Giveaway – Amy’s Kitchen

Giveaway – Amy’s Kitchen

Winners! Check your emails!

If you haven’t had the MARGHERITA pizza you haven’t had PIZZA! IT IS AMAZING! I have Crohn’s and I can eat PIZZA! Thank you AMY’s kitchen. YOU ARE THE BEST!
Kimberlee: I adore the black bean tamales and try to buy them whenever I am in a hurry and need to eat healthy. They usually keep me very satisfied until dinner.
veganbabette: I’m delighted to hear it’s open to Canadians. I have yet to find the cheese pizza where I live, but I’m definitely trying it when I do.
Jonathon: The vegan pizza takes the pie(lol)! Great stuff there & have never been short of satisfied with Amy’s! Keep it up!!
moonsword: I’ll go straight for burgers anytime…Low-Sodium California Veggie Burger tops my list. πŸ™‚

I really like the burritos and I want to try the scramble one I saw at the store the other day, but the mac and cheese is simply impossible to beat.

It is my extreme pleasure to be doing the Amy’s Kitchen Giveaway! I don’t know about you, but Amy’s saved my life way before I dated famous Vegan cookbook authors. The burgers, the frozen dinners, the burritos: VEGAN LIFE SAVERS. Let’s look at a couple, shall we?

The California Burger. Still to this day, my favorite veggie burger.
The Non-Dairy Vegetable Pot Pie. One of the heartiest things I ever ate!
Organic Refried Beans. Are you allowed to make nachos without these? Probably not.
Vegan Margherita Pizza. And last but not least, my current favorite pizza. If your store doesn’t have it, demand it!!!

Ok, now that you are hungry, here’s the contest! Name you favorite Amy’s Kitchen product in the comments below and use a vaild email address so we can contact you.

One Free Any Amy’s Product (value up to $10)
One Free Amy’s Soup, Bean or Chili (value up to $5)
One Free Amy’s Burrito (value up to $5)
Plus a cute Amy’s hemp shopping tote

This offer is open the the USA and Canada only and ends tomorrow Friday, 10/19/12 at 8pm CST. Good luck and happy eating!

268 thoughts on “Giveaway – Amy’s Kitchen

  1. My favorite Amy’s product is the Rice and Bean Burritos. They are a life saver when I get really busy. I haven’t seen the vegan pizza anywhere in Canada yet but I would LOVE to try it!

  2. Hmmm, how to choose. Enchiladas and mac and cheese and tamale pies!! There are others as well, how about the wraps! Mmmmm.

  3. I’m pretty simple and while I love all of Amy’s Kitchen products, I often just opt for the Bean and Rice burrito. They’re handy to have around and available in enough stores that if I need a quick meal, I know where to get it. And, of course, delicious.

  4. I love everything about Amy’s vegan stuff, but the Brown Rice, Black-Eyed Peas & Veggies Bowl is my current go-to frozen food. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I love the burritos and the burgers. A few years ago I was at a Wilco show and Jeff Tweedy was talking about touring, living on the bus and eating Amy’s foods.

  6. If you haven’t had the MARGHERITA pizza you haven’t had PIZZA! IT IS AMAZING! I have Crohn’s and I can eat PIZZA! Thank you AMY’s kitchen. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  7. The vegan margherita pizza is my favorite! It has just the right mixture of non-dairy cheese, sauce, and vegetables, and the seasoning is perfect.

  8. The pesto tortellini definitely. Delicious dorm food, right there! It just so creamy and good, I don’t know how they do it. They must have special magic powers.

  9. I’m a new vegan (2 months tomorrow and I feel great!) and Amy’s is the only reason I have been able to stay that way (and away from fast food). The samosa wrap makes me so happy.

  10. It’s a toss up for me. I’ve probably tried every vegan product that they offer. My favorites are the Vegan Macaroni and Cheeze and the Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap. Amy’s helped me maintain a vegan diet by making quality food options possible with only a microwave. The convenience factor has helped me many times when I needed something vegan, nutritious, and fast . They are one of my favorite companies.

  11. I love all Amy’s products, they have made being vegan easier. My favorite product would have to be amy’s vegan chili. I always have it in my pantry, I love it on my salads or just ina bowl. Yummy!

  12. My favorite is the Black Bean Tamale Verde frozen meal. It’s awesome to have a super-tasty dinner at work that makes my (non-vegan) coworkers ask me what smells so delicious!

    Thanks for making such great convenient foods! <3

  13. The cheeseless pizza was my first meal as a vegan and is still delicious six years later. I haven’t ever seen the Daiya pizzas here but will snap one up if I see it!

  14. Oh my jeez! I just forgot about it till now! Amy’s Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup. I was so sad on rainy, cold, sick days till I discovered this! I mean really, in that bleak situation, who wants to go to the hassle of making fake chicken noodle soup. This product is genius. Pure genius.

  15. I love the meatloaf dinner and the non-dairy burritos and many more!! I have not seen that vegan pizza anywhere but would love to try it.

  16. I’m going to go with the Non-Dairy Pot Pie. It’s small, but packs a lot of flavor in there. Eating that with Amy’s Minestrone soup, is a good chilly night dinner combo.

  17. As a college freshman, vegan with a newly diagnosed wheat allergy, living in the dorms, I think its safe to say Amy’s SAVES me. I don’t know what I’d do without their products! (And my microwave.)

    I absolutely love the rice crust roasted vegetable pizza! It’s nice to have a “normal” meal even with so many dietary restrictions!

      1. It is HELL. Fortunately, we eat mostly made from scratch whole foods, but everything packaged may contain traces of peanut, or was made on shared equipment. In a way it works out in my favor though because it usually means I don’t have to share my chocolate! πŸ˜‰

  18. Amy’s was super-important to transitioning both to vegetarian and then to vegan! My mother used to buy the frozen burritos to get my sister and me to eat something somewhat healthy for lunch. With slightly more mature tastes, my favorites are now the Indian meals, roasted veggie pizza, the Mexican Tamale or Shepherd’s Pies, and the No Chicken Noodle Soup!

  19. Light in Sodium Gluten Free Vegan Shepherd’s Pie or the Gluten Free Vegan Vegetable Lasagna, I can’t decide. Comfort food all the way! πŸ˜€

  20. This is one of the hardest questions ever…I don’t want to offend my beloved Amy’s burritos, my beloved Amy’s mac ‘n cheese, my beloved Amy’s pizzas, my beloved Amy’s chili…but my absolute favorite: the vegan ENCHILADAS!

  21. I’m delighted to hear it’s open to Canadians. I have yet to find the cheese pizza where I live, but I’m definitely trying it when I do.

    I really like the burritos and I want to try the scramble one I saw at the store the other day, but the mac and cheese is simply impossible to beat.

  22. I have always loved the vegetable pot pies when I can find them, Might have to order some online because its rare to find them in the stores.

  23. The “Roasted Vegetable (no cheese) Pizza” is awesome! I can’t find the one with Daiya cheese very often, so I usually get that one. Really, really good without cheese, surprisingly. Since going vegan, it’s like one of my favorite treats to get every now and then. Love Amy’s products!

  24. The only thing close to Amy’s Tofu Scramble (I’ve hooked many omnivores on the scramble) is the Tofu Scramble Pocket. So many good products, but the Tofu Scramble is the one that has me drooling every time.

  25. Any of the vegan pizzas — Daiya or roasted veggies, regular or rice crust — love them all!!! Two weeks ago I counted my POPs and realized that every other one was from a pizza — soo good!

  26. My family couldn’t live without Amy’s All American Burger! We’ve been eating them since going vegan 8 months ago. Both my kids LOVE them and my freezer is never without them! Yay for Amy’s!

  27. The gluten-free spinach pizza with soy cheese! BTW, when will we be seeing a gluten-free pizza with daiya cheese?

  28. The Black Bean Burger is a default meal in the Williams’ household. Actually, many ties it isn’t by default, it’s by choice because dat burger is SO DAMN GOOD. Sweet corn and the perfect blend of chipotle. Mama likee! aye aye aye!

  29. Indian Vegetable Korma is my favourite. πŸ™‚

    But I have several gluten free rice and bean burritos in my freezer. And I would love to try the mattar tofu but I seems the stores near me don’t carry it.

  30. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying a lot of Amy’s products (YET), but the chili I had once was sooo good!

  31. My favorite Amy’s product is the Vegetable Pot Pie, although I’d probably love one of their little cakes even more but have yet to find one anywhere near me.

  32. My fave Amy’s product? The canned soups, refried beans, frozen breakfast burritos…I love the black-eyed pea bowl, black bean enchiladas, dairy free mac and cheeze. So much I love about Amy’s.

  33. The Roasted Vegetable Pizza! The combination of caramelized onion, artichoke and roasted red pepper is amazing. It is my favourite treat when I’m home alone.

  34. Oh without a doubt–the Gluten Free Dairy Free Soy Free Macaroni & Cheese! Saves the day every time!! I absolutely LOVE Amy’s! πŸ™‚

  35. Amy’s came to my rescue 9 years ago, when I worked a field job logging soil samples in some vegan-sparse areas of the country. Luckily, we had a microwave in our field office, so Amy’s was my staple then. Nowadays, i enjoy the vegan mac n cheeze and the Amy’s Mattar Tofu.

  36. Burritos! When I was pregnant I used to eat Amy’s Black Bean and Vegetable Burritos at 4 AM. My baby is in the 98th percentile for height today (2 months old). Coincidence? I think not.

  37. Oh, Amy’s – how I love you – especially when I am starving and need something quick to make while holding a crying 1 year old. Just today for lunch I devoured a vegan/gluten-free rice mac-n-cheese…mmm.. yum. I

    ‘d say favorites are the vegan/gluten-free mac-n-cheese, and the vegan/gluten-free spinach pizza. I also love the Indian burittos….

    Yes, I have to agree. Amy’s = lifesaver.

  38. I must say the vegan cheese pizza. And while there’s nothing better than making up a ‘Za of your own, Amy’s pizza feels like they made it just for you. Hot, delicious, and the perfect ingredients to make anyone a believer.

  39. This seems a popular vote, but hands down it is the burritos! Am I weird if I say I they are just about the best breakfast? The best part of my job is when I get assigned some task that requires driving to another office and have the excuse to pick one of these up for a quick lazy breakfast!

  40. My favorite is still the No Chicken Noodle Soup, but I am dying to try the new Daiya pizzas! I would love to win this!

  41. Anything that’s vegan and Amy’s is a win for me! However, if i had to pick one one it’d be the
    Margherita pizza! πŸ™‚

  42. Hands down, the CA veggie burgers are my favorite. They remind me of the veggie burgers that Old Dog, New Trick in N.O. Used to serve!

  43. Vegan Margherita Pizza, no contest. The ONLY pizza I can eat with Daiya that doesn’t taste like Daiya!!! (I don’t like Daiya.)

  44. I will have to say that my fav item is the All American Veggie Burger, because this was the product I used in switching my daughter over to being a vegetarian. I took this one product and used it in several combinations to remove the beef and turkey from her diet. She loves my homemade gravy and seasoning to make this “burger” into her fav Salsbury Steak.

  45. This is like picking my favourite cat…

    I think I’ve probably gotta go with the roasted vegetable pizza. (haven’t seen the Daiya one in the area yet)

  46. My favorite is actually the Kid’s Meal Baked Ziti! The sauce on that pasta is so, so yummy and tastes delicious with the broccoli and the apple dessert!

  47. I just had one of their new Light & Lean frozen meals the other day, a bean enchilada with rice, I believe. It was great!

  48. I’m gonna go with the vegan mac and cheese, but I don’t think I’ve seen the margherita pizza anywhere around here – will definitely keep an eye out for that!

  49. I’m gonna have to go with the crowd and say the Amy’s frozen pizza. Mmmm. There was also a long period where I was obsessed with the breakfast burritos.

  50. definitely the bean & rice burritos! perfect to have on hand for a quick filling meal! Especially when covered in melted Daiya or mashed avocado!

    I didn’t know they made a vegan version of their pot-pies! I used to love the other ones before I went vegan. Will definitely have to look for them!

  51. Definitely the refried spicy beans. I just had them with green salsa, spinach and the last of my cherry tomatoes on some chips as healthy nachos.

  52. Oh man. Before I went vegan I went broke due to my Amy’s obsession πŸ˜‰ The mac and cheese, lasagna and especially the pizzas and Pesto Tortellini were my favorites. Now I can’t find the Daiya products anywhere–and can’t have soy–but still love the other vegan Amy’s products. Plus, they’re a great company. I just wish we had more vegan options here!

  53. Definitely the roasted vegetable pizza! (that being said, I’ve never seen the vegan margarita pizza before that is pictured above, and I have a strong feeling that could become my favourite if I can track it down . . .)

  54. The vegan mac n’ cheese! Even before I was vegan, cheese and I did not get along (digestively speaking) and so when I found out about the non-dairy Amy’s mac I was super excited! It tastes good and melts great which is sometimes hard for vegan cheese products. Well now it sounds like I’m writing an ad… haha πŸ™‚

  55. I am in love with all of her products! It’s hard to choose! I would say the vegetable loaf meal – it got me through a lot of lunches at work when I first became vegan and didn’t know what to cook.

  56. The roasted veggie pizza that I’ve been able to share with my son (he’s dairy intolerant) since he was just shy of a year old – he’s 2.5 now…
    or maybe the rice mac and cheeze, another favorite of his…
    or maybe it’s the lentil veggie soup, he almost can’t get enough.

    Do I really have to choose??? Would love to try the Margarita Pizza! Gunna be hard to find in my area tho.

  57. amy’s frozen foods- especially the pizzas- save me on long days @ labor and delivery. need to try the refried black beans…

  58. I super love the vegan shepherd’s pie. When I transitioned from omni to vegetarian at 15 (15 years ago!) Amy’s products saved me and my mom’s sanity.

  59. When I first became vegan I had started with Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza. It is the best pizza I’ve ever had and it reminds me of the early transition to veganism, an amazing choice for my health, animals and the planet.

  60. I love the organic baked beans. They are tomato-based and not molasses based so far superior to other canned baked beans.

  61. I don’t usually buy the frozen dinners, but I do buy their canned goods a lot. Even though I may not be the laziest vegan in the world, I am all about a company existing that makes veganism easier for people, lazy or not. I’d happily try any of their products πŸ™‚

  62. The gluten-free tofu scramble wraps. I can eat gluten, but there is something about that wrap which makes it delicious.

  63. Amy’s soups. My go-to lunch or dinner when I need something quick and don’t have leftovers. The pizza looks great; will be looking for that at my local stores.

  64. I eat the Amy’s No-Chicken Noodle Soup at least twice a week. I *LOVE* it so much! I just had a bowl last night, in fact. I dipped slices of vegan-buttered ciabatta into it – it was soul-warming, as always.

  65. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve not tried Amy’s. I thought it was vegetarian, not vegan. Now the brand’s on my weekend shopping list ‘cuz we need some quick eats here at home. We ate dinner last night at 9pm. Sigh. Busy

  66. How do you choose just one? Spicy Chili dressed up with some Tofutti sour cream, chopped green onion and diced tomatoes. Served with some fresh made tortilla chips! That’s how I Amy’s!

  67. ACK! I haven’t tried the burgers but ZOMG I can’t choose between their vegan mac and cheeze or the vegan enchiladas. They are SO NOM it’s indescribable.

  68. It’s hard to choose, the GF Mac n Cheese, the burritos (both breakfast and regular). Their Bowls. The roasted veggie pizza. Or my guilty pleasure: the GF Pound Cakes, especially the chocolate one. In short: I haven’t had a single thing that I didn’t liked.

  69. I haven’t tried any of the fancy, newer Amy’s offerings, but back in college I ate SO MANY of those rice and bean burritos, topped with copious amounts of salsa and/or hot sauce, and vegan sour cream if I was lucky. So good!

  70. I always have a can of Amy’s No-Chicken Noodle Soup for emergencies (when I have a cold and there’s no home made vegan ribolita in the freezer)

  71. Hooray! When I was recovering from both of my surgeries this year and counting on the boyfriend to bring me foods, Amy’s meals were a good go-to to have on hand when he couldn’t figure out what to feed me! I really like the veggie loaf :O

  72. It’s so hard to choose! I stock up on the soups when I find them on sale to stock my emergency preparedness kit. For quick dinners and lunch, I grab whatever Amy’s frozen meal I can find at my local grocery store (not easy to find vegan foods where I live). But during the summer, I love love love the burgers. I try my hand at various homemade burgers, but these are great for cooking out with my non-veg friends because they’re so reliably good!

  73. I’m a huge fan of the burritos for a quick meal, the pizza with no cheese (I haven’t tried the margherita, but it looks delicious) for that magical, slightly sweet flavor, and the green tamale meal. Goodness, Amy is a wonderful girl.

  74. I love the Tortilla Casserole with Black Beans. It’s so simple but so satisfying, like a single serving of chilaquiles. It’s great when you’re craving Mexican food or when you’re stressed and need some comfort food.

  75. There are soooooo many great Amy’s products (I “discovered” Amy’s when I chanced upon a Bean and Rice burrito on a train trip through California and instantly fell in love… strange as it may be for a grown man to fall head over heels for a burrito… maybe it was the bumpy train ride, maybe not), but I loveloveLOVE Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie (vegan, of course)!!!

  76. Oh man, maybe the cheeseless roasted vegetable pizza? Or the mac n’ Daiya. Or tofu scramble, matarr tofu, or Indian wrap. I like Amy’s.

  77. The roasted vegetable pizza is the bomb! It’s a lifesaver when I go home to visit my family and they want to do a movie-and-pizza night. Also, it’s good enough to distract me from their terrible taste in movies.

  78. My favorite is the non-dairy pot pie for sure, but the products I buy the most often are the low fat soups. So good with a vegan grilled cheese!

  79. I would probably have starved to death in grad school if not for the frozen veggie loaf. A close second is Amy’s canned tofu noodle soup. So magical!

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