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Party Foodz Roundup 10/29

Party Foodz Roundup 10/29

Whether you are throwing your first vegan potluck like Melissa or you’re a seasoned pro at hosting shindigs, this time of year seems to bring the party out of people.  With Halloween around the corner and the rest of the holidays coming up, I thought it would be nice to do a roundup of some great party ideas!

Since Saturday is fast approaching, why not get a candy making party together?  Have your friends come over and do all the hard work under the guise that fun will be had!  Muahahaha.


Or you can get the spook in by serving your Halloween guests these gnarly eyeballs courtesy of Allyson at Manifest Vegan!  Mmm.  Just look at ’em staring back at you.


Maybe you want to, heh, charm your guests instead of scaring them.  Use some not-so-wicked magic with this fantastic book o’ spells from our very own Jeni Treehugger!


I don’t know who decided that parties have to be super extravagant.  Why not invite some friends over for some alphabet tots?  But if you want to be all fancy, here is a cool idea that makes any party look like a million bucks: float some pomegranate seeds in a glass of sparkling dranky drank like Kat Reeves did.


Of course, desserts are a must at any decent party.  Lisa Marie uses leftover pie filling to make these fantastic pumpkin pie cups!


For the chocoholic in us all, take a gander at these babies.  Chocolate Truffles from Herbivore Dinosaur!


For the more advanced party hostess/host, why not throw a Vegan Chopped Challenged.  Test your cooking skills and entertain your friends with your supreme food geekery!  Best picture ever:


Make sure you don’t forget the dips!  Everybody loves a good layer dip and Jessica made a killer one.


And a party isn’t a party until the hummus shows up!  Look at all this chickpea and tahini action.  Mmm.


Hope you got some great ideas for the holiday season.  With only a few days left, I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure MoFos.  Y’all are an awesome bunch!  Also, have a safe and happy Halloween!



tuesday good news day

tuesday good news day

wow! we are really rounding the last corner of VeganMoFo III here! Tuesday will have been the 5th to last day of the month! How are your mofos coming along? If you need a little inspiration, here are some of the coolest posts from mofotown in the last few days…

Mihl, over on Seitan is My Motor, gives us the science behind Speculoos (a.k.a. those quintessential holiday spice cookies so popular in Europe). And then, she kicks it up a notch by using the same spice mixture to make, wait for it, wait for it, SPECULOOS WAFFLES!!

Holy pink alcohol, Batman! Go check out these Pink Russian cocktails over on Scrumpdilly blog:

Life on the Vegan Highway is Good is the name of the blog, and mock tuna is the name of the game – go check it out!

This cake from Mama VeeGee’s Vegan Kitsch-n is kind of absurdly fabulous:

Yes, those are peanut butter cookies you see all up in there.

Woah woah woah. Go here to the Mama kocht vegan blog and enter to win one of these serious-looking chocolate bars!

Finally, the always lovely Elizavegan blog gives us this recipe for Welsh rabbit/rarebit, with nary a rabbit harmed in the process, natch. Perfect cold-weather stick-to-your-ribs comfort food here!


A is for Artichoke

A is for Artichoke


As bad as it looks has a lovely shot of red callaloo.  Too bad there’s no such thing as red spinach.  Someone please let me know if it does exist, I’d love to rock some purplish saag.


In a Gadda da Vegan (who might just win for best vegan blog name ever) reveals a true Lebanese recipe for tabbouleh and explains why fresh parsley is not only energizing but so very healthy.


Herding Cats is working the Fall weather by stuffing chili into hollowed out pumpkins and chasing it with cheezy macaroni.


Disposable Aardvarks Inc., might just be the new Wing it Vegan with very inspiring and awesome scary Halloween bentos.

Beware!  This olive spider is about to make off with all your couscous!!


Eating with the Rabbits reminds us what Summer is like with raspberry vanilla cupcakes topped with coconut creme.  Cream or Creme?


Full of Beans gives it up for peanut butter. Actually, let’s all take a minute and hold hands in group appreciation.

Green Smoothie

Grow Peace shares a pesto dish made with home grown purple pesto!


Hugger Food has been packing expert lunches full of nutrient dense food such as quinoa and ruby red grapefruits.  I want that.


The I-40 Kitchen has been rockin’ the MoFo nonstop.  Recent highlights include tasty smoked yeast and desserts for The Dead.


Just the Food, tries to make me less cranky with XgfX chocolate chip cookies made with coconut flour!  Coconut flour sounds much tastier than the garbanzofava recipes I know about.


Kellybot ruminates over what to make for Thanksgiving.  Go help ‘er out!


Over at Lisasthoughts, they’re doing it right with warm pumpkin donut holes and steamy hot beverages.


Oh my!  Madcap Cupcake has gone mad with a layer cake; sweetened with maple syrup and iced to perfection.  Seriously, the pictures are eye-ball poppin’.  Go have a looks-y at the others.


Not Just Greens has gorgeous photos of chili topped spaghetti.  I really want this right now, even though I just had two slices of pretty good pizza.


October Vegan is collecting mac ‘n’ cheeze recipes.  Got any to share?


Get on over to P.H.D. Delicious ‘cuz there’s crazy stuff going on over there with Dandies, chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t know what to do with kohlrabiRecipe for Water gives us a recipe plus inside and outside shots, just in case you don’t know what one looks like.


Mollyjade from Scratch and Sniff offers a review of yet another new vegan cookbook, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food.  Check out her post to spy a cute pod o’ okra.


The Green Bite has all sorts of yummy treats going on, but I can’t help but be distracted by the birthday cheesecake, all decked out on top of an oatmeal crust!


How the hell have I missed Urban Girl Scout Cooking all month??  Seriously, there is crazy stuff happening over there like banana splits and microwaved date/peanut butter sundaes.  Seriously, just up my alley, I need a week to catch up.


Jeannette’s giveaway over at Vessels and Wares is so awesome that it deserves as much  MoFo Headquarters attention as possible.  Get over to her blog and win a handmade MoFo mug, she’s gifting a few of ’em.


Whole Food Vegan made me do a double take with pictures of their Dr. Cow’s aged cashew cheese.  The most cheese looking non cheese I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Tofu Xpress

I have no idea what’s happening over at xbeepsx, ‘cuz I  am far  too distracted by whatever is topped upon their holiday pumpkin pie.  Whatisititlookssogood!



Yo Soy hits a paneer free saag with lots of love and some tomatoes.  A blog after my own heart…


Finally, Zoey’s Kitchen is so overwhelmed with all the Autumn squash, they’ve taken to feeding it to their cat.  Since the cat won’t eat it, Mr. Zoey took over and now all is well.

xo kittee

Quick Thursday Night Roundup 10/22

Quick Thursday Night Roundup 10/22

Well, we only have a week to go and I wanted to do a Halloween roundup but there is hardly any Halloweeny love!  What’s all this, please?  So this MoFo is brought to you by things that are made of awesome.


Andrea from Very Vegan Holiday is getting ready for a huge party.  She’s got some great ideas in tune with the holiday spirit.  Just look at these fabulous pumpkin bat cookies.


Nothing calls to me quite like a delicious brunch or brinner.  If you say “waffles,” I’m there!  So, naturally, I gasped when I saw these.waffles

Ooh!  Check out this badass giveaway from Jeanette at Vessels and Wares.  Awesome VeganMoFo merch!giveaway

Woah.  Is it nog season and nobody told me?!  Much thanks to Vegansaurus for the heads nog


Finally, check out these lower fat pumpkin muffins courtesy of the Vegan Minded Blog.twopump
That’s all for now.  Only one week to go.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  Keep on pushing, MoFos!


Tuesday Treats

Tuesday Treats

I’m cold! I’m tired! I’m cranky! (wah, wah) Today’s round-up is all about stuff I would like to treat myself to RIGHT NOW. Think of it as instant virtual cozy gratification for the mofo.

Carlota, of the Garlic Pepper blog, celebrates Kid’s Day in Brazil with a delicious smoothie and PAÇOCA for dessert. I’ve never had this peanut-y concoction, but it looks awesome and I feel like I need it.

The Geeky White Girl Grows Up blog features these delicious stuffed cabbage beauties. Cabbage = comfort food. The fact that it’s a grandma recipe just makes it even awesomer.

Everyone’s favorite Megatarian, Megan, made many MANY cakes this week, for the occasion of her Nana’s 90th b-day. (I think we have ourselves a theme here!) Here’s just one of them, but you’ll have to hop over to the blog to look at (drool over) all of them.

There is a blog called Vegan Dance if You Want To. The name alone was enough to get me hooked, but then sister had to go and make gnocchi with cilantro pesto??? OH NO SHE DIDN’T! (oh yes she did)

over on the p.h.d.elicious blog, we have a wonderful version of Veganomicon‘s Acorn Squash and Pear Soup with sautéed shiitakes. Why haven’t I made this soup yet? WHY?

Finally, DESSERT! (yes, I know I had the peanut candy appetizer and the cake, er… intermezzo, but this is dessert, I swear!) C’est La Vegan blog brings us this dreamy trifle. Look at it. Admire it. Make it your own. Eat it.

I don’t know about you, but Tuesday’s comfort-y treats certainly have made ME feel better.


Put Your Mind to It, Go For It Roundup 10/15

Put Your Mind to It, Go For It Roundup 10/15

What the what do Hot Sundae lyrics have to do with this roundup?  Well, we are half way through the month and I just wanted to offer a little encouragement!  Go TEAM!  Plus, the tight-fitting 80s spandex was reminding me that I really like all the healthy eating going on right now.  And, no, I’m not talking about chomping on caffeine pills.  It’s fall and I usually gravitate towards warm comfort food, but my body also longs for healthy things.

We all need a little something to balance out the yummy baked goods, and I figure what better way than with more baked goods.  Check out these wonderfully healthy apple spice muffins over at the Whole Food Vegan.  Nothing is better than a muffin this time of year.  Except maybe washing it down with a spicy, zingy, and oh-so-soothing sip of lemon ginger tea, courtesy of the Messy Vegetarian Cook.

Ginger & Lemon Tea

Look at it.  Doesn’t it just make you wish you were in your jammies all snuggled up with a book…or laptop?

Maybe you’re more of an on-the-go type.  There are plenty of super simple and healthy options.  Matt’s confetti pasta salad had me drooling.  How could so much greatness be in one salad?!

confetti pasta salad

If pasta is a little too “cooked” for your liking, please check out Whitney’s scary raw burrito.  Don’t worry.  It’s not going to bite your face off or anything…unless you want it to.

scary burrito rawr

Of course, it wouldn’t be a healthy roundup without a little soup and salad lovin’.  Nothing reminds me of my youth more than a good tomato soup.  Mmm mmm great.  Tess delivers a recipe for a simple and soothing nod to a childhood favorite.  For those of you looking for more of an Asian flare, why not try Zoa’s miso soup with vegetables and yuba.

miso soup

I hope you’re not hungry yet, because it doesn’t stop there.  Check out Amanda using kohlrabi for the first time in this amazing salad!  She did her thug thizzle, as the youth like to say.


Of course, we can’t think about health without addressing our eating habits.  Val talks about intuitive eating and lists her new dietary goals.  Great tips for everybody, really.  Over at Vegan Epicurean they’ve got some nutrition tidbits going on.  I have only one question for you: have you eaten your leafy greens today?  Get to it then!

05_09 lettuce - close - reduced

I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so excited that we are half way through the month and I continue to get inspired.  Keep it up, MoFos!


Sunday MoFo International Round Up 10/4

Sunday MoFo International Round Up 10/4

YEAH it’s Sunday!

YEAH I get to do today’s MoFo round up.


It’s so awesome to see so many people participating in this, the third Vegan MoFo, and what’s also awesome is seeing the amount of different countries and cultures being represented around the MoFo blogosphere, all helping to spread the vegan love. Man.

This Swedish dish of Raggmunkar caught me eye and got my taste buds going


Yesterday was “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”  in Germany (German Unification Day) which is the national holiday to celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany and you can see some awesome vegan Solyanka over on Mihl’s blog


Bex, who is travelling around Spain as I type, has been sampling the awesome vegan eateries on offer in Barcelona. Check out the funky place that is Juicy Jones.


Sticking with the Spanish theme I can’t possibly blog about international veganism without giving a shout out to La Dolce Vita Vegana.


She has totally mastered the art of veganizing a patata tortilla which is traditionally made with eggs and potatoes.

No mean feat as you can imagine.But us vegans stare mean in the face and say “NO”! So ya gotsta check it out. If you need a translation then either copy and paste into google translate (it’s very very good) or email me and I’ll happily give you the English recipe.

For a European such as myself – the one food item that epitomises American cuisine is the WAFFLE!

Waffles have taken on a whole new meaning to me since I entered the blogosphere. Who knew they could be so delicious and so waffling versatile!

To see a perfect waffle in all its waffling goodness then check out these beauties:





That’s what I’m talking about!

Two Vegans in States with Two Names Eat Things and Go Places was feeling the Asian vibe on this MoFo day #4


Who can resist pop-into-your-mouth-sized pieces with a spicy glaze?

And in their own words ( and I ain’t gonna argue)  “Holy Yumminess” !!

And just because this is too awesome not to include in today’s round-up.

I defy you to look at this and not shout  “GIMMEE GIMMEE GIMMEE!” out loud!


And this just because it cracked me up so much.


Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy MoFo’ing Y’all.

Keep it all coming ‘cos you’re ALL FREAKING AWESOME!