Week 4 Roundup!

Week 4 Roundup!

And just like that, VeganMoFo is over for another year! Thanks as always to our wonderful community for cooking, blogging, and posting like champions and filling our lives with delicious vegan food for a whole glorious month! Here are some of the highlights from Week 4…

Day 24: Road trip snack


These cocoa date bites look perfect for either a road trip or a picnic! Tweak the recipe to match your tastes.


Imogen has been sharing some exciting vegan finds from around Edinburgh – is there anything more exciting than a vegan grocery shop?!

Day 25: Favourite international dish/product

Adventures in Veganism

Pho is definitely one of the all time great dishes, and I will have to follow this suggestion to use it as a remedy for summer allergies!


There’s no greater sense of achievement than veganising an old family favourite and recreating the magic! Check out this sour cream potato salad!

Day 26: A dish that transports you back to a vacation 

Vegans Need Sauce

Allow these flaky roti canai to transport you to Southeast Asia. They look delicious!


I always check vegan doughnut options before I book a holiday, so I’m now fully in favour of a trip to Asheville!

Day 27: A cuisine that inspires you to travel


What’s not to love about Italy?! Homemade pasta is just one of the reasons we all want to go there…


Japanese food really is what dreams are made of! Definitely worth travelling to Japan for amazing sushi.

Day 28: Cocktail/mocktail

Living the Dream

Cocktails and cake make the perfect union in Jen’s margarita cupcakes! Make sure you haven’t missed her 31 days of cake…


The puns are strong with this one! Vegan Raptor has continued the Star Wars inspired menu with this tart, which I’m sure would have R2 making lots of excited beeping noises.

Day 29: Hearty breakfast


Caroline’s VeganMoFo posts have combined three of my favourite things: books, tea, and baked goods! Take a look at these muffins made with freshly foraged blackberries!


If you prefer a savoury breakfast, look no further than this feast!

Day 30: Inspired by your favourite city

Just Blogs Vegan

Carrots in bolognese: yay or nay? Check out Justine’s recipe for a spag bol inspired by Bologna!

Vegan HaHa

And here’s a tribute to London in the form of a Tottenham Cake. Never heard of it? You can learn all about it and even get a musical interlude too!


And Day 31 is our wrap up day, when you can share something that you have loved from the last month. What were your highlights? What recipes have you bookmarked to try? We’re looking forward to seeing what you all think!


Thanks again, VeganMoFo’ers, for another marvellous year! We hope you’ll be back for more in July 2020!

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