Last Sunday Round-Up of Vegan MoFo 2014

Last Sunday Round-Up of Vegan MoFo 2014

It has been nothing less than fun! All you Mo-Foers, we are in the final lap of Vegan MoFo 2014, and the end is so very near! Last week I came down with a nasty bug, which put a huge dent into my personal MoFo blogging, but believe it or not, I’ll be able to make all my burger posts, which goes to show that tribulations can stall the MoFo, but it doesn’t have to completely halt it.

Take heart, and even if you’ve had some personal issues this month, the last lap is happening now, so stick with it and get those posts done.

This is my final MoFo Round-up. It has been a blast and I have loved seeing all the wonderful and really mouth-watering offerings you have all shareed. It makes me feel secure in the fact that veganism is not just here to stay, but is flourishing midst all the creative juices that flow among you amazing vegans (and those cooking vegan this month – keep it up!)

With that in mind, and a bit of a party atmosphere that I’m sensing on the brink, let’s see what you have had to share today:

Firstly is the list maniacs of The Food Duo who have made it their mission to regale us with lists every single day this month. Today they are sharing their list of their favorite adventures for Part II of their Veg Fest UK 2014.



This just makes it very clear that I do NOT attend as many veg fests as I should. In fact, I think the last one was in Austin more than a decade ago! Anyone know if San Diego is getting one any time soon?

Next up is House Vegan. This post really had me in turmoil as to which picture to feature from it… Halloween…Cadry’s Card Swap…Peanut Butter & Co. ..or kitties! the dilemma! Spare me, won’t you and just go check it out?

In the end, I chose the Trader Joe’s Halloween cookies because my kids have been dragging out the Halloween decorations. It is their opinion that as soon as Autumn Equinox happens, it is officially Halloween season. Not Fall. Halloween season. Officially renamed, take note.



Now I feel bad. I didn’t choose the kitty. No worries, because East Meets West Veg has a photo series of adorable Chewy stalking and attacking her Amy’s Veggie Loaf dinner. Took that company a bit too long to make it vegan, but when they did…man oh! man! Delish! Can’t blame Chewy for wanting some of that!

photo 3


Getting back to fall- themes, Adventures in Vegan Bento runs down how to make Crockpot Apple Butter. With the apple season right here and now (or around the corner for the warmer states), no better time to get to your local organic orchard for some apple picking. That alone is cause for a party! Bring on the cinnamon!


Finally, bringing it all full circle, it is party time! Freude am Kochen put on this super amazing looking vegan dinner party. I want to be invited to her next bash, please! She has a full series of photos delighting us with all the spectacular pomp and circumstance. Even if Google translate fails you, those photos are worth a thousand words.



That does it for me, folks! I’m outta here and back to my own blog to finish up my last few MoFo posts. I’m looking forward to the following weeks when I will be ubber busy commenting on all your posts that I missed doing during the actual fun-and-crazy time that us vegans have come to affectionately term Vegan MoFo.

Vegan Hugs to all,


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