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Month: May 2018

May & June MiniMoFo

May & June MiniMoFo

For the latest MiniMoFo, we’ve decided to give you a little more time – we’re combining May & June together for one great big MiniMoFo. We’d like to see what food you share with your friends – in whatever way you interpret that. Friends online, in person, family, pets – whoever you like to share food with, we’d like to see it.

So show us your food with friends! Whether you’re spending summer picnicking, or winter getting cosy, show us how you share.

As always, everyone can participate in MiniMoFo, and newcomers are always welcome to join in – the only rule is to keep it vegan! Use the hashtag #MiniMoFo on social media, and link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come and see what you’ve been cooking and feature you in our roundup post at the end of the two months.

April MiniMoFo Roundup

April MiniMoFo Roundup

We hope that Spring has truly sprung where you are, without too many of those cumbersome rainy days. But at least you guys all have some great rainy day food up your sleeves, which you shared with us for April’s MiniMoFo! Let’s see what’s been cooking.



Emma comforts herself with the frothiest, most delicious looking hot chocolate around! It’s almost worth having rainy days when we get to stay in with warm drinks like this!



Susan is in the Southern Hemisphere, but she’s still getting rainy days too, and cheering herself up with this delicious plate – mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, tom tofu and golden gravy. I can’t get over how good that tofu looks!



Annie has also nailed the Spring comfort food with this sesame chicken seitan wonton soup. Perfect for a gloomy rainy day!



Amber loves Spring rain just as much as Spring veg – personally, I’d take this delicious looking bowl of food over a downpour!



Vegan Raptor (and Wolverine) beat the rainy day blues with this slap-up Irish breakfast in Dublin. Look at that bacon!



There’s nothing like making a hearty dal with the rain pounding against the window, and this offering from Bronwyn looks perfect. Check out her recipe for this red lentil and cauliflower dal with coconut milk.



Like many of us, Lyn doesn’t always feel like venturing to the shops in the rain, so here’s her cherry pie, made entirely from ingredients she already had in the house. We’d all like to have such a well-stocked pantry!



With the rain comes all the fresh veg at the farmer’s market, where Sarra got all the ingredients for this brown butter sunchoke soup with crispy kale and roasted hazelnuts. Yum!


My Apologies for the Novel

Julie made a couple of rainy day dishes for April’s MiniMoFo, but personally I can’t look beyond this bowl of potatoes, asparagus, and chicken pieces. Could there be a more comforting dish?!


Living the Dream @ Deer Run

Before being hit by wildfire, Jen actually did have some rain and whipped up this amazing looking potato and cabbage soup and Rubens. Here’s hoping for calmer conditions in Big Pine Key from now on.


Thank you all for brightening up the April showers! Stay tuned for May’s MiniMoFo theme announcement!