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Round ‘Em Up Panda Style

Round ‘Em Up Panda Style

Panda here to do up a quick and easy Monday night MoFo round up. Comfort food! We are in the middle of the Great Deluge and so I am looking at some soups and sweets for a chilly night at home.

Tahini Too has a sweet potato curry recipe up to cure what ails you.

Tami over at Vegan Appetite has a big bowl of chili. You say chili, I say yes.

There’s a big bowl of bulgur bean bake with a pile o’ lima beans from too cheap for pinenuts. Limas and bulgur are two of my underrated favourites.

Did you say chili? Because yes, Joyful Girl has a pile of Mom’s chili on her blog today. And you know there will be a cat photo if you click on over there.

Awesome Vegan Rad has a cup of oyster mushroom chowder to keep you going through the fall and winter.

And the amazing Tofu Mom has a pumpkin cheesecake recipe up today that will finish off your evening of pure comfort food bliss.


These Are a Few of My Favourite Themes

These Are a Few of My Favourite Themes

Pandacookie coming right at you for your Monday round ups! If you’ve read my blog then you know I like a good theme for each of my days. For today I present to you some of my favourite MoFo themes that have popped up thus far this month. Today’s posts have a strong emphasis on the bread but dang if I don’t love me a good pile o’ bread. Brown food tastes best y’all.

Sandwich from Georgia  (The I-40 Kitchen’s 50 states of MoFo does a state specific treat each day.)

and Toasties from Brighton.  (Vegan in Brighton’s Go-Go-Gadget Mondays.)

Waffles with toppings  (A waffle a day on Muffin Topped.)

and sweet snowball cookies. (A month of holiday cookies from Joanna Vaught.)

National holidays (Noochtastic does food themed holidays every day.)

toast posts for days. (Get your toast on with Phoenix Dreaming.)

These are a few of my favourite themes.