Round-Up: Yes We Can!

Round-Up: Yes We Can!

I can’t put my finger on why, but over the last few months I’ve become completely enamoured of the idea of canning things. Maybe it’s the danger (get it wrong and you could inflict the plague upon your family!), maybe it’s the promise of preparedness for any situation (no, I won’t share my canned peaches, neighbour who laughed at my zombie contingency plan), or maybe it’s just my deep-seated desire to leave everything behind and join the Country Women’s Association (vegan lamington, ladies?). Whatever the cause, I’ve been super excited to see some Vegan MoFo-ers sharing my enthusiasm for all things fermented and preserved this year. 

Bobbie at The Vegan Crew has got the whole process covered, from picking to preserving, finishing up with some homemade pear-based ‘honey’! Why bother the bees when you can make honey yourself? 

The Picky Vegan offers us a recipe for authentic kimchi, as well as some great recommendations for books about preserving and even the best kinds of jars to use. 

The fermentation gets a little more unexpected at Kohlrabi and Quince, where Kelly is fermenting… hot sauce? I have to try this! 

This apple thokku, or Indian cooked apple chutney, is a perfect candidate for canning- if you can keep yourself from eating it all immediately, that is. Check out Rithika’s great chutney theme at Vegan on the Prowl for some more inspiration! 

Kate at The Spade and Spoon has made a meal in a can with these smoky paprika baked beans (finally, I can enjoy my post-apocalytic dinner without other survivors asking me where I get my protein). 

And if you’re wondering what to do with all this canned food, besides looking at it and congratulating yourself for your self-sufficiency, it’s Tami at Vegan Appetite to the rescue. In addition to some handy tips for canning novices, she’s offering up some recipes using your own preserved produce. First up are these barley, beans and greens-stuffed peppers using home-canned Cajun tomatoes and harissa. 

Cooked too much in a MoFo frenzy? You know what to do! Can it, and enjoy the flavours of MoFo all year round!

9 thoughts on “Round-Up: Yes We Can!

  1. These all look awesome!

    All of my friends have told me I’ll be one of the first people they seek out in case of zombie outbreak because my pantry is stocked with home-canned food.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the shout out!!

    Everyone is making such amazing food and you guys at Vegan MoFo are awesome as always!

    Time to grind some more chutney… 🙂

    1. Ha, so funny, I just saw I was in the Taco Round Up!! Yeay!! I guess I just didn’t expect that one! Yeay for pepitas on tacos! And I’ll get some canning posts up, soon, too. But, first, drying!

      I’m full of exclamation marks today!

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