Roundup: Taco Tuesday

Roundup: Taco Tuesday

It is my belief that if all the veganmofo participants in all the land got together we could make the most fabulous tacos. First we could get My Whole Deal to start pressing some homemade corn tortillas because homemade always wins and then the xGFx-ers could join the fun. Plus she’s got that salsa book which will totally come in handy.

The first thing I’d add into our tacos would me X Means No Onions‘ version of mushroom fajitas because they sound delicious and they also can feed a ton and there are like 600 of us. Plus it uses criminal mushrooms, I can just hear the Fiona Apple song. 

I like to have greens in my tacos because eating greens makes me feel like I’m a super healthy person and I can eat all the ice cream I want. So I think this butternut and kale saute with pecans from Good Good Things might be the perfect tasty element.

If all those fibrous greens are a little too much for your palate another way to enjoy them is Fo Reals Mom‘s Kale Pesto. The recipe has sunflower seeds, miso, and nooch so I think it would be a fantastic addition to any taco. Maybe I’ll try it!

A lot of people love a creamy melty cheesy element on their tacos, especially for those American-style smart ground/lettuce/tomato versions and I think Vegan Nom Nom‘s Melty Delicious Vegan Cheese looks like just the thing. It uses agar AND tapioca starch so it’s firm  and sliceable or melty if you heat it up. She used it for nachos and they look like something I could eat all day.

There’s No Fu like Tofu roasted some poblanos and I think roasted peppers -especially with a cheesy sauce- make tacos amazing so we’d make sure to add those as well. 

I need to have something a little crunchy or I’m just a little bit unsatisfied so I think these roasted pepitas from Vegan Fazool would add a bit of snap to the taco. She says the trick is to warm them up in the oven to dry them out before you roast them. I’ll have to try it because my pepitas never turn out very crunchy.

I love having a sweet element with my dinner and I think this Warm Beet and Blood Orange Salad from HipsterFood would be a great side dish to any taco. Although now that I think about it, that’s a lot of kale for one meal. Whatever, we’re all eating vegan, we can handle it.

And you know what, if this is all getting too complicated maybe we should just go to Mexican Radio in Hudson New York. The Food Duo‘s post about it makes it seem like the ideal place for a fiesta, they have wonderful artwork, lots of hot sauce, good beer, and all sorts of vegan dishes like carne asada fries that you can’t find just anywhere. Really, go check out the whole post and then report back here. Ok you don’t have to report back here. Just keep on blogging!

And btw if you don’t get a ton of spam you might want to consider turning off the captchas for the month of mofo. It seems like they are getting harder to figure out (or maybe I’m just getting older) so disabling them might mean we can leave more comments.

Happy Mofo!

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  1. GAH I’m famous, wow!!! Thanks for the shout out! I really think there is something in the MoFo waters, because I made a HUGE bowl of guacamole and chips before even reading this!

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