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It’s Time to Share Your Own #VeganMoFo2014 Press Release!

It’s Time to Share Your Own #VeganMoFo2014 Press Release!

If you’re reading this, I bet you’re gearing up for VeganMoFo 2014! It makes sense. Since we’re here, you’re over there, and I’m right inside this here blog with a fuzzy marketing comm. degree to dust off, I’d like to help ya spread the word about our big month ahead!

Because seriously, outreach is KEY and we all know it can be quite a productive month, you & your piece of the internet deserve a little time in the spotlight!

First, let’s share some of my recent eats from Beyond Sushi, because you’ve got some legit reading ahead.

Mighty Mushroom & Sweet Tree, Beyond Sushi. Some damn magnificent power food.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Think & go Google search: What are the local media avenues in my community (state, country, district, town, county, area, favorite blogs, online news sources, etc.)? Is there an alt weekly? Is there a monthly, city-wide cultural magazine and/or website? Where do you see local food & dining news? For example, in Portland, OR, I’d send this to Eater PDX (and there are a ton of Eater sites out there!), Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, Oregonian FoodDay, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland Monthly Magazine and a bunch of my favorite culinary-focused blogs. Plus, the huge local vegetarian outreach group, Northwest Veg, other vegan-friendly events that have caught my eye, and maybe, The Kitchn, Serious Eats, and so on. If you’ve been involved with media outlets/events, who are your contacts? Do you have friends that work in PR? Are they relevant and could they help get the word out? Do they like vegan cookies?  Is there a VegFest? Basically, find out their contact email/fax (right?! You can totally send faxes for free online these days in case you actually want to do that). Take note that there is typically a contact specifically *for* press releases and calendar info with the bigger outlets. Go cover your ground and spread the word!
  2. Download a personalized or general copy of the official VeganMoFo press release (I’ll get to this below!), generously assembled by VeganMoFo’s own Amey of Vegan Eats & Treats (Thanks again, Amey!!).
  3. Save the (ideally revised) press release as a PDF with a clearly marked file name, for example “Media Alert: VeganMo, The Vegan Month of Food Writing Returns September 2014
  4. Next, copy/paste the press release content into the actual email message from title down. I like to do this, it doubles your chances of being read. At the top, if I know who it’s going to well, I’ll often include a little note in a different font and color and sign it, like “Hey Jojo, I’d love for you to take a look at this news! I’ve got a whole month of xxx in store and daily updates! Let me know if you would like more information or photos for a story” (or something a little less lame then that, but I hope you get the point). 
  5. Make sure you’ve attached a copy of the press release PDF (or Word Doc or whatever you prefer, but this is getting crazy talk) to the email itself.
  6. Press send and let that baby fly, preferably one at a time, but one big blind BCC can do in a pinch (but don’t tell my Writing for Marketing teacher at Emerson that I actually said that).

And here’s how to do it! There are two versions of our shiny, official press release all ready to go below:

OPTION 1) We’ve got the official press release ready to be personalized linked right here and copied below. It is super important to make sure you personalize all the red bits! If not, you look like a noob, and no writer potentially ready to put your name in lights and spread the word about veganism is gonna let that fly.

OPTION 2) Okay, if you don’t want to personalize it and are just thinking this is far too annoying to open and add some text to (I feel ya), but you’ve got some contacts and simply want to help,  please know that A) We still heart you! and B) Go for it and pass the info from this link right here along, using the instructions above.

Thank you!!!!



Now, let’s get back to pondering thematics and/or bloggy and social media whims, as you please.

P.S. And tell my teacher I didn’t go on hiatus to NYC and posted this 30 days ago, sheesh.

The next best thing to an RSS feed bundle: The VeganMoFo OPML file

The next best thing to an RSS feed bundle: The VeganMoFo OPML file

I’d like to interrupt the regular string of vegan-tastic roundups and giveaways with some special news: this is PRACTICALLY the RSS Feed you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s the thing.

We hear ya.

We wish there was a way to publicize an RSS feed bundle like the good old days of Google Reader (which retired over the summer), but apparently that breaks the internet or something (I’m guessing) and unless anyone out there has stumbled upon another form of this we haven’t yet — and trust me, we’ve all been looking here at VeganMoFo central — there are three primary ways we suggest perusing the epic, VeganMoFo VII blogs:

1) Check the Blogrolls

Go ahead and peruse the breakdowns and categories, bookmark the ones that catch your eye and follow your favorites (whether it’s via blogger, wordpress, or whatever reader service you’re using), etc.

Here’s the gigantic list of everybody who signed up by the deadline.


This is the random, super appreciated VeganMoFo blog generator cleverly developed by the Tates, the fine folks behind Food for Lovers. Digging what pops up? Again, bookmark, follow, and add it to your own reader or favorites folder.

3) Dum dum dum…Download the brand new OPML file.

Here’s the link. It should open in Google Drive (where we have it stored), which you can then download to your computer.

Really, this is easier than it sounds:

  1. Click download.
  2. Import the file into whatever reader you’re using (I’m personally liking Feedly and The Older Reader, for two quick choices…feel free to share your go-to below!)
  3. Get ready to start reading lots and lots and lots of new blogs.

Here’s the thing: If you happen to notice a non-vegan post in the bunch or don’t like one for whatever reason, you now have the power to delete it from your feeds. You know, as if something like that would ever happen. In the past, your friendly VeganMoFo volunteer organizers did this with the official Google Bundle, but once you download this file, it’s in yours hands. The same goes if you see a blog missing — you are more than welcome and encouraged to add it to your own reader!

So, that’s that.

Please thank VeganMoFo volunteer Mary for her amazing, hard work on devouring spreadsheets and bringing that file to the masses!

A Little of This & A Little of That: Tuesday MoFo RoundUp

A Little of This & A Little of That: Tuesday MoFo RoundUp

I do declare that the seventh annual Vegan Month of Foods is off with a bang! It’s another warm day for Portland, OR and it’s got me thinking salad, cold cider, and well, someone else making my dinner. Namely, a little from each of these postings that caught my eye, thanks to spending a little too much time on the RandoMoFo generator throughout the day.

First things first, some breakfast for dinner with the Adventure Time BACON PANCAKES (that yes, call for caps locks and a catchy little autotune jam) from Paula’s amazing Tree Trunks’ Kitchen project…

Moving on to an epic & Vegan French Quarter Muffalatta Sandwich from the Miss Kitchen Witch blog

And I’m constantly digging Hipster Food’s style (and offerings!). This time, it’s a bruschetta-style play on a fried egg.

Adorable Hamantashen Cupcakes with apricot jam for Purim, thanks to Cupcakery Adventures

With a side of Three B Salad over at Grating for Godot

I like this set up.

Despite the heat I will gladly take a bowl of this In Love with Garlic soup from the folks at Fig and Basil. Make that two and a round of toast.

Add a Bee-yooo-tee-ful Eggplant Lasagna with Cashew Cheese from Luminous Vegans

But let me be honest with myself, and everyone reading this. Since my trip to Austin last winter, my heart made room for tacos, and all the talks and photos already of this Tacocleanse is driving me crazy. Here’s Smurfy’s explanatory post of what exactly is going on in Austin this month.

I mean, who’s not planning on making tacos this week now?!

Keep up the tasty work, MoFos!

Some 2012 Favorites

Some 2012 Favorites

Hi everyone! Jess here, popping back in, doing the friendly organizer thing. In preparation for 2013 and deciding on just what my own daily themes will be (I just can’t commit to one, but so remain in awe of bloggers that go all out for a month! Are you? Do leave a comment with your URL so we can follow along!), I went perusing the month that was October 2012: aka VeganMoFo VI. 

Here’s a mere smattering from the hundreds of posts that caught my eye from a month that featured a whole lot of warming bowls of soup, biscuits, Halloween cupcakes and winter squash, galore.

First up, Coconut Lime Ice Cream with Vanilla Beetroot Syrup for our Iron Chef Beetroot Challenge courtesy of Flaming Apron.

How inviting does this look!? Clearly, I want in and need to make this Sweet Potato Gnocchi from My Zoetrope, ala Chloe’s Kitchen.

Here’s one from one of the roundups I put together that definitely still stands out: fresh Butternut Squash Doughnuts with Apple Cider Glaze from RansomCakes. Plus, they’re gluten-free, soy free and come with a recipe.

Now, doughnuts aside, I am a sucker for an Italian dessert, and well, swooned over this fancypants dessert plate of Almond Ricotta Tart and Zabaglione Gelato over at MiscDesbris. Recipe from Bryanna Clark Grogan’s Nonna’s Italian Kitchen.

When I saw this entry for the Iron Chef Sesame & Potato duo challenge, I instantly wanted to know more (and to try them). Click on over to My Vegan Way for the Sweet Potato Dumplings with Sesame Crunch recipe and more fascinating photos.

Honestly, I’m not one for corndogs, but these Gluten-free, Vegan Corndog Mummies from Fork and Beans are clearly the cutest corndogs you’ve ever seen (Right?!)

Lastly, because I really need to get back to contemplating themes, let’s cleanse our palates with this gorgeous salad of Warm Beets & Blood Orange over at Hipsterfood.

What sticks out in your mind from VeganMoFo 2012?

Coming soon: VeganMoFo VII banners, theme suggestions, giveaway news & the blogrolls!

Haven’t signed up yet? Time is running out!

2013 VeganMoFo Signup has arrived!

2013 VeganMoFo Signup has arrived!

And…thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of folks who signed up! Even if you didn’t, you can totally post away and hashtag #VeganMoFo all you like. Enjoy!

VeganMoFo returns: Break out the snacks

Well, well, well. Who’s getting ready to blog about nooch for an entire month? Or at least enjoy a whole lot of B12 and popcorn while trying (and eating fortified nutritional yeast, of course)?

That’s right…VeganMoFo 2013 Signup is here!

And whether your theme is in the works or not (or about nooch, or you’re simply being fueled by noochy popcorn), you can sign up right now!

Simply read the following instructions on the official form and fill out as best as you can.
It’s right here. This is the signup!

And please remember, all are welcome to join in, but all content must be vegan (which means no meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, eggs or honey)!

Questions? You can read the all-purpose VeganMoFo F.A.Q. right here.

Stay tuned to this blog, VeganMoFo central, as well as the VeganMoFo Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VeganMoFo room on the PPK boards for news & inspiration, RSS Feed files, categorized blogrolls, contests, the rumored return of the MoFies (!!), and the snazzy new 2013 logos and banners for your own blogs.

#VeganMoFo, baby!

Keep in mind….the deadline to sign up is August 28th, 2013.

See you all September 1st!

Really Big News: VeganMoFo Returns September 2013!

Really Big News: VeganMoFo Returns September 2013!

Hello, hello! In case you haven’t heard, VeganMoFo is coming at ya this very September…next month!

That’s right, you now have just under a month to get brainstorming and restock your spices and take part in the one and only vegan blogging extravaganza that is the Vegan Month of Food.

I saw this mug at a thrift store the other day and you know what, Garfield’s right: It’s not pretty, it’s pretty fantastic. And VeganMoFo clearly calls for vegan lasagana.

So, start thinking themes (or not, because that’s totally a fun un-theme) stay tuned right here, the VeganMoFo facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VeganMoFo room on the PPK boards for the official blog signup, RSS Feed files, contests, and the snazzy new 2013 logos and banners for your own blogs.  And hashtag, of course.

More to come!  

Happy blogging mania ahead!

Dine-Out Friday Round-Up

Dine-Out Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday, MoFo-land! Jess here, and my travelin’ bug is itching, mere days away from heading across the US and spending the rest of the month in New York. In the theme of vegan sightseeing, aka seeking out delicious, cruelty-free cuisine, I wanted to visit some blogs today who are dining out and showing off what’s available in their own towns, and beyond.

Alien’s Day Out snags the LAST VEGAN PAIN AU CHOCOLATE at the Veggie Holic Bakery in Hongdae, and it is awe-inspiring:


Michele shares a glorious grilled cheese from Portland’s Cheese Cart on Vegtastic Voyage:

More Portland! Alice B of Silver Threads tries Sizzle Pie, for some New Maps out of Hell.

Not that I’m trying to rub it in, but I happened share some Rabbit salad & breadsticks at the other Sizzle location earlier today, myself.

Next up, the Gloria Gaynor biscuits from Biscuits & Groovy on Lone Star Plate.

I don’t know what to say besides I want to eat that plate. It will happen.

Moving on! Pumpkin chocolate sundae at Lula’s on A SoyBean’s blog (and more ice cream, treats from Cake Thieves and Sweet & Sara Marshmallows that I’m so stoked to get my hands on next week!!!)

More sweets, please:  Pecan Crumb Cake with Gingerbread Icing from the Deerly Beloved Bakery blog, who’ll be at two local street fairs this weekend, for those of ya in the Norwich (UK) vicinity!

You should go and report back, because I’m jealous.

Not exactly on my round-up topic, but come on, these vegan (and gluten-free!) corn dog mummies from Fork and Beans are so dang awesome:

Lastly, a very Hungry Caterpillar fruit snack from Fried Dandelions, because I continue to be a sucker for cutesy edible art:

See you next time!

Day-Five-Friday MoFo Round Up!

Day-Five-Friday MoFo Round Up!

Hello, hello, and happy day-five-Friday, MoFo-land! Jess here, and I’ve spent so much of the past day, our big fifth day in, scouring the internet, clicking and scrolling and being inspired all over the place, while most importantly, bookmarking the posts that make me smile and point at the screen to my girlfriend who’s sitting next to me on the couch. 

First up, I love fall and I love apples and I love cinnamon and I love doughnuts and I love autumn leaves and you get that I’m excited, SO, therefore, check these out from Shannon at Leaves & Flowers and see why:

Just as autumn appropriate are Vegan Crunk’s pumpkin cheddar biscuits on Panda With Cookie for Lisa’s Friday Fun theme. I must say, I’ve enjoyed these biscuits, and I want to enjoy them some more!

Commence cute attack with the playful food posts, this time with a green bell pepper monster, from the mother & daughter duo at Earthy Veg:


Our friend Mary from Nether Ending Story in you guessed it, the Netherlands, nerds out with an adorable build-your-own cookbook idea:

Do it!

Next up, breadsticks and subsequent rustic marinara for dipping from the Unintentional Vegan – because this was one I had to point out to J. Legume because when doesn’t she want breadsticks for dinner? When don’t I? When don’t you?!

Earlier today, fellow round-upper Stephanie aka Lazy Smurf, shared her life-changing video on the following topic, and please, I urge you – CLICK ON THIS LINK (because I’m having an issue embedding it):

*************PSA: Burritos vs. Tacos*************

Tacos. Burritos. Tacos! Burritos! Ah!

And let me add, J. Legume instantly recognized Lazy Smurfy because she’s friends with Dinger and Willow, from this little post

And bonus: even more tacos – this time, joined by enchiladas – from Vegan Soul Food:

p.s. Food and Blood wants you to know this:

VeganMoFo 2012 is here!

VeganMoFo 2012 is here!

Helloooo, MoFo-land! This is Jess, one of your round-uppin’ organizers, and I’m so gosh darn excited to welcome everyone in to the sixth-ever Vegan Month of Food! VeganMoFo VI is here!

Every year, the themes seem to get well, more and more exciting, with unstoppable returning favorites and new folks alike – from folks passionately covering regional cuisines and positively obsessing over new ingredients, to folks busting out day-of-the-week themes, and of course, those bloggers with themes that are downright awe-inspiring, like the now-legendary, two years of vegan gravy from Marti at More Than Tofu-N-Sproutz and the captivating ‘Around the World in Thirty Days‘ from Amey (one of our lovely MoFo organizers) at Vegan Eats & Treats.

Over at VeganMoFo-brainstorming central, the Post Punk Kitchen boards (join us!), we’ve been sharing theme announcements and they include: The Walking Fed, zombie-themed fun at That Pain in the A*s Vegan, all things Canadian over at Cookbook Aficionado, cleaning the cupboards and using all those random ingredients you forget you bought at Cooking the Vegan Books, fall foods from Hot Vegan Chickpeas, mantras & oats at Including Cake, Buffy-themed food at Busted Afternoon (whoa), days of the week including a Go-Go Gadget Monday at Vegan in Brighton (one of our new MoFo organizers!), cooking for kids at The Common or Garden Vegan, more days of the week featuring Lingonberry Tuesdays (!!!!) at NorthernVeg, 30 Days of cooking from Tofu Cookery at Vegan for the Win, Frocktober & vegan food at Meet the Wikos (with Erin, another one of our new organizers), waffles galore at Muffin Topped, and a month of food holiday-celebrating at Noochtastic! are just some of the ideas floating around. Please share yours! I’m trying my first year of day-of-the-week themes myself with something of a spreadsheet ready in advance  as opposed to a more on-the-fly approach. Gosh, how do you guys do it?!

Roasted Carrot Waffles from Day One of MoFo 2012 on Muffin Topped

Reminders & Fun Links

There may seem like a lot to keep up on, but it’s all awesome, so listen up!

Let’s start with the big official 2012 Blogroll & RSS Feed details.

If you’re like me, you’ll get lost – in a good way – on this for hours.  Here are the feed bundles.  This is further divided into: Where in the World, by Language, the United States of Blogging, by Category and the PPK MoFo-ers. Just try and keep up. Really.

If you want to talk MoFo with other MoFo-ers all MoFo day, head over to those Post Punk Kitchen VeganMoFo forum to discuss MoFo-everything in one place. MoFo!

If you want even more and more MoFo (we know you do!), keep up with the official Facebook page, follow the twitter @VeganMoFo with hashtag #VeganMoFo. ALL THE TIME.

Want a banner for your posts and/or website? Go here and make sure to link back.

New for 2012, we have an Instagram! Ooooo. Follow it at @VeganMoFo, and use the same tag so folks can see what you’re up to, #VeganMoFo, on your photos.

We’ll also be debuting one week of Chopped among-st the Iron Chef competitions and other generous giveaways for folks all around the globe – so, stay tuned for rules & prizes!

And hey, if you have questions, please email VeganMoFoBlog [at] and an organizer will get back to ya.

Is this your first year? Are you a seasoned MoFo-er? Do you have the best theme ever? Let us know!



Hey You! Sign up for VeganMoFo 2012!

Hey You! Sign up for VeganMoFo 2012!

It’s less than two mere weeks away!!!!!!

Here’s the sign up form.

Go, go, go! The deadline is September 26, 2012


New to MoFo’ig? Want a refresher?

Check out the updated F.A.Q.

More tips & updates, the shiny new 2012 logo, and just perhaps, some 2011 VeganMoFo favorites, to follow soon!

Seriously, start theme-storming and sign up for VeganMoFo, October 2012! We’d love to see you on the fancy blogroll.