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Giveaway – Bear

Giveaway – Bear

We have our two winners! Congratulations to Zoe & Christine. Check your emails soon!

Giveawaypalooza is in full swing & I’m excited to bring the UK & Ireland based readers another giveaway.

Have you heard about Bear? Their bear cave is hidden in the woods somewhere near London and as you can probably tell by now this company has a real sense of fun! They sign off their e-mails with a growl and every pack of Yoyo’s has a little collectable card inside with a cute animal cartoon on one side and a couple of fun facts on the other. Bear Yoyo’s and Fruit Nibbles are delicious, fun to eat, free from added sugars and one of your five a day, what more could you want? I always have a Yoyo stashed in my backpack and I take a few with me whenever I travel.

Today Bear are offering two people living in the UK & Ireland the chance to win a Basket of Bear (basket not included!) stuffed full of Yoyo’s and Fruit Nibbles.

Peach and Strawberry are my two favourite flavours and I’m excited to see that there’s a new Mango flavour that’s sure to make its way into my local health food store soon.

To enter just leave a comment below by 10 pm GMT tomorrow telling us what your favourite fruity flavour is. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is only open to people living in the UK or Ireland.

Giveaway – Vegetarian Shoes

Giveaway – Vegetarian Shoes

We have our two lucky winners, they’re Noreen who said “Probably soy milk or tofu i’m not sure which I tried first” and Carmen who said “I remember buying Vegan Vittles about a year or so after becoming vegan. I learned so much from that book! It introduced me to nutritional yeast which i thought was seriously weird at the time.”

Congrat’s Noreen & Carmen, don’t forget to check your e-mails!

I don’t know about you but Vegetarian Shoes have been one of my favourite companies ever since I first went veggie. They happen to be located just around the corner from me in Brighton and their Airseal 14-eye boots were the first intentionally vegan shoes I ever bought.

Today the lovely people from Vegetarian Shoes are offering two people living anywhere in Europe the chance to win one of their super popular Vegan Belts. With this awesome belt you can show off your vegan pride whilst also holding up your favourite trousers. This studded belt is pliable, leather like, and made from super durable Vegetan Micro-fibre. You can even pick whatever size you like. Just check out the measurements here and leave your choice of S, M, L or XL in your comment.



To enter just leave a comment below before 2 pm GMT tomorrow telling us what the first intentionally vegan product you ever bought was. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win & don’t forget to tell us your size. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to anyone living in Europe.

Giveaway – Booja Booja

Giveaway – Booja Booja

We have a winner! Congratulations to Mitsu who said “Oh Booja Booja I would share you with my husband, no not my martial husband, my OTHER one: my vegan husband Sash. We are two happy vegans after all and we like to stay that way.” Check your e-mails soon Mitsu!

Booja Booja are one of my favourite vegan companies so I’m super excited to be able to do this giveaway today. Booja Booja are based in Norfolk (the one in the East of England not the one in Virginia) and they make amazing organic chocolate truffles and ice creams. Their Champagne & Hazelnut Crunch truffles are my favourites and I always hope to find a box under the tree at Christmas time.

Excitingly if you live in the UK or Ireland Booja Booja are offering you, yes you, the chance to win a box of these melt-in-your-mouth delicious Champagne Truffles. As well as being damn tasty these decadent truffles are gluten & GMO free too. Awesome.

To enter leave a comment below before 2pm GMT tomorrow telling us who you’d share your box of Booja Booja Champagne Truffles with. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to anyone living in the UK or Ireland.

Sunday Round Up – What’s Your Flava?!

Sunday Round Up – What’s Your Flava?!

Yeah, that title was inspired by a gross Craig David song. It’s Sunday night, I’ve eaten a lot of sweets, my brain has clearly turned to mush! I’m still here with your Sunday night round up though and I have some delicious lookin’ stuff lined up!

Firstly I need a slice of Tiffany’s Apple Pie. Stat. Just look at that perfect crust and those beautiful apples.

If nobody’s willing to bring me pie I’d happily take one of these yummy looking Raw Caramel-Fudge Brownies from Vegan Gourmet Caravan instead!

As you can probably tell I really don’t need any more sugar right now but if one of the Vegan Twix bars The Laziest Vegans blogged about appeared in front of me I wouldn’t turn it down!

If you’d like your sweet treat on the fancy side these Peanut Butter & Sambal Wontons with Chocolate Sauce from Olives For Dinner would be right up your street. Just look at them! Perfection.

Not really in the mood for making your own dessert today? Well, I can’t blame ya, it is Sunday after all! If, like Jess Sconé, you’re stuck in NYC because of the impending storm you can head out (maybe…are you allowed to go out if there’s a storm coming?) and get a delicious doughnut from DunWell. If not, well, whip up a mug brownie and get settled in for the night!

That concludes my Sunday round-up, I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and I hope to see ya’ll in the blogosphere tomorrow!

Giveaway – LUSH

Giveaway – LUSH

We have our five winners! Congratulation, e–mails are on the way! I loved reading everyones answers, they made me feel all warm and cosy and excited about snow, mince pies, Christmas & hot chocolate!

Caroline Cotterall: I love cold crisp but dry days when the ground is all frosty and the leaves are orange. Snuggling up in front of the fire and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.

Alexandra Turner: Getting the tree and decorations out, the clocks going back (an extra hour in bed!), lots of nice food and family / friend get togethers. Father Christmas is beginning to make a reappearance in my house as I have two year old twins. Looking forward to leaving out mince pieces and carrots for reindeers. Also my birthday is in winter (just after New Year) and I’m now planning my winter wedding that’s happening in January 2014.

Rachel: I know it’s silly to have a “season” for eating things, because really you can eat whatever whenever, but I feel like winter-time has the best food and drink – pumpkin stuff, nog, gingery things. So I guess my favourite thing about winter is food!

J Applebee: My favourite thing about winter: Spending the extra-long nights with people I love. I adore waking up to hot crumpets and jam, warm smiles and hotter kisses. Makes slugging to work through the wind and rain worth it just to have that first.

Sal: My favourite thing about winter is easy – CHRISTMAS!! I love everything about it. And of course – Winter is Snow Fairy season!

Are you feeling a little tired after spending October cooking, eating, blogging & commenting up a storm for Vegan MoFo? Are you as in love with everything LUSH as I am? Do you live in the UK or Ireland? If the answer to all of these questions is Yes, Yes, YES then boy do we have an awesome competition for you!

LUSH have generously offered to give away five, yes, FIVE, Winter Wishes giftboxes to you, our lovely MoFo blog readers. As I said before I’m a little bit in love with LUSH. I currently have three different LUSH shower gels on the go (Twilight, Happy Hippy & Snow Fairy) and my favourite way to wind down after a stressful day is a relaxing glitter-filled bubble bath using one of my favourite bubble bars. LUSH are one of my favourite companies ever. They’re super animal friendly – most of their products are vegan, including their entire new make up range. Nothing is ever tested on animals by them or their suppliers and they’re involved in loads of wonderful campaigns, from human rights to animal rights and beyond.

This great giftbox includes a little bit of everything; two lovely soaps, including the one I have in my bathroom right now, Snow Globe, the all-new and super exciting orange juice, plum & cinnamon infused Ponche shower gel which is sure to perk you up on a cold winter morning, and an Each Peach massage bar which will definitely help you relax & wind down after all of this strenuous MoFoing.

To enter just leave a comment below before 3pm GMT tomorrow telling us what your favourite thing about Winter is. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is only open to anyone living in the UK & Ireland.

Tuesday Round Up

Tuesday Round Up

I couldn’t really narrow down a theme for today so I’m gonna go renegade with my roundup!

The first and most epic post to catch my eye today was from Kittee over at Cake Maker To The Stars. I don’t even know what to say about these sugar skulls other than OMG! Wow! What the hell? Kittee I think you’re a genius and I’d like to come and live with you please?!

I wish that I had even a quarter of the patience it must’ve taken to make these!

This super cute star covered pear galette made by mama et de bébé hawk looks more like something I could make. I love the use of pears rather than apples in this traditional dessert and I bet that they were super delicious.

I love vegan cheese. Whether it’s Cheezly, Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Vegusto, Teese, Sheese or homemade I’ll eat it. I’d never heard of Ste Martaen before though but now, after reading Star City Vegan’s post, I’m sure I’d love their cheeses too.

I’ll admit that I can’t really understand most of this next post but a picture speaks a thousand words and all that! This picture’s clearly saying “Eat me, I’m delicious”! This Avocado Chimichurri Bruschetta  from twoodledrum really does look like the perfect lunch.

Mandee from Cupcake Kitteh made Buckwheat Flour Pancakes today and I think that these would also make an amazing lunch. Or brunch. Or breakfast, dinner or dessert! Hell, I’d definitely eat these at any time of day. Perfection.

Giveaway – Goody Good Stuff

Giveaway – Goody Good Stuff

We have our winners! Congratulations Jo and Brooke, e-mails are on the way!

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and this is the time of year that I most want candy. Trick or Treating isn’t as much of a tradition in Europe as it is in America but the idea of going door to door filling up a bag with sweets and chocolate still excites me. Honestly, if I thought anyone would answer their door to me on the 31st & hand over vegan treats I’d definitely give it a go!

Today’s giveaway comes from Goody Good Stuff, this UK based vegetarian company make tasty traditional style gummy sweets minus the gelatine and you’ll be pleased to hear that this one’s open to anyone living in the UK & Ireland, Europe & the US.

The Cola Breeze are my favourites closely followed by Sour Fruit Salads, yum!

Goody Good Stuff are offering two people the chance to win a Halloween Goody Bag filled with four bags of vegan sweets and a cuddly version of their mascot Kobi Koala, cute!

To enter just leave a comment below before 4pm BST tomorrow telling us what your favourite treat is. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can get in contact with you. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. The competition is open to anyone living in the UK & Ireland, Europe or the USA.


Wednesday Round Up – Whatcha Havin’ For Lunch?

Wednesday Round Up – Whatcha Havin’ For Lunch?

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a little nosey! One of the reasons I like reading blogs is that I get a little snapshot of your life, whether you’ve posted a photo of your kitchen, a review of the latest cookbook you bought, or a photo of your lunch, I’m interested! Wait… do I sound creepy? Whatever, no take backs!

Today I’ve been super into reading about what you’ve been eating for lunch and where you’ve been eating it.

Sasha from One Small Vegan talked about her love of wraps today and she showed us this fine example. I’d come over and eat the hell outa this tasty looking Lentil, Daiya, Hummus, Cucumber & Lettuce Wrap anytime!

Another person who ate their lunch at home today was Dianne over at Veggiegirl, she whipped out some leftover Curried Pumpkin Soup which looks just perfect for the cooler Autumn weather.

Lisa from Vegan Culinary Crusade made this healthy looking lunch-to-go. This Broccoli, Chickpea Quinoa Salad includes my favourite veg and I love the idea of layering everything up like this, so pretty!

Helen from Vegtastic took the delicious Red-Lentil Cauliflower Curry from Veganomicon to work today. I bet this made the break room smell deeelicious.

I can’t quite work out whether this was a lunch, dinner or brunch but judging by the lighting I’ll guess lunch, erm, it fits in better with my theme okay?! This veggie filled pasta salad served on a bed of kale from A Soy Bean is definitely something I’d happily scoff down at lunchtime.

Lazy Smurf is lucky enough to live in one of my all-time favourite places, Austin. Today she grabbed a Thanksgiving Plate from the hot bar at Wheatsville and it looks epic. You can get this any Wednesday in October and if you’re lucky enough to live within, say, 6 hours of Austin please go and eat this for me!

Last but by no means least Vegan Food Rocks is lucky enough to work right by Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Boston meaning that she can get a great vegan lunch to go, and, to make things even better, if there’s a birthday in the workplace the boss buys everyone lunch!! Whaaat?! I wanna work with you grrrl! This Irish Setter Dog topped with Sauerkraut & Ketchup with extra House Mustard and Relish looks right up my street.

Giveaway–Great Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

Giveaway–Great Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

Yummy, yummy book with pretty, pretty pictures.

Oh!  We have a great cookbook giveaway for y’all today.  It’s Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats by my friend and fellow MoFo’r  Allyson Kramer.  You need this book because 1) you probably eat too much seitan, and you need to diversify, 2) you can’t eat gluten and it makes you sad missing pancakes so much or 3) you’re tired of your xgfx friends constant kvetching and you want to make them something delicious to lull their cries.  (You are so compassionate, btw).

Double Chocolate Muffins

This book really can solve all your xgfx woes, but if you’re still not sure and can’t commit to brown rice and sorghum flours, maybe the review I wrote last month will help assauge your flour anxiety.

Seriously, Allyson gives awesome recipes for a million things, all with full color photographs she shot herself:  blueberry donuts, cherry vanilla pancakes, homemade ravioli, potato dosa, cranberry bagels, apricot hand-pies, broccoli soup, pecan sticky rolls–the list is endless and delicious.

This contest is currently closed!  The winner is #38–Amanda from Newman Improved!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this giveaway, now go out and buy Allyson’s book (or request it from  your local library)!

What? One copy of Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats by Allyson Kramer (Fair Winds Press)
When?  Contest ends at noon tomorrow (Pacific Time) October 18th.
How to enter?   Leave a comment before tomorrow’s deadline on this blog entry, and we’ll pick a random winner.
Who?  Addresses in Canada and the U.S. only.

Easy peas-y (peas are naturally xgfx, so that works well).


Sunday Round-Up

Sunday Round-Up

Hi MoFos! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I seem to always post on Canadian Thanksgiving. I hope you fellow canucks are having delicious seitan roasts and impeccably roasted Brussels Sprouts, because I’m sitting here with a glass of wine and some crackers. Oh, work.

Anyway! I’ve been loving reading the MoFo-ing this year. Here’s my random Sunday round-up from MoFoHQ.

Erin Wiko’s theme is unbelievably adorable. Who doesn’t love a cute dress? Who doesn’t love a cute dress paired with a homemade strawberry-basil jam? Monsters, that’s who.

When it comes to MoFo-ing, Amey is no slouch. Who else draws up adorable doodles of their furry family and partner? Amey made a Pad Thai Salad from Appetite for Reduction, and this is her depiction of her own raw onion breath.

The Snarky Chickpea made what I wish I was eating for Thanksgiving: Chickpea cutlets, mashed potatoes, and charred Brussels sprouts.

I had never heard of biscuits and gravy before I lived in America, but it is indeed a beautiful creation and Lazy Smurf’s version from Vegan Diner makes me so, so jealous.

Finally, who doesn’t love Janis Joplin-inspired food? Even if you don’t (but you should), you’ll drool over this tipsy omelet.