Fourth Week Round Up of 2015

Fourth Week Round Up of 2015

The fourth week is upon us. Are you still here? We have a few giveaways still coming up so keep posting and checking back.

Zsu here, back for one last final shindig of Vegan MoFo 2015.

Did you notice the trend this past week was full of pumpkins, fall colors and autumn flavors and spring produce and vibrant colors (Different strokes for different hemispheres.) This week’s prompts brought us….


TWENTY-FIRST DAY: Endless Food Supply When Stranded on an Island


I personally found it ironically funny that vegans were now stranding other vegans on islands, as if the omni world hasn’t been abandoning us quite well themselves.

The consensus among the folks I visited during this prompt was that, sure, we can all have three things to bring, but, by golly, we are all going to be on the SAME island having the best time!

Dandelion Vegan Blog

DVB is starting things off with the most important supplemental item: Beer. Pickles. And, frankly, even they lost interest in deciding on the final item. Beer and pickles. The stuff of life.




Vegan Varg

After we have the best first night on our piece of paradise drinking beer and eating pickles, VV makes sure we can wake up in the morning and harvest our delectable produce (remember that those are supplied by the powers that be) by providing the coffee. And to keep things chugging along at a cool pace, ice cream bars and chocolate are also part of their plan.




Rock My Vegan Socks

RMVS decided to go a different direction; she is not just bringing ingredients, oh no! She went full throttle and is bringing cupcakes, sandwiches and pad thai. That’s making sure we will not starve when we don’t feel like island cooking. Sweet.




TWENTY-SECOND DAY: Dish Using All Seasonal Produce


Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen

This autumn, Kelli whips out her Caramel Apple Buckwheat Waffles. Not much more need be said about this autumn breakfast/snack staple. Caramel Sauce over a crisp waffle and Coconut Whipped Cream.




V4O used the produce from backyard gardens and made this tart Green Tomato Pasta Sauce. What more seasonal produce is there than one that comes directly from the garden? Love it!



Vie De La Vegan

Well, all the autumn colors and flavors are lovely, but there is a whole other hemisphere on this rock we inhabit, and they are going through spring. VDLV threw together this gorgeous Spring Spinach Salad, including avocado and borage flowers.




TWENTY-THIRD DAY: Autumn Equinox Eats


Le Lapin Qui Mange (The Rabbit Eats)

LLQM makes a great point: autumn is almost here and we should make sure to get in a few more vegan dogs before summer wanes completely. I’m all in.




The Vegan Word

While not following the prompts, TVW fell in sync with the prompts when she made this video about an appropriate equinox staple: Butternut Squash Soup.




Vegan Vera

Showing us that smoothies are not just a spring indulgence, VV makes their autumn smoothies using apples, pears, bananas and spinach.




TWENTY-FOURTH DAY: Famous [dude/dudette] Would Eat as a Vegan


Cute prompt! You guys had some great ideas about who to veganize (which is the alternative way of thinking about this prompt)


Herbivore’s Heaven

HH enjoyed feeding Brithish national treasure Mary Barry a vegan feast (and I really mean a feast!) of scones, cakes, sandwiches and all sorts of treats. I really can’t do this any sort of justice. Take a look — this is all for two people:





Among the splendid (and, again, I mean splendid!) spread being served up to famous people, Dolly Parton has it made over at Veganopoulous HQ.  I will show you just one of the dishes, and I do this because you must see this :

“Like Swedish dishes such as Semla, because they look like– WAIT FOR IT– islands in the stream:”




Tracy’s Living Cookbook

Tracy chose an infamous anti-vegan to feed, which is pretty neat as, indeed, it would be spectacular if Ted Nuget gave into compassion and became an ethical vegan. Here’s hoping! Maybe if he sees Tracy’s Great White Buffalo Dip!

buffalo dip (1)


TWENTY-FIFTH DAY: Share Your Favorite Cuisine


My first find for favorite cuisine had many hits. In fact, I dare say, conducting an unofficial survey, this cuisine comes in at a pretty strong first place. Indian! Just two blogs that I found with this choice:

La Vie La Bouffe Le Reste 

qwerty 070



Chunky On Chia




Rosie’s Vegan Kitchen

VIW loves Italian food. Yup, another popular one!




Flicking the Vs

F[the]V enjoys Japanese food! Not sure how anybody has been able to narrow it down to just one, so kudos to you all!




TWENTY-SIXTH DAY: What To Make When It’s Cold/Rainy etc.


Boards and Knives

It’s getting to that time of season: winter squash. When we are stuck indoors, many of us, surely, will have this veggie spilling off our counters. Here’s a great looking dish to make with a few of them: Mexican Stuffed Squash




Walks, Talks and Eats

More fall produce is used up at WT&E via this comfy and warming Carrot and Butterbean Soup. With garlic bread, of course!





More warming and delicious soup is heading your way. This pantry challenge is certainly bringing out the tasty, comfort foods. Take a look at Vegga’s Kale and Yellow Split Pea Soup:




TWENTY-SEVENTH DAY: Favorite Herb or Spice


Let’s check out your favorite flavoring in the kitchen:

Cinnamon was the choice of Kittens Gone Lentil, featuring this Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut.  I, too, love cinnamon!





Chinese 5 Spice was the choice of Great Vegan Expectations and, surprise!, I love her choice, too! Another fave of hers is basil, such as in this wonderful looking dish:




Veggie Product Review thinks that Capitol Hill Seasoning is just the bomb! The ingredients look really good!




That’s it for another week of round ups, folks! The last complete week of the 2015 MoFo Season. There are only 3 more prompts to go, so if you are still posting, keep it up! And if you are not posting (sadly, I have seen a few blogs fall to the side), keep supporting others in MoFo land and visit them and comment.


Also, we have TWO more giveaways to conduct, so check back here often! You won’t regret it!


This is Zsu from Zsu’s Vegan Pantry signing off. Good night (or day)!


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  1. Thank you for featuring my Spring Spinach Salad! And thank you for recognising we are experiencing spring over here in the southern hemisphere haha, I was a little worried about “breaking the rules” and not following the prompts exactly 😀

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