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Month: June 2019

VeganMoFo 2019 Sign-Ups!

VeganMoFo 2019 Sign-Ups!

It’s time!

You’ve already seen the weekly themes and daily prompts, now it’s time to commit: sign-ups are open! Click here to participate. The sign up deadline is Sunday 21st July.

Remember, if you don’t officially sign up you won’t be included in our round-up posts and blog-rolls, so it won’t be as easy for our other MoFo’ers to find you. Don’t miss out, sign up today!

VeganMoFo 2019 Themes & Prompts!

VeganMoFo 2019 Themes & Prompts!

VeganMoFo 2019 is on its way! This year VeganMoFo is taking place in August and we are very excited about having some natural light when we’re taking our pictures for a change! (Apologies to our friends in the southern hemisphere who might be less enthusiastic about this time of year…)

As usual, we’re offering up three different ways to participate, from our structured daily prompts to some looser weekly themes, to completely freestyling with your own theme for the month. We don’t care how you participate, we just want to see delicious vegan food every day in August!

These are your options:

1) Weekly themes (which are listed below!). You can interpret these themes whichever way you like, and use them to inspire your posts!

2) Daily prompts (which are also listed below). These tie in with the weekly themes, but give you more specific ideas to follow. You can use all of them, or just a few!

3) Choose your own theme. You don’t need to follow any of our themes if you don’t want to – come up with your own and use that instead! So long as it’s vegan, everything goes.

4) A mixture of them all  Feel free to use the themes as a loose guideline, or choose ones you like the look of and create your own inspiration for the other days!

And as always, you can participate on whatever social media platform you prefer – youtube, blog, Instagram, whatever! Make sure you use #veganmofo19 so we can all find your delicious dishes, and please sign up when registration opens later this month.

Here are the daily prompts and weekly themes, for those who wish to follow them:

Thursday 1st: Introduce yourself – Tell us about yourself, your veganism, why you’re participating this year, and anything else we need to know!

Friday 2nd: Kitchen tour – Show us where the magic happens!

Week 1: Bake Off Week (Saturday 3rd – Friday 9th) – show us if you could you be crowned star baker and earn that elusive Paul Hollywood handshake!

Saturday 3rd: Biscuits – give us your best biscuit/cookie!

Sunday 4th: Cake – bake an amazing cake!

Monday 5th: Pastry – sweet or savoury, what can you do with pastry?

Tuesday 6th: Bread – can anyone go one better than the famous bread lion on Bake Off?!

Wednesday 7th: Technical challenge: Quiche – let’s see if everyone can make an amazing quiche, with no soggy bottoms in sight! Don’t worry, you can use a recipe…

Thursday 8th: Afternoon tea – what would you serve up for a classic British afternoon tea to impress Mary Berry?

Friday 9th: Showstopper – pull out all the stops with your most spectacular bake!

Week 2: Pop Culture Week (Saturday 10th – Friday 16th) – take inspiration from the TV shows, fantasy worlds, and characters that you love the most!

Saturday 10th: Inspired by favourite show – whether you’d make fro-yo inspired by The Good Place or have a hankering to veganise Niko’s shepherd’s pie recipe from Killing Eve, let’s see what your favourite show brings out!

Sunday 11th: Cook for your favourite character – serve up a feast fit for your favourite character from TV/books/movies.

Monday 12th: Veganise a dish from a sci-fi/fantasy world – a glass of blue milk? A slice of lembas bread? Make it vegan!

Tuesday 13th: Food song pun – “We built this city on sausage rolls!”…give us a great pun! 

Wednesday 14th: Cook something to bring a villain back from the dark side – could your chocolate brownies have turned Darth Vader back from the dark side?

Thursday 15th: Cartoon inspired – cook for your cartoon character hero, or create a meal that would fit in a cartoon world!

Friday 16th: Perfect snacks for event TV – what do you serve up when you’re settling in for the big game or series finale?

Week 3: Seasons (Saturday 17th – Friday 23rd) – take a journey round the sun, visiting all four seasons in one week!

Saturday 17th: Winter warmer – from a hot chocolate to a hearty stew, what ‘s your go-to winter dish?

Sunday 18th: Summer cooler – what do you eat or drink to keep cool in summer?

Monday 19th: Fall colours – showcase some beautiful reds and oranges for Fall.

Tuesday 20th: Spring salad – keep it green with a light, tasty salad!

Wednesday 21st: Indoor/outdoor picnic – depending on the weather, show us your indoor or outdoor picnic treats!

Thursday 22nd: Seasonal dish – what’s in season where you are right now?

Friday 23rd: Inspired by your favourite season/seasonal celebration – the perfect excuse to celebrate Christmas in August!

Week 4: Travel (Saturday 24th – Friday 30th) – take inspiration from the sights you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made!

Saturday 24th: Road trip snack – the best part about travelling is the snacks! What would you make to keep you going?

Sunday 25th: Favourite international dish/product – what non-local dish or product do you dream about? Recreate it!

Monday 26th: A dish that transports you back to a vacation – what dish do you associate with your favourite vacation?

Tuesday 27th: A cuisine that inspires you to travel – would you book a trip to Italy just so you could get that perfect gelato? Tell us which cuisine has you eyeing up flights!

Wednesday 28th: Cocktail/mocktail – a drink for letting your hair down!

Thursday 29th: Hearty breakfast – something to set you up for a day pounding the pavement in a new city.

Friday 30th: Inspired by your favourite city – a bolognese to make Bologna proud? An Eiffel Tower constructed from eclairs?  Pay tribute to your favourite city.

and finally…

Saturday 31st: Wrap up day – what’s been your highlight of VeganMoFo? Make something inspired by a recipe from one of your fellow MoFo’ers!