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Month: September 2011

VeganMoFo Banners For Your Blog

VeganMoFo Banners For Your Blog

Psst..wanna’ buy a banner? Okay, I won’t freak you out by opening my trenchcoat. And besides, the banners are, like, free! Please put them all over your site and link back to us here at MoFo Headquarters: Once The Vegan Month Of Food starts, you can also use them in your posts to let people know that it’s a VeganMoFo post. But don’t forget to tag your posts VeganMoFo, too! That can help your traffic a lot if people are seeking out MoFo specific posts.

And now without further ado…the lovely banners designed by Amanda at Will Draw For Cookies! Just right click to download and use. The white ones look a little funny here because of the white background, but they’ll look great on backgrounds that aren’t so very white.

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Welcome to VeganMofo 2011!

Welcome to VeganMofo 2011!

Image from MyZoetrope

In the fall months our kitchens become a haven, and you can’t help but want to share that feeling. So isn’t it just perfect that you get to share it with 800 other bloggers who are just as obsessed as you are? It’s hard to believe that VeganMoFo is in its fifth year! We welcome it with a brand new site and a brand new URL plus plenty of great giveaways planned for the entire month of October.

But The Vegan Month of Food is about more than just recipes (although you can bet it’s about recipes, too!) — it’s also about community. This year saw so many wonderful events that really showcased just what a community we are. There was The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, which raised more money than ever. And hundreds of us met at Vida Vegan Con, the first ever vegan bloggers conference. More and more people are coming into the fold everyday, whether it be from media coverage, films, pamphlets or bloggers like you. What better place to greet them than in our kitchens?

So thank you all for participating. It’s not always easy, but there’s help along the way (it’s that damn community thing again!) You can always turn to the PPK forums or the VeganMoFo Facebook page for inspiration or practical advice. We’re also on Twitter!

Some of the plans MoFos have got in store for you this year are a month of vegan tablescapes, an entire blog dedicated to creating True Blood menus, and plans to test out vegan creations on omnivorous palates. Of course, you don’t have to have a theme. If you’re new at this, check out our About section to see how it’s done. And if you’ve still got questions, we’ve got FAQs!

This year the cut-off date for signing up is September 28th. A little earlier than past years, but it makes it much easier for us to organize. So head on over to the form and sign up! There are some changes to the form to make things better than ever. We’re going to be making a few categorized lists to make browsing even easier. Want to read only gluten-free blogs? No problem!

And lastly, none of this would be possible without the help of our dedicated VeganMofo team! Amanda, Amey, Gabrielle, Jeni, Jess, Katie, Kittee, Lazy Smurf, Lisa, Luciana and Mo. These ladies completely rock! And a special thanks to Amanda at Will Draw For Cookies for the new design, now we can MoFo in style. So go forth and cook! And eat! And write! We’ll be here to cheer you on.