth (which could be better used munching on delicious vegan brownies) to tell people which items you’ve made are vegan, gluten free, nut free, or all of the above? Allergy Riders have got your back, in super cute style.


Their baking cups and food flags are perfect for vegan bakers and those with allergies. They’ve even got our xgfx brothers and sisters covered! No longer will you waste precious eating time poring over handwritten ingredient lists or discussing your food choices with others (not that we mind, it’s just that sometimes those discussions are best had on a full stomach).

Allergy Riders have kindly donated two prize packs, each containing two packs of baking cups and two packs of food flags of the winners’ choice. Two winners will be randomly selected at 11am AEST tomorrow. To enter, leave a comment here (with a valid email address) letting us know which sweet or savoury treat you always keep an eye out for at bake sales. Australians only, please! 

Round-Up: Yes We Can!

Round-Up: Yes We Can!

I can’t put my finger on why, but over the last few months I’ve become completely enamoured of the idea of canning things. Maybe it’s the danger (get it wrong and you could inflict the plague upon your family!), maybe it’s the promise of preparedness for any situation (no, I won’t share my canned peaches, neighbour who laughed at my zombie contingency plan), or maybe it’s just my deep-seated desire to leave everything behind and join the Country Women’s Association (vegan lamington, ladies?). Whatever the cause, I’ve been super excited to see some Vegan MoFo-ers sharing my enthusiasm for all things fermented and preserved this year. 

Bobbie at The Vegan Crew has got the whole process covered, from picking to preserving, finishing up with some homemade pear-based ‘honey’! Why bother the bees when you can make honey yourself? 

The Picky Vegan offers us a recipe for authentic kimchi, as well as some great recommendations for books about preserving and even the best kinds of jars to use. 

The fermentation gets a little more unexpected at Kohlrabi and Quince, where Kelly is fermenting… hot sauce? I have to try this! 

This apple thokku, or Indian cooked apple chutney, is a perfect candidate for canning- if you can keep yourself from eating it all immediately, that is. Check out Rithika’s great chutney theme at Vegan on the Prowl for some more inspiration! 

Kate at The Spade and Spoon has made a meal in a can with these smoky paprika baked beans (finally, I can enjoy my post-apocalytic dinner without other survivors asking me where I get my protein). 

And if you’re wondering what to do with all this canned food, besides looking at it and congratulating yourself for your self-sufficiency, it’s Tami at Vegan Appetite to the rescue. In addition to some handy tips for canning novices, she’s offering up some recipes using your own preserved produce. First up are these barley, beans and greens-stuffed peppers using home-canned Cajun tomatoes and harissa. 

Cooked too much in a MoFo frenzy? You know what to do! Can it, and enjoy the flavours of MoFo all year round!