Wednesday Roundup: Instagram Gallery & Chopped Returns This Weekend!

Wednesday Roundup: Instagram Gallery & Chopped Returns This Weekend!

It’s a two part roundup! Pardon my late night update if you’re in North America like me, and good morning to everyone in Europe! I was busy enjoying a late night dinner of kale, sweet potato & black bean tempeh tacos with a good friend, and welcoming early September’s near evening cool here in Portland. I have been impatiently waiting all summer for this, but I certainly didn’t forget about my rounduppin’ today, don’t you worry. Now, have you forgotten about VeganMoFo? Is it the mid-week day off? That’s okay! Look, I ask because after 15+ click-throughs on, I only saw one mere update from earlier today. I saw a lot of lovely posts, no doubt, but there was so much more happening over on the Instagram hashtag! That’s definitely worth talking about, and equally enjoyable to get lost wandering through in the #veganmofo and #veganmofo2014 (they both work for our purposes, feel free to go with one or the other!)

1) With all my ranting down, let’s take a break from our regular roundup and try this out, because I’ve been searching for so long for an Instagram hashtag-taker, gallery-maker that doesn’t blow. This one comes from and I’ve highlighted a few rows of recently tagged photos. Click on ’em for more and to explore! You can also make a slideshow, OoOOoOOoo.

#VEGANMOFO Instagram gallery:

2) Moving on, I wanted to give a big heads up to your shopping lists that you just may wan to consider some flexibility this weekend if you’re feeling adventurous and enjoy some fun competition, because CHOPPED: VEGANMOFO Edition returns this Friday, September 12th!

And to give you a little edge and one less item to pick up on Friday morning when the lineup is debuted, I’m gonna break my normal NO SPOILERZZZZZ lifestyle and sneak one of the four ingredients into the conversation: jalapeños!

Image source:
Image source:

We’ll see you back here Friday morning for the rules, the remaining 3 mandatory(ish) ingredients, your judges and a very special and particularly seasonally-enjoyable prize from our good friends at Chicago Vegan Foods!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Roundup: Instagram Gallery & Chopped Returns This Weekend!

  1. Thanks for the instagram reminder! I’ve gone and spammed #veganmofo and #veganmofo2014.

    Since my theme is “burger” you know that whatever comes in that virtual basket will have to be served up burger-style on Zsu’s Vegan Pantry.

    Thanks for the round up.

    Zsu @ Zsu’s Vegan Pantry

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